The holidays are here, and that means an endless stream of house guests, family time, and plenty of photos. But is your home ready for the occasion? Lingering pet odors, stained carpets, and discolored grout between your tiles can quickly sour your festive mood, and overpower your favorite holiday scents.

Ready to make sure that your home is holiday-ready from top to bottom? Zerorez® can help. Keep reading to learn how.

Refresh Your Home’s Carpets

Your home’s carpets trap all kinds of debris. Dirt is tracked indoors, even if you take your shoes off at the front door. Airborne particles and allergens get in through windows and doors, as well as on your clothing and shoes, and are trapped in the fibers of your carpet. Then, there’s the indoor messes; dropped crumbs, spills, and pet dander.

All of that debris can not only leave your carpets looking soiled, discolored, or stained, but it could also be putting your family’s health at risk. If anyone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies, pollen, dust, and other particles trapped in your carpets can trigger an asthma attack or irritate your allergies.

But before you reach for a DIY carpet cleaner, think twice. The amount of water used by home carpet cleaning machines, coupled with the chemicals you fill them with, could leave your carpets dirtier and even more dangerous than before.

Carpet cleaning machines don’t get rid of all of the moisture they deposit in your carpets. This can cause mold and mildew to grow underneath, and also causes your carpets to catch more dirt and debris until they dry. 

Carpet cleaning chemicals aren’t rinsed away entirely, either. This can put your family, and particularly pets and small children, at risk.

If you want to get your carpets clean the right way, trust the pros at Zerorez®. Our Zr Water® cleaning solution and patented  Zr Wand® lift stains and debris from your carpets without the use of chemicals, while also drastically reducing dry times.

Getting Your Bathrooms Guest-Ready

Even if you clean the tiles on your bathroom floor and shower walls daily, dirty grout can leave them looking dirty and worn. Unfortunately, scrubbing those pesky grout lines clean on your own can be a challenge. The rough surface of the grout and tight space between tiles make cleaning grout, and especially light-colored grout, tough. At the very least, you’ll be putting in a lot of elbow work and time.

Before you spend hours on end scrubbing away at your tiles this holiday season, consider leaving the heavy lifting to the experts.

The Zerorez® cleaning process targets set-in dirt and stains on your tile and grout. After lifting away stains and build-up, our experts can apply a sealant to create a barrier between your tiles and spills or other stains. This means more time between cleanings, without sacrificing your beautiful tile floors and shower walls.

When you’re scheduling a professional cleaning for your bathroom floors, don’t forget your kitchen and entryways too. Tile floors in these areas are also prone to dirt, debris, and stains that you’ll want to get clean ahead of the holidays.

Treating Pet Stains and Odors

More than 75 percent of households in the U.S. are home to at least one pet. Dogs are the most popular choice, with 63.4 percent of pet-friendly households owning at least one. Cats come in second, at 42.7 percent of households. 

All of those pets come with plenty of pet dander, fur, the occasional stain, and some funky odors. Whether you’re a dog-family or a cat-family, if you have pets, make sure you make plans to treat stains and odors before your holiday guests arrive.

Many cleaners that advertise being able to tackle pet odors only mask the smell, rather than treating it at the source. For that, you’ll need some more serious tactics.

The Zerorez® odor treatment goes beyond temporary odor blocking. Instead, our process treats stains and odor with a powerful burst of water, no chemicals, soaps, or harsh detergents necessary. Stains and smells are lifted and removed with the Zerorez® carpet cleaning, not simply masked. This means clean, fresh carpets for you — and your pets — to enjoy this holiday season. Go ahead, sit on the floor and open gifts in comfort, without any stinky odors to distract you!

Freshen Up Your Furniture

You probably vacuum your carpets and scrub your tile floors weekly to keep your home looking and smelling fresh, especially if you have any furry family members. But what about your furniture?

Unless your couches, chairs, and other soft furniture is visibly dirty, cleaning your home’s upholstery likely isn’t something you think about. But your furniture could be harboring the same dust and debris that your carpets are. In fact, add in oils and dead skin that comes from contact with your furniture, and it might be even dirtier than your floors.

Cleaning your fabric furniture on your own can be tricky. Cleaners and detergents might stain or discolor the fabric, not to mention leaving chemicals behind. Sprays will make your furniture smell fresh, but likely only temporarily.

With upholstery cleaning by Zerorez®, you’ll get fresh, clean furniture without the use of chemicals. Using our powerful Zr Water® treatment, debris and stains are lifted, and your furniture dries quickly, so you can get back to binging holiday movies in no time!

Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays with Zerorez® 

Don’t let pet odors, carpet stains, musty furniture, or discolored grout stand in the way of enjoying the holidays, and all of the festivities that come with it.

Now is the time to schedule your next visit from the pros at Zerorez® Phoenix. Our patented cleaning solutions lift, clean, and treat dirt, stains, and more on your tile floors and walls, carpets, and upholstery. 

Whether you’re dealing with pet stains and odors or pesky grout lines that just won’t come clean, we’re here to help. And because our treatments dry fast, you can get back to enjoying your home and welcoming guests this holiday season in no time!

If you’re ready to get your home holiday-ready, schedule your next visit from the Zerorez®  pros today!