Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer With Zr Water®

Ever hear that urban legend about the woman that got her beautiful carpets professionally cleaned only to have them get dirtier faster with each cleaning?! Unfortunately, this isn’t so much a tall tale, but a scientific fact!! 😱 Luckily though, this doesn’t apply to Zerorez.


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Zr Water® Leaves Nothing But Clean™

After cleaning with  Zerorez and our Zr Water there’s no need to fear what may be left behind on your carpets. We leave your carpets insanely clean™ And our Zr Water is safe enough to drink™. Can’t beat that!

No Re-appearing Spots

Ever wonder why carpet gets dirty faster after cleaning with traditional methods?

Soaps & detergents are designed to attract dirt to them, that’s their job! So when soaps and detergents are left behind on your carpet they just keep doing what they do… attracting dirt. Hence, re-appearing spots and cleaning more often.

No Crunch

Zerorez cleans without the use of soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals. What this means for YOU is freshly cleaned carpets without chemical odors or crunchy carpets!

No need to fear carpet shards when walking on zerorezified® carpet, let alone WHAT has been left behind on the fibers… No soaps or harsh chemicals mean nothing left to crunch – OR attract dirt back!

No Soaking Wet Carpet

Did you know that soaps and detergents actually lengthen the drying process in carpet cleaning? It’s common to see carpet wet for days when cleaned with traditional methods.

With Zr Water and our Zr Wand® there are no soaps or detergents getting in the way so your carpet dries within hours, not days!


“I like the fact that my carpets are very clean and look almost new and the fact of just using the water instead of soap and water like others do and that the carpet is nice and soft to walk on. The technician did a great job and was very well versed on the company and their products.”

-Sandra A. [Listen 360]

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We Leave Nothing But Clean™