That’s right- you heard it here first my friend! Zerorez® Phoenix is Safe For Pets and Kids!

One of the greatest benefits of using Zerorez® Phoenix for your floor cleaning endeavors is simply because of the fact that our cleaning method was made for the safety of your pets and kids!

We understand how much your babies and fur babies mean to you! They mean the world to us too – which is why our cleaning method was designed for their safety!

How is that possible? And are other cleaning methods safe for your kiddos and puppers? Let’s find out:


Powered Water® Makes Zerorez® Phoenix Safe For Pets and Kids

It is no secret – Powered Water® is our key to non-toxic success!

We’ll be the first to tell you, we swear by our Powered Water® cleaning process and once you have a Zerorez® Phoenix cleaning, you will too.

That’s a promise!

Powered Water® is a patented Zerorez® Phoenix technology-enhanced water that is electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without harmful toxins or chemicals.

In other words, we are simply cleaning your carpets, tile, couches, and rugs with earth’s natural cleanser- WATER!

At this point you may be wondering how in the crap water is supposed to thoroughly clean your less-than-pristine flooring?

Easy friends.

The Powered Water® is applied with a low-pressure spray that not only loosens embedded dirt and cleans the material but simultaneously helps to prevent stains and soiling, by not leaving behind sticky residue!

Then of course, it is extracted with a powerful airflow wand. The zr wand™ that is used recaptures two times the amount of water than that of other cleaning company’s tools!

Zerorez® Phoenix ensures the safety of your kids and pets by using non-toxic water to clean, but how do other traditional cleaning company’s do it?


Are other floor cleaning methods safe for kids and pets?

Well, it certainly depends. If you have a company in mind that you might want to use for your floor cleaning, we suggest calling and asking what product they use to clean with. You can of course get an opinion from the person on the phone as well, but also do some research on that product and find reviews on it.

Social proof is the best proof!

However, we can tell you with confidence that Zerorez® Phoenix is the only place that you will find who uses Powered Water® to clean your surfaces!

Most cleaning places you will find offer nothing more than chemicals, detergents, and soaps to clean your surfaces.

Raise your hands if you know what happens when you clean fabric with chemicals and soaps!

It gets a kind of hard and crunchy doesn’t it? [don don donnnnnnn]

Think back to the last carpet cleaning you had… 

It took about a good day and a half to fully dry didn’t it? And then after that, it was a bit crispy and greasy feeling under the feet? Leaves a bit of greasy texture on your feet and makes you want to take a bath after…

Oh dear, I just got chills…

With traditional cleaning companies, so much of the residue from the soaps and detergents are left behind on your surfaces. The soaps and water are not fully suctioned from the surfaces – it has no where to go, so it’s forced to settle and dry in your carpet!

In other words – the soaps are STILL IN THERE! Yuckkyyy…

Still in carpets and surfaces that your dogs and cats roll around on, walk on, eat off of. Surfaces that your kids sit on, walk on, and play on!

It’s a spooky fact to think about. Does that not have you crawling in your skin?!!

We all know soaps and chemicals DO NOT belong in the body!

But sometimes booking a carpet or tile cleaning that uses chemicals is at the back of the mind right? We’re just kind of going through the motions, we don’t think about what products they might be using on our floors.

Or sometimes we choose what we know, a company that might be familiar, because we aren’t aware that there might be a better option out there.

Well now you know there is!

Because Powered Water® is just that – water! It can’t leave anything sticky or toxic behind because water is basically the purest form of ANYTHING we get on this beautiful planet!


No Residue® means no returning stains….

That’s right- when you use Zerorez® Phoenix‘s Powered Water® to clean your floors and surfaces, there is no pesky residue left behind. 

No crunchy carpet. No greasy feeling feet. And you can kiss that puppy-pee stain goodbye!

When you use traditional cleaning chemicals to clean and remove stains, it cannot be fully removed from the surface. In turn, it actually creates a sticky texture on that spot that will end up attracting more dirt in the end.

With time, that spot will simply return, dirtier and darker than ever…

Powered Water® is not only safe for the family, but also gives you the added benefit of an actual clean, and peace of mind that stains will not be returning!


How often should you clean your floors if you have kids or pets?

It’s kind of important to us isn’t it, to choose a company that has the best interests in mind for our children? Fur or otherwise?!

Personally, I have 4 dogs… so we choose Zerorez® Phoenix because we know it’s safe for pets and kids, and we don’t need to second guess it!

We need a good cleaning on our floors atleast every 6 months. Every 3 months may be a little more accurate actually. ‘Cause dang they stink…

We love ’em, but our dogs are some dirty creatures! 

But then again, so are toddlers and adolescents!!

Broken up goldfish hiding within carpet fibers, spilled juiceboxes and sippy cups, mud dragged in on Timmy’s baseball cleats, crayola marker drawings on the couches and walls… oh joy to the world…

Not to add any extra stress but Halloween is literally a few weeks away and you know what that means- candy. Sticky candy. Chocolately candy. Chocolately fingers… Have you ever had bubble gum stuck in your carpet?

It’s just as terrible as getting it stuck in your luscious locks…

What secret horrors you might have going on inside of your house will determine how often you’ll need a good professional floor cleaning! For the average joe, we suggest one professional cleaning per year!

But as I said, multiple kids and multiple animals might be every 3-6 months… it’s so worth it. Because Zerorez® Phoenix seriously makes it as easy as 1 2 3!


Zerorez® Phoenix Floor Cleaning

Whether you need your tile, carpet, couch upholstery, or rug cleaning- Zerorez® Phoenix makes it unbelieveably easy!

All you have to do is book your service, which is of course, the easiest part of all! And it can be done even easier because you can book with Zerorez® Phoenix online, right here on our website! So magical…

Then all you have to do is wait for your cleaning, possibly move some furniture around depending on what you’re having cleaned, and let your Zerorez® Phoenix technician take it from there!

They just show up to your beautiful Phoenix home, assess and pretreat the areas, and then get to work on a safe cleaning for your family!



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