Preparing For Your Zerorez® Service


It is important to give your carpet a thorough vacuuming prior to your appointment. Remove items such as lamps or picture frames from tabletops; and clear the floor of toys, books and other small articles. Our cleaning process causes flooring surfaces to become slippery; exercise caution during and after your cleaning. Please have any furniture you want out of the room moved prior to our arrival.


We pride ourselves on being very upfront about all pricing; however, estimates prepared over the phone are sight-unseen, best-guess-pricing. Room sizes vary and, as such, we will make adjustments to pricing before cleaning. Pricing is based on a standard room size; Larger areas, that exceed 250sf, will be counted as two or more. We do our best to relay the full story over the phone but it is helpful to reiterate there is a $14 environmental charge on each service appointment. Not all stains can be removed from carpet; sometimes things spilled or tracked in can permanently damage carpet fibers. Our technicians will do their best to manage your expectations throughout the cleaning process.


Due to the size of the Valley, some areas we service do require an out of service-area fee. You will still receive our same pricing, but are required to pay a $15 out of service-area fee. The following zip codes have out of service-area fees: (Casa Grande) 85130, 85194, 85193, 85123, 85122 (Maricopa) 85138, 85139 (Wittmann) 85361 (Rio Verde) 85263 (Coolidge) 85128, 85228 (Florence) 85132, and (Gold Canyon) 85118.


Our schedule fills up fast, once a schedule is set we ask that you give us at least 2 business days notice if you need to cancel. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and give the utmost attention to our clients. We ask that you be considerate of our schedule as well and please let us know if the time doesn’t work out for you. Thank you, and see you soon!


Treatment and pricing for pet accidents are not included in our standard cleaning. Urine, feces, blood or vomit may require additional cleaning procedures to address odor, bacteria, and to remove stains that are otherwise irremovable. Pricing for these issues will be addressed on-site. If a recommended treatment for pet accidents is declined, we cannot warranty cleaning results in contaminated areas.


Area rugs require special treatment in order to be cleaned properly. We have a specialized facility to handle all area rugs with care. Rugs can be picked up, or our technician can take your rug with him when your appointment is finished. Please call our office, or ask our technician about cleaning and pricing for your area rugs. You can be assured that your rugs will be well taken care of and also be returned with Zero Residue® left behind.

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