So you’ve scheduled a cleaning service with Zerorez® Phoenix have you?

Perhaps now you are wondering what comes next, and what you can expect from our services?

Not to fret, my friend. We’ve got you covered!

Let’s go ahead and dig right in with everything you need to know about Zerorez® in Phoenix, as well as what you can expect from a Zerorez® cleaning:

We’re The Only Zerorez® in Phoenix!

The first, and therefore most important detail you need to know about Zerorez® Phoenix is that we are the ONLY Zerorez® in Phoenix, my friend.

Yes, the one and only, and we are proud of it!

So what might that mean exactly?

Well, it means a few things. The most important thing to know is that if you thought you called Zerorez® and got someone else instead – perhaps another cleaning company, etc., who might say they are a partner of or contracted with, Zerorez® – you were scammed!

However, you may not know you’re being scammed until the time of the cleaning. This brings us to our next point:

Zerorez® Phoenix Does NOT Partner or Contract Out Our Work

Yes, you heard it here first! Zerorez® Phoenix does NOT partner with any other cleaning companies. Nor do we contract out ANY of our work to other cleaning companies.

We are the one and only, my friend.

If you have scheduled a cleaning with us, the REAL Zerorez® Phoenix, you’ll know, without a doubt, that it’s us, with these indicators:

  • We will be at your house prompt and on time for your cleaning service, with a beautifully wrapped Zerorez® van, every single time (like this one below)
  • Our technicians will be wearing Zerorez® uniforms.
  • All of our cleaning equipment is Zerorez® branded!

When you receive a cleaning service from Zerorez® Phoenix, there’s no doubt that you’re with a company that takes pride in what they do. And we’re going to take pride in your home and the excellent job we’re about to do in there as well!

You’ll definitely know by this point if you are being scammed by another company if a different service van or an unwrapped service van shows up to your cleaning, and the technician is not wearing a Zerorez® uniform.

Because of course, as we now know, Zerorez® Phoenix does not partner with any other cleaning companies or contract out ANY of our work to other cleaning companies.

If this happens to you, or something seems fishy, please, give us a call and let us know so we can put a stop to it ASAP.

What You Can Expect From A Zerorez® Phoenix Cleaning

Now, when it’s time for your Zerorez® Phoenix Cleaning, your expertly trained technician will pull right up to your house in our beautiful Zerorez® wrapped vans, right on time to your door!

He’ll explain everything thoroughly before he begins the cleaning process, to make sure everybody’s really comfortable with the process.

We’ll begin by doing little touches like pre-treating the area, giving some extra TLC to any problem areas, cleaning the bumpers around the corners in your house, etc..

Then the technicians will begin the process, cleaning with all of our Zerorez® branded equipment (another indicator to look for).

After your Zerorez® Phoenix cleaning, we’ll be sure to follow up with you, just to make sure that everything went well with your experience! On the rare occasion that maybe it didn’t go exactly as what the expectation was, we’ll address that in a very responsive, quick manner.

We’ll head out to your beautiful Phoenix home again, and we’ll make sure everything is to the satisfaction. The process from start to finish is something that we pay close attention to.

We want to make sure that it’s a great one for our customers.

Be sure you book now online to ensure you are, in fact, booking with the one and only Zerorez® Phoenix, or give us a call at (480) 507-2419. We’re going to take great care of you! You’re going to be very satisfied because we are obsessed with clean carpets. 

Remember– there is only one Zerorez® in Phoenix! So be sure to look out for our Zerorez® wrapped vans, uniformed and specially trained technicians, and branded equipment. There’s only one cleaning process like Zerorez®’s!