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Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert sits in Maricopa County and is southeast of Phoenix. Its desert temperatures provide residents with the perfect opportunity to get outside all year long. Beautiful parks feel like an oasis in Gilbert. Taking a hike through the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is the perfect escape from busy life in the city, and is fun for families, couples, or a day spent with friends.

More About Gilbert

Shopping in Gilbert, Arizona is unparalleled. The town is riddled with incredible and unique small shops and businesses that make for a fun shopping experience. If you aren’t interested in shopping retail, check out the local farmers market to get your hands on local produce and support Gilbert farmers. 

For more conventional entertainment, Gilbert is full of modern restaurants, golfing, comedy clubs, local tours, and theaters. And with so many other amazing towns bordering it, there is no shortage of experiences to be had.

Carpet Cleaning in
Gilbert AZ

For the best carpet cleaning in Gilbert, call Zerorez®! Our carpet cleaning services are innovative and use the best technology to leave your carpets feeling and looking fresh. Other carpet cleaning companies use harsh chemicals, soaps, and/or detergents that can leave your carpets with a crunchy or sticky residue. These carpet cleaning companies flood your carpet with these products, and they often are unable to lift all of it afterward. This results in dirt-attracting residue that can actually make your carpets get dirtier faster. At Zerorez®, we use Zr Water® that has no added chemicals. Not only will it lift the dirt and soil from your carpet, but it will also get rid of that residue left behind from other carpet cleaning services. For professional carpet cleaning, try Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Gilbert. If you need clean carpets and a method that is kid and pet friendly, contact Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Gilbert AZ.

Upholstery Cleaning

Hiring a couch cleaning service you can trust can be hard. But at Zerorez®, our technicians know exactly what they’re doing. Because they are highly trained in professional couch cleaning and general upholstery cleaning, they know how to identify different materials in order to deliver the best quality couch cleaning service. A professional couch cleaning does not have to feel scary; our process is gentle and will only lift spots and dirt without damaging your furniture or altering its natural coloring. It restores the fibers and material used for your upholstery to extend its lifespan without any damage coming to your belongings.

Area Rug Cleaning

Professional rug cleaning is simple with Zerorez®. Our Zr Process® allows us to clean your area rugs with ease. A rug cleaning service should not be on your list of worries. Instead of trying to perform a rug cleaning yourself, give Zerorez® a shot. While area rug cleaning is complex, Zerorez® is the best in the industry. Our technicians are well-versed and well-trained in the art of area rugs, so you can be sure that you will receive the best quality service possible. 

Tile and Grout

Tile and grout is tricky to clean yourself. Sweeping and mopping mostly just spreads dirt around instead of actually lifting it from the floors. Zerorez® uses a jet system that applies enough pressure to force dirt out of the porous floors and actually removes it. With our GREEN technology, our sealant will fill in those porous surfaces and coat the floor to act as a barrier from other dirt and bacteria. Zerorez® uses a method that is safe for you, your kids, and your pets to ensure that everyone and everything in your home is taken care of properly. 

“Zerorez is AMAZING! I took a picture of the first swipe of the tile being cleaned and it is like day and night!! I have porous Italian tile… and have hated it since it was originally installed… No matter what I used, no matter what I tried, there was no way to clean the traffic patterns. I was ready to replace the tile until Zerorez did their magic! The tile looks like new and I will definitely use them regularly to keep the tile like new!”

-Lynette G. [Listen 360]

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