Fall is really starting to set in. The smell of pumpkin spice and the cooler weather reminds us that Thanksgiving is just around the corner! This year we wanted to list all the things Zerorez has to be thankful for.

Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about after all? 

So we are going to count our blessings and share with you some of the most important pieces of our company that add up to one tremendous place to work. 


Zerorez is Thankful For Our People


Our Customer Service Representatives are the frontline of our business. When booking with us over the phone, they are the first experience our customers have with Zerorez.

We are so grateful to have such an amazing crew that is satisfaction oriented. Their drive to, not just satisfy our customers, but to go above and beyond for them is remarkable. 


Our dispatch and routing department goes to extraordinary lengths to keep our technicians running on time. They are also the ones that reach out to customers to let them know what time the technician will be arriving at their home. 

Without their dedication to timing and their devotion to communicating with the techs, we would not flow as efficiently as we do. We sure appreciate their ability to continuously keep our customers happy and our technicians running smoothly. 


Our Experts in the Science of Clean®! The carpet defenders, saving the world one stain at a time! Our Technicians! These are the guys and girls that enter our customer’s homes and blow them away with their professionalism and their knowledge.

They perform tests on fibers, they offer suggestions on how to properly care for all surfaces in the home, and they go to great lengths to protect our customer’s property. We sure appreciate each and every one of our cleaning experts. 

All of these people add up to a great customer experience, over anything else that’s what we want! So we are eternally grateful for our people. 


Zerorez is Thankful For Our Process 

We are blessed with the tools and cleaning solutions that we have. Our Zr Process® is highly effective and unbeatable. We can not express how grateful we are to be able to serve compassionately so that others can live better. 

Zr Water®

Our Water is a unique cleaning solution that only Zerorez® uses. It is an oxidized, electrolyzed water that acts like soap but doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue. 

We are so happy to have found such an environmentally friendly cleaning solution that works just as well as soap does! That way no bacteria, oils, or dirt can get attracted back to the surface so everything stays cleaner longer! The best part is, it’s Safe For Kids and Pets!

Zr Lifter®

The second part of our 3-step process is our Zr Lifter. It’s how we agitate carpet fibers and clean the grout on tile flooring. This tool has counter-rotating brushes that dig deep into the carpet fibers. Dirt, hair, and everything else down in the bottom of the fibers are brought up to the surface and the carpets are left nice and fluffy. 

Who doesn’t love fluffy carpets? We love them! And our customers sure love it when we break out our lifter. Especially when they have furry dogs or cats. They never can believe the amount of hair we bring to the surface, even after they just vacuumed! 

Zr Wand®

Our Wand, like our water, is Zerorez-specific. Its patented design reduces dry times in carpets so instead of waiting a full day for your carpets to dry, it reduces down to a matter of hours! 4-8 to be more precise. 

It creates an effect where it jets water out while simultaneously removing it, allowing our Zr Water to completely rinse the fibers without ever getting the backing of the carpet wet. We couldn’t be more grateful for the nerds that came up with that awesome design! 


Our Promise

Raving Fans

The most important part of our company is of course you, our raving fans. The ones who come back to us time and time again and tell all of your friends and neighbors about us. We couldn’t be more grateful for your loyalty. 

We go through so many steps to make your experience with us a good one: through our people, our process, and our promise. Zerorez offers a 30-day Gotta Love It Guarantee™. If, within 30 days of your appointment, you’re unsatisfied with your Zerorez Experience—for any reason at all— before you do anything else give us a call! We will gladly return and address the areas of concern. 

So thank you, devoted customer, for your business. Thank you for allowing our amazing people to continue to work every day. Thank you for leaving reviews on Google, Facebook, and Listen360 so that other people can get a first-hand opinion of our services. 

What are you thankful for this year?