If you are planning to get through this holiday with no bumps under your broomstick, Zerorez® Phoenix is here to provide the creepiest of Halloween tips for your sorcery!

Halloween cleaning can be a real haunting task – the parties are over, the trick-or-treating long gone, and now it’s time to tuck away that bloodcurdling decor until next year.

Man does the day after Halloween suck an egg sometimes. Cleaning up after these hooligans is not exactly a good time. 

However, Halloween cleaning doesn’t always have to be a spooky experience.  As one of Phoenix’s largest floor cleaning service providers, we’ve seen it all… trust us.

So this year it’s our trick-or-treat to share these four Zerorez® Halloween Cleanup Tricks for reviving your home after this devilish holiday is over!


1. Petrifying Pumpkin Stains


Zerorez® Halloween Cleanup Trick number 1… accidents happen when you’re having fun!

Whether it’s a frightful accident of dropping some pumpkin guts on the carpet after a carving session, or some pranksters who may have purposely smushed your precious orange babies… don’t panic.

No need to get your cobwebs in a knot- The Knights of Zerorez® have arrived via unicorn-back to remove the evilest and orangey-est of stains and odors!

That nice orange splatter may cause some permanent spine-chilling stains, so you’ll want to hop on your broomstick and act FAST, witches.

Call Zerorez® before your pumpkin stain has time to boil and scorch through your floor!


2. Poisonous Potion Splashes!

While it is a buttload of fun having spook-tacular Halloween parties with your fellow witches and wizards, you have to admit it’s also a bit of a mess in this haunted house.

In the midst of creating your lethal potions (in other words, the adult witches’ beverage station) , take caution when throwing in that extra toads tongue and drops of ghoul’s blood into the cauldron…

That poisonous brew may splash out onto your tile and burn through your robes! Quick- you must summon Zerorez® Phoenix before the clock hits midnight, or else your tile and grout will completely disintegrate!


3. Egged-up Gravestones

Zerorez® Halloween Cleanup Trick number 3…. Did those pesky goblins egg your gravestone again?

Take care of smashed eggs stuck to your gravestone from the bottom up.

Simply wet the area below the dried-up terror of an egg, add a pinch of dragon scales, wait a few minutes, and then gently hose it off. Or spit shine it, whatever your dead heart desires.

If the egg is devilishly stubborn, you’re going to need some of Zerorez®’s magical midnight elicir – Powered Water®.

Let it set for five or ten minutes, and then scrub with a small mouse or porcupine– you know, something a little “scrubby” lookin’ – then you’re good to go. 

Get back to your next century of decaying… uh sorry we meant rest…


4. Mummified Animal Messes

We understand- being cat royalty is really taxing. And the Egyptians buried you with all these expensive treasures and jewels… but they didn’t bother to leave a litter box behind?

While we’re sure your tomb smells absolutely wretched after a good millennia of bodily functions, we’ll be there to eliminate the stains and smells.

I mean, where else were you supposed to go to do your business? We understand.

We may scream in terror as our noses jump off our faces when we arrive. But don’t you ever think that means we don’t understand you, mister spooky mummy kitty!


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Zerorez® Phoenix!


That about “wraps-up” Zerorez® Phoenix’s Halloween Cleanup Tricks! Whether you’re dealing with egged-up gravestones, pumpkin guts, or kitty tinkles, it’s important to start the cleaning process as soon as possible!

Because once those stains begin to set-in on your monsterous carpets or upholstery (or headstones?) they are very ghastly to remove!

If you can’t flick a wand to take care of Halloween cleanup right away, ask an enchanted professional cleaning service for help! If theres one thing Zerorez® Phoenix understands, it’s the mystery of otherworldly messes and odors…

With the magical properties of the Powered Water® potion, a dash of spooky customer service, and the right “wands and broomsticks”, Zerorez® is your go-to afterlife cleaning crew!

Happy Halloween to all! And remember –

If you happen to survive a werewolf attack, and get bit or scratched by a werewolf.. there may still be hope for you. Occasionally, cleaning your wounds with our Powered Water® can stop the transformation process.

If you’re too late, and it doesn’t work, give Zerorez® a call once a year to clean all the fur out of your upholstery






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Written by: Leah Roberts