So it’s time to replace all that carpeting huh? And you are trying to decide, ‘Which type of carpet is right for me?’ Fluffy or easier to clean?  Do I just ditch the carpet altogether?? Well, let’s talk this out… carpeting can be a strong addition to any room. It improves the air quality, adds style, reduces noise, and provides a warm setting. All we’re hearing are positives! Ugh, but there are so many different TYPES of carpeting! 

As your friendly neighborhood carpet experts, we like to think we know a lot about all things carpet; Pile, fiber content, color…  We’re about to go on a carpet-style journey, you ready? 


Carpet Pile? What is that?!

Carpet Pile is a fancy way to describe how the individual fibers are cut after being looped through the backing. There are so many to choose from, but here are some of the more popular types: 


Once it was looped through the carpet backing it was never cut. Berber carpet is durable, stain-resistant, and doesn’t show wear patterns as well as other cut piles. It works really well for areas that tend to get a lot of foot traffic, but forget about feeling soft and fluffy fibers between those toes! Berber is not a plush-style carpet. 

Pattern cut pile

is when the fibers are cut, they are cut at different lengths to show a pattern. It’s been said that using a cut pile carpet can make the room seem larger and give it a different perspective. Cut pile carpeting also helps to hide staining in the pattern. If you’re looking for a carpet that lasts the test of time though, this may not be the cut for you… it has been known to wear fairly quickly in high traffic areas. 


is the carpet you’re looking for if you want a classic look. Saxony is the most traditional cut pile of carpet, and works well for formal and casual settings. There is one thing about it though… it doesn’t have much…personality… All of the fibers are cut to the same length which lowers its charisma and gives it kind of a boring texture. 

Shag carpets

however are not lacking in the personality department! Besides going out of style as wall-to-wall carpeting in the ’70s, people do like to have shag area rugs as a fun room accent. They are longer cut fibers so it takes longer for them to wear down in the high traffic areas. Try vacuuming one of these things though, shag rugs maintenance is NOT fun. 

Velvet/plush carpets

are a low-cut pile that is a lot like the Saxony’s little sister. Plush cut carpeting looks a lot like Saxony carpets but cut shorter. Much like Saxony cut, they are durable and versatile but they don’t bring much personality. If you are considering Plush Cut carpeting keep in mind that this type of pile is known for leaving furniture indentations. 


Phew! That was a lot, now let’s talk Fibers

Fiber content is what the fiber is actually constructed of. They are classified as either natural (wool) or synthetic (nylon or polyester). It’s time to imagine a tiny bus driving down into the carpet fibers to take a closer look… 


is one of the most popular carpet fibers you will find. It’s inexpensive and synthetic, often made out of recycled material such as water bottles. We have to give it a shout-out for being truly stain-resistant and soft. Not to mention you can find polyester carpeting in just about any color you can think of. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and that certainly applies to Polyester. Polyester carpet wears down quickly in the higher traffic areas (sad face). This is really because the fibers aren’t as strong as other types of carpet, like Nylon. However, if you are seeking a budget-friendly answer to spill-prone children or pets, you are going to be hard-pressed to find a better carpet fiber. 


is a super popular choice in carpet because it’s strong! You want carpeting that won’t fold under heavy foot traffic, then start looking at Nylon! Nylon is also a synthetic fiber, but hey, it’s static-free! So no shocking people with your socks on my friend! There are just a couple of downsides to Nylon carpet, however. It’s going to cost more than its Polyester counterpart (but… wait… it lasts longer, so does it really cost more?) Here’s the kicker though. Nylon carpeting is much more likely to stain and can fade where it’s exposed to UV light… so you know, by windows and stuff. 


is pretty much what you would get if you mixed Polyester and Nylon together. Triexta carpeting is kind of a newbie on the market, but it doesn’t wear as quickly as polyester and it doesn’t hold stains like nylon. It’s like the best of both worlds!


is really popular in commercial settings and area rugs. This carpeting is usually in an uncut loop pile due to it not being very resilient and can easily be crushed. It is an inexpensive synthetic fiber and is very easy to clean and maintain. Oddly enough it has a low melting point so the friction from dragging furniture can damage it. 


as you can probably guess, is a natural fiber. Wool is probably the most costly of the carpet fiber options, but it has a lot of very good qualities to make up for it. Wool carpeting is DURABLE, and in case you ever worry about your carpet catching fire… it self extinguishes, is soft and luxurious, and is eco friendly since it comes from a renewable resource and is biodegradable. Besides being costly, the largest downside of wool is that if you spill some gatorade on your white wool carpet…that stain is yours to keep.  Wool holds 3x its weight in water so spills get absorbed up very quickly. Wool carpeting may not be the best option for those with young kids or animals. 


Color options – it’s about to get fun folks!


Shades of brown, grey, or blue are usually the popular choice among households with children or pets. Stains tend to be more hidden in the darker coloring or patterns that are speckled. Darker tones can also help make rooms seem cozier. On the other hand, however, adding dark carpet to a small room, an area with dark paint, or no windows can make it feel small and sometimes even cramped. 


Colored carpets are not so easily camouflaged but they do make the room appear bigger and brighter. Light-colored carpets take more work to keep looking clean but, light shades like cream or beige can make the room look neat and fresh. 


Okay. We’ve schooled you on carpet pile, fiber and color. The question is, are you any closer to deciding what carpet is right for your home? In reality, the type of carpeting that is best for your home is the carpeting that meets the needs of YOUR lifestyle. Are you in that stage of life where you’re chasing around kiddos that can’t seem to avoid spilling their drinks? Or training a new puppy that is still having accidents?  Maybe a husband that doesn’t think about walking across the carpet in greasy shoes? A mid to dark-colored Saxony polyester would probably be your best bet due to its stain resistance. If you’ve got a quieter household with little chance of spilling or accidents light-colored nylon would be great for you since wear and tear would be more of a concern than staining. 


Something else to keep in mind

Here at Zerorez® we are carpet care professionals, no matter what kind of carpet you choose we are the best choice in helping maintain it for years to come! Our Zr Water® is safe for kids and pets, works as a degreaser, but doesn’t leave any chemical residue behind. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. Who knows, after having your current carpets cleaned by Zerorez® you may decide there’s no need to replace them at all!


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-Patricia K. [Fountain Hills, AZ]