Zerorez®, Zerorez®, Zerorez®! You’ve heard our ads on the radio, watched our commercials, even read our reviews. One of the things you hear most about our company (besides it being the coolest palindrome out there) is our Zr water®. Sure, you’ve heard us say that we only use our specialized water and that it is safe for kids and pets. You have heard us go on and on about our patented wand and our Zr Lifter®. You may be asking yourself “what’s the big deal?”

Before we get into the awesomeness of Zerorez®, let’s take a look at standard procedures in the carpet cleaning industry. This might help you to see why we make our water out to be so…well…awesome. 


The Problem with Traditional Carpet Cleaning Methods

Most other companies use soaps, detergents, or other chemicals in order to get your carpets clean. Soaps and detergents are actually designed to attract dirt to them, it’s how they work. Once they’re all over your carpet fibers they act as a magnet attracting, and holding tight to the dirt particles around them. They are good at breaking down oils and grease but on the other hand, it is impossible to get all of that back out of the carpet once it is sprayed down. With this in mind, what do you think happens over time when you’re walking on the carpet with your dirty or greasy shoes? Or even just the natural oils from your bare feet…

Well, those abandoned soap molecules keep doing their job, long after the cleaners have left, attracting and holding tight to all that dirt. This is where that ol’ saying “Don’t clean your carpets or they will just get dirtier faster” comes from. And, unfortunately, it’s TRUE. The soil gets attracted to the soap residue and actually makes your carpets dirtier faster! Not only that but the chemical residue left behind makes your carpet fibers crunchy and sticky. Can you imagine the feeling of leaving shampoo in your hair after a shower?? That’s what happens if detergents are left in the carpets! 

In an attempt to remove as much of the chemical residue from the carpet as possible, other companies use wands often referred to as “flood and suck” wands. They flood the carpet, getting the backing and the padding wet as well. In return, it can take days to dry and actually grow bacteria down below the surface of your carpet in the meantime. Yay…just what you want from a carpet cleaning right? Bacteria. 


So What is Zr Water®

Don’t worry though, we are about to let you in on “The Big Deal”. At Zerorez® we don’t leave any chemical residue because we don’t use soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals. Zr Water® is patented and is specially made at our shop. We take ordinary water and put it through a softener to remove the minerals and heavy metals. It then goes through a special generator that electrolyzes the water and bumps the pH up to a high alkaline. Allowing the water to break down dirt and oils like a high alkaline degreaser but without the negative side effects of chemical residue. No residue means your carpets stay cleaner longer™.  Don’t believe us? Just ask science. 


But What is it Good For? 

Zr Water® is not only good for carpet cleaning either, it’s a great all-purpose cleaner! It can be used to clean just about every surface in your home from windows and cabinets, down to floors and baseboards. Just spray it on the surface, let it sit for a couple of minutes then wipe it with a microfiber cloth, and voila! Watch the dirt and grease come off with ease! It is a streak-free cleaner so wiping your stainless steel off becomes quick and painless, mopping your floors just got fun, and your windows will never look better. 

To top it off Zr Water® is even safe enough to drink! This means that you don’t have to worry about storing it under lock and key or the highest of all shelves. Little Suzy spilled some juice, hand her that Zr Water® and let him clean it up. Time for Timmy to start helping out around the house? Give him your trusty Zr Water® and point him towards the bathroom. No worries here Mama. 


Zr Water® and Carpet Cleaning

When Zerorez® cleans your carpet we start out by spraying our Zr Water® on the carpet, we then use a powerful machine we call our Zr Lifter®. The Zr Lifter is a set of counter-rotating brushes that agitate the carpet fibers. Unlike the buffers that other methods use, this gets down into the bottom of the fibers pulling up any hair or loose debris and bringing it to the top of the fibers. Allowing us to extract more soils out of the carpet than other companies. 

Another way we leave your home fresh and clean is with our patented Zr Wand®. It uses the venturi effect to essentially push out our Zr Water® at 500 psi and suck it back up at the same time. This only gets your fibers wet, not the backing or the padding! This benefits you in a couple of ways! Instead of days, it takes anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to dry, which in return gives mold or bacteria zero chance to grow under there. After it dries, the results are incredible! The carpet is soft and comfortable again! I don’t know about you but that seems like quite a big deal to us…


So if you’re tired of looking at your dirty carpets, and want to experience clean® for yourself, give us a call at 480-507-2419. Our friendly customer service reps would be happy to answer any questions you may have about your cleaning. Our technicians can let you feel the difference in our water (it’s really very soft). And you can find out for yourself why we make such a big deal out of our water and our process!