If you’ve never experienced the Zerorez® difference, you might be wondering what all this hype is about? What makes a Zerorez® cleaning so different? What can you expect from Zerorez® when we come out to clean your Phoenix home?

We’ve put together a quick rundown of our what you can expect from our services as well as some Zerorez® Reviews from some of our awesome customers! Let’s dive right in shall we?

Zerorez® Reviews – Phoenix

Loved Zerorezes service and excellent-looking carpets! Very pleased with the tech very kind and considerate 😊 this is the only company I will use from now on 😊

Thank You

Kathy G.

They were fast and friendly got my carpets unbelievably clean which I am so thankful for and they were done pretty quick I was able to start bringing my furniture back into the area right away. I will be recommending this service to as many people as I can.

Angelina P

We have used them twice, and both times they were extremely thorough from the very first phone call to last step out the door. They explain their process step by step, and follow through with all of it. They do give options to add on treatments, but they are not sales-y or pushy about any of it. Both times, they walked through the house and made sure we were completely satisfied before they left. Great company!!!

Gary O.

This outfit is 1st rate. We have had excellent services with zero Rez now for several years. They do a better job of cleaning than their competition and have more options for getting out deep stains and pet urine. I know this because they have serviced my parent’s home — where there are dogs — on multiple occasions. We are incredibly pleased with the most recent service we received on our carpets. The employees were professional, timely, and hard working. The outcome is fantastic. Thanks again!

Jeff W.

Our technician showed up on time, previewed the job, explained and demonstrated everything, answered questions, did an amazing job and we recommend this company!

Sue S.

Upfront honest estimates with no hidden fees. Communication all the way from appointment time and tech arrival time. I have used so many other services and hands down this were the best. My carpet looks new, not crunchy. My tile looks amazing. So many others left with soaked carpets and stains showing after dried. Zerorez far exceeded my expectations.

Michelle H.

I’ve heard about zero res many times on the local radio station. When it came time to have my carpets cleaned, I decided to give them a try. I made the appointment online only 2 days before service, and received a call promptly confirming my appointment and desired services. On the day of, the technician was prompt and courteous. He gave me many opportunities to inspect the work and make changes (no changes or additional work was needed, he did a great job). He offered additional carpet protection, but was not pushy and it turned out to be a great option.

Overall I was very pleased. There genuinely is no residue, my carpets look and smell awesome (I have kids and pets!), and they are drying quickly. I plan on using them again in the future and recommending them to anyone who asks.

Rachael C.

Just had my tile cleaned by ZerorezThey did an amazing job. We had them clean our carpets last year and we were so happy with the quality of service our carpets never looked so clean and we did not have that musty smell that some service leave behind. We gave them the opportunity to amaze us on there tile cleaning…….once again blown away. We recommend Zerorez to all our friends and associates. Great Job Guys. See you next week for the carpets

Michael W.

I finally scheduled Zerorez to come out. They did the job today. It looks so good, I could cry! I have put this off way too long and was very concerned with the condition our carpet had gotten in. I didn’t know if it could be saved. I’m thrilled that it looks like years were lifted by Zerorez’s process! If I had scheduled sooner, I am sure it would look new all over now, but it’s still amazing. It looks new in most areas. Don’t wait. Their prices are very reasonable. It’s worth it.

The technician, Tim, was knowledgeable, nice, and careful with my house.

There is no strong chemical odor. There was a very pleasant orange smell in part of the process.

I couldn’t be more pleased

Robert C.

Our technician was very friendly and polite. He did not rush through each room. He took time to thoroughly clean our carpets and rug. We did add on the carpet protection at the end. We’ll see if it does really help keep our carpets looking nicer longer and prices to be with the extra expense. Other than that the price was just the cleaning was very reasonable and our carpets look great!

Danielle J.

These are just a small handful of Zerorez® Reviews from our loyal customers! But don’t take our workd for it– check it out with your own eyes!

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What You Can Expect From A Zerorez® Phoenix Cleaning

The most important thing to know about Zerorez® cleaning is that we don’t use those typical traditional cleaners– we use something called zr water®. This is our patented cleaning solution that consists of soft water that has been zapped with electricity.

It’s safe enough to drink, yet powerful enough to clean.

Our zr water® is enhanced and electrolyzed to create a very powerful, yet safe non-toxic cleaning solution. This patented technology is exclusive to Zerorez®.

Now first things first, your expertly trained technician will pull up right on time for your appointment, in our beautiful Zerorez® wrapped vans.

Your technician will explain everything thoroughly before he begins the cleaning process, to make sure everybody’s really comfortable with the process.

We’ll begin by doing little touches like pre-treating the area, giving some extra TLC to any problem areas, cleaning the bumpers around the corners in your house, etc..

Then the technicians will begin the process, cleaning with all of our Zerorez® branded equipment (another indicator to look for).

Here’s how the process works:

  1. We apply the zr water® to the carpet fibers using a very high-pressured spray. This loosens that pesky dirt, as well as ruffles the feathers of those pathogens and bacterias chillin’ beneath the surface.
  2. Then, using our powerful suction wand, we remove as much water of the zr water® as we can, along with every last bit of dirt and grime that’s mixed into it!
  3. This will leave just a little smidge of extraction water on your carpet’s surface, which will dry unbelievably quick, without any residue, and minus the crunch!

Zerorez® Phoenix makes a difference.

  • Your carpets will stay cleaner longer
  • All spots are far less likely to reappear
  • Your carpet will dry faster
  • Your home will not be exposed to chemicals!
  • Our technicians are highly trained professionals

We know your carpet is a big investment and we will take care of it!

Get in touch! Let’s chat about how Zerorez® Phoenix can help your floors look new again!