Everybody without exception loves Halloween, that’s a fact. We all enjoy the spooky Halloween parties and the ghoulish treats. Throwing a particularly sinister party allows us to show off our macabre yet creative side. Although it seems like every year it’s getting harder and harder to come up with new ideas for a Halloween party. Lucky for you, we at Zerorez also enjoy the holiday and have some insight into creepy decorating tricks and yummy treats. 

And of course, how to clean up after the party. 


Halloween Party Decorations 


Every year our office puts on a window decorating contest and every year our coworkers get more competitive. Here are a few of the windows from over the years. 

Not to brag… but we can get pretty wild here at Zerorez with our decorating abilities…

We understand most people don’t have a setup like we do at our office, so let’s get into some decorating ideas you can use at home.


Mad Science

Instead of the typical witches and ghosts, you could throw a mad scientist party! At Zerorez we’re mad for science anyway! You could turn your living room into a science lab and set up a drink mixing station. Everyone could mix different beverages into beakers, if anyone spills their concoction on the carpet, you know who to call. 

You could also put Zr Water® in a glass beaker! When guests ask about it just drop some iodine in, mix it up and watch them marvel as it disappears! 

 Get creative and set up a lifesize skeleton on a stand in the corner. Test tubes filled with glow-in-the-dark fluid and dollar-store rat toys would be an added spook! 

What are some treats that might fit the mad science theme? Well, these mason jars filled with brains are pretty interesting.  Petri dishes filled with gummy worms ready to be dissected are gross and super fun. For a more savory idea, you could easily turn hot dogs into bloody fingers

Science can be pretty scary and fun! 


Costume Halloween Party

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the standard costume party

Especially when that costume is a tiny Zerorez Technician! 

Murder Mystery Party

Another fun and unique theme could be a murder mystery night! Each room could have a different murder weapon hidden in plain sight. In the dining room, a fake knife is hidden in the flower bouquet. A gun cut out in an open book in the office, or a noose swinging from the ceiling in the living room. 

A cart with different multicolored drinks for guests to “pick their poison”. 

Victorian-style candelabras and hidden fake body parts.

During the party, you and your guests could play a murder mystery game.

You could get pretty detailed with this if you decide to go down this rabbit hole. 

Snacks can be pretty creative too. Here is a recipe for eyeball soup to make your guest question what’s really going on in the kitchen.

Plunge a murder weapon into a cake and add red frosting to drip down the sides. You can find this creepy recipe here

If things get out of hand, you can always count on Zerorez to come clean up the mess…

We were talking about the sangria spilled on the carpet… 

What were YOU thinking? 

Backyard Movie Night

Maybe you just had Zerorez out at your house and you don’t want your guests stepping all over your clean carpet. In that case, you could take the party outside! 

Setting up a projector and a screen and playing old black and white horror movies would be a fun way to spend the evening. 

Personally, we think the 1962 classic called The Carpet of Horror has a pretty terrifying premise. Most people should probably just go with the classic Night of the Living Dead…

The snack for this one would be pretty simple too. Popcorn, nachos, pretzels, and any other movie theater treat would be fitting.


The Clean Up

Of course, after a night of entertainment and terror, you are not going to want to clean up that mess. 

Somebody dumped their plate of nachos on your dining room carpet, the couch is covered in makeup from different costumes, and the mad scientist went a little crazy with the drink mixing. 

Zerorez is here to help and quickly because once those stains set into your fabric they are ghastly to remove! 

Our Zr Water is safe for everyone (monsters and werewolves included). It leaves your carpets and upholstery soft and residue free leaving them cleaner longer!  


Happy Halloween!