Is your carpet feeling neglected? Needy? Maybe even…dare we say it…walked on? Do you need some advice on how to better your relationship? 

In order to maintain a healthy relationship with your flooring, it needs a couple of important things. Now we know… it has kind of let itself go… it’s not as pretty as it used to be. You may even be thinking of breaking the whole thing off and going with tile flooring…

But before you go and do something drastic, let’s try and fix the problem. Here is a list of things to try and better your relationship with your carpet. 


Create a Routine 

Patterns of behavior consistently performed such as vacuuming will show your carpet that you care. When gone unvacuumed your carpet senses that you have given up on it or that you don’t care anymore. This is necessary to keep your relationship strong and healthy. 

Carpets should be vacuumed once per week per person and pet in the home. Meaning if you have 4 people and a dog in your home, your carpet needs to be vacuumed 5 times a week. This comes straight from the carpet and rug institute. They know a lot about keeping your rugs clean and happy.


Be Thoughtful

If you’re looking for a simple way to show your carpet that you love it try protecting it from staining. Simple things like not letting the kids eat on it will prove that you are concerned about its appearance. This is a gesture of love that will go a long way in keeping you and your carpet connected. 

Depending on the type of carpet, it could last anywhere from 10-25 years. In order for it to perform and look it’s best, it needs attention. 


Apologize Quickly

If something gets spilled, clean it up immediately! We promise you don’t want that kind of negativity lingering any longer than it needs to. The best way to clean up spills on your carpet is to blot them with a cotton towel. Rubbing it in will only make matters worse. It can lead to bigger problems later on, such as permanent staining. 

Invest in high-quality spot cleaners, as your carpet deserves the best. Zr Water® is good for cleaning up small spots and stains on any flooring. It is safe for your family and doesn’t leave behind any chemical residue. We suggest giving that a try next time you accidentally knock over a cup of coffee. 


Spa Days are Vital

Give it one day every year to relax and soak. It’s got such a stressful job taking care of the air quality in your home, catching dirt, and getting stepped all over in the meantime. Call for a professional carpet cleaning with Zerorez®. Your carpet deserves this. 

With Zerorez® your carpet will get a nice massage with our Zr Lifter® to lift any loose debris from the bottom of the fibers. This helps get those fibers standing up and fluffy again! No soaps, no detergents, just our amazing Zr Water® heated up to a therapeutic 210 degrees. 

Or patented Zr Wand®  rinses the fibers completely and removes close to 100% of the Zr Water® that we use to clean. This means dry times of only 4-8 hours. This allows you to reconnect with your carpets faster than anywhere else.  

Having your carpets cleaned once every 12-18 months is what is recommended for happy carpets. 


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help 

If you feel like it has gotten to the point where it is beyond your control, ask for help. Seeking expert advice is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength! Your Zerorez® technician can give you some very good advice and insight on how to treat your carpet better and help it stick around longer. 

Things like laying down runners in traffic areas or simply placing a mat underneath an office chair can go a long way. These might seem obvious once they are said, but isn’t that true with a lot of great advice? 


Give it Some Space

Since we have all been cooped up in the house for the last couple of years, it’s time to give your carpet a break! Wear and tear age your carpets drastically. Go to the park with the kids or take the dog for a walk. Spend a Saturday hiking up in Flagstaff instead of laying around in the living room.  


Avoid Comparisons- Never Let Yourself Fall for Someone Else. 

Tile might look a lot better sometimes but it’s got its downsides too. Grout mostly. That new laminate your friends put down in their house? Wow, that stuff looks nice right, but how does it age? 

The carpet was a choice, continuing to keep it through thick and thin is a decision you have to make. It’s a good idea to look back and appreciate everything that carpet has done for you. It cushions your kids when they fall down and it cleans the air in your home. Carpeting also reduces the loud noises throughout the house and makes your rooms feel cozier. 

Remain loyal, there is no such thing as “accidentally” falling in love with new flooring. Take the carpet’s feelings into consideration after all it has done for you. 


Pick Your Battles

Accidents happen we get that but there are things you can do to prevent damaging the carpet. 

Not wearing shoes in your home is a big one. When you walk on the carpet your feet cause damage to the fibers. The constant agitation causes the fibers to get scratched. Once they are scratched light doesn’t transfer through them as well, the walkways appear to be darker than other areas. This happens over time and there is no way to reverse the damage. The best way to solve it is to keep it from happening. 


Be Prepared for Ups and Downs

You may be thinking “well I am such a clean person, I don’t need to worry about my carpet”. Wrong, life happens to everyone. Kids visit, dogs visit, people trip with coffee mugs in their hands. Things happen. 

From the factory, carpets come with a protectant sprayed on them. This protectant acts as a blockade between your feet and the fibers. It helps keep a barrier when you accidentally spill something on the carpet so you can clean it up quickly. 

However, over time the protectant wears off leaving the fibers completely exposed. After your cleaning, we can reapply the factory protectant and keep your mind at ease. 

We hope that this has helped you on your journey to a healthier relationship with your carpet. It’s hard to admit, we know, but sometimes professional help is the best thing to do. Give Zerorez® a call whenever you feel a disconnect between you and your carpet. We would be happy to restore your relationship back to the best it can be.