When you think of cleaning, which season comes to mind? 

If you said Spring, you’re not alone. Spring has become synonymous with cleaning. Probably because they have been shut up inside their houses all winter and everything could use a good airing out. 

Most of those people live a little further north than we do, am I right? We’ve been out hiking and enjoying the beautiful weather here in Phoenix! Winters here are a respite from the heat really.  

So that brings up the question of when IS the best time to clean in Phoenix. We have given this quite a bit of thought, and our answer is a bit complicated. Each season brings its own soil and problems to different surfaces in your home. Different seasons also have different major events in them to warrant cleanings. 



Summertime brings summer BBQs so it’s a good time to have your natural stone countertops cleaned and sealed. Get ahead of the mess before it happens. Natural stone is porous and if it is not properly sealed it can cause a number of problems including staining. Over time, cooking with oils, spilling drinks, and the bacteria that builds up in kitchens can soak into the pores. In order to keep your countertops looking great and resistant to stains, they need to be properly cleaned and sealed. 

Another area to consider having professionally cleaned during the summertime is your carpets. July is National Carpet Cleaning Month after all! Here at Zerorez we sure know how to celebrate the holiday! 



Fall is a good time to get any of the flooring cleaned since the monsoon season is coming to an end! The dog has been tracking in mud all summer and spreading it all over the place! You might get some special tile pricing during the month of September too, so be on the lookout for that! 

Another surface to consider having professionally cleaned during the fall is the upholstery, everyone has been coming in from the summer heat all sweaty and dirty, and what’s the first thing they do? Of course, they plop down on the couch right after they take their stinky shoes off and still in their sweaty clothes! After a summer of that, your couch is going to need some Zerorez love…

Another thing you have spent all summer doing is camping up near Flagstaff or beyond! Getting the RV ready for the colder weather can include having the carpets and upholstery cleaned. Zerorez cleans without soaps or harsh chemicals so your RVs carpets will be left soft and fluffy. 

With Thanksgiving coming up at the end of Fall that gives us another reason that fall is a great season for cleaning. Have the carpets nice and fresh for the company to arrive or have them cleaned after they leave! 



Winter brings the holidays, and with Christmas and New Year’s comes cooking, drinking, and family time. With that of course, comes spills and messes. 

The kids want to help bake but can’t seem to stay in the kitchen the entire time. 

Aunt Anne thinks the carpet could use a few more wine stains during her political rant. And cousin Bob always seems to think that when he is invited to a family event, so is his dog. Which is usually fine but the kids keep feeding her turkey until she vomits on the area rug.

Good thing you know a professional cleaning company that can come clean those messes up with no soaps or harsh chemicals! 


Spring is an excellent time to open the windows and let some of that warmer air in. It’s a great time to start with those areas in your home that you don’t usually think about cleaning. Have your tile showers cleaned and sealed, your mattresses spruced up, or your area rugs freshened. 

Maybe you’re from here and are actually cold in the winter. Or maybe your dog is too and he refuses to go outside to go to the bathroom. It might be a good time to call Zerorez® to clean your carpets. 

Kids are still playing outside before it gets too hot during the day and are tracking in all kinds of dirt. How is your grout holding up? Maybe it’s time to have Zerorez come out and clean that tile.

At Zerorez we are Obsessed With Clean®. We specialize in not using any soaps or harsh chemicals to clean with. Instead, we use our patented Zr Water®. It’s an electrolyzed, oxidized water that has the power of soap but it doesn’t leave any residue! No residue means your surfaces stay cleaner longer since there is nothing to attract dirt back to the surface. 

No Harsh Chemicals. No Soap. Cleans Better Than Both™. 


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