There is nothing more disappointing or stressful than when your dog decides to forget all its training and starts peeing on the carpets. It unravels a whole array of concerns for the carpet, the dog, and your health. Having been in the industry for a long time, we have seen pet accidents over and over. So we get asked how to prevent pets from peeing on the carpet. 

Let’s put first things first and talk about:

What NOT to do when they go on the carpet.  

As most dog trainers will attest it is not a good idea to use harsh punishment to train your dog. Reactions such as yelling, hitting, grabbing the scruff of its neck, or jerking the leash often have adverse consequences. 

The dog may become fearful of you which is not a good way to form a bond. Depending on the punishment it might provoke aggression in the dog and put you at risk for injury. Plus there is the risk of physically harming your furry friend. 

Years ago people believed that dominance needed to be asserted over their pets in order for them to respect their owners. That kind of thinking is somewhat ineffective and outdated. Dogs, like children, need boundaries but they also need to be treated with respect and love in order to create a lasting connection. 

It’s also very important not to pour a bunch of over-the-counter carpets cleaners onto the carpet. Unless you know what you’re doing the cleaners will actually just make things worse. 

If using the wrong cleaner on the wrong fiber you can end up oxidizing, and essentially bleaching out the fibers. 

Why are Pet Accidents happening?

Dogs don’t pee on your carpet out of spite, usually, it’s one of three reasons:  

  • Doesn’t know better- When potty training, timing is very important. Unless you actually catch him in the act, punishing him for a puddle of urine in the carpet is not going to teach him anything. This might teach them to be fearful of urine spots but it will not teach your pup to go outside. 
  • Isn’t taken out often enough- New puppies need to go outside often. Experts say after every meal, drinking,  active play, napping, and after being left in the crate. Adult dogs need to be taken outside around 5 times per day with no more than 6-8 hours in between. 
  • There is some sort of health issue- Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of ways to communicate with our doggos. If there is something internally wrong, they have no way of telling us. If your dog is a fully potty trained adult and randomly starts going inside there might be a health issue. Issues like diabetes, kidney problems, or bladder problems should be checked for.  

Okay now that we have gone over the tough stuff, let’s focus on the carpeting…


How Do We Get the Urine Out After The Pets Have An Accident? 

Why you call Zerorez® of course! We can help you with your pet accidents! 

The problem with pet urine is that it’s not just in the carpet fibers but it’s also in the padding. The spot may look small on the surface but down below it spreads out. Experts say the urine in the padding is spread out two and a half times more than the spot above. This can make it very hard to remove all of the urine from your carpet on your own. 

There are a few concerns that come with excessive pet urine in carpet: 

When urine is left in the carpet padding, mold or bacteria can start to grow. People with compromised immune systems, children, or elderly family members can be highly affected by this. 

The odor is never pleasant and of course, is the most noticeable side-effect of pet accidents on your carpet. Ammonia which is most prominent in cat urine is left behind once all of the water evaporates from the spot. Ammonia can be dangerous for anyone, especially those with asthma, COPD, or emphysema. 

The flooring in your home is layered

First is the carpeting itself, then the padding, and then a subfloor. Subfloors can be made up of either concrete or wood. If urine soaks into the padding over a wood subfloor it will eventually rot the wood underneath. If your subfloor is concrete the urine that soaks into it will actually bond to the concrete when drying, allowing the urine odor to last on long past after it has dried, and needs special treatment to properly remove. Urine can, unfortunately, cause thousands of dollars in structural damage when left unchecked. 

Cleaning the urine out of the carpet is a responsibility that should not be undervalued. We love our pets and cleaning up after them is a chore. Give us a call at Zerorez® and we would be happy to send a technician out to assess the carpet. 

At Zerorez® we have a treatment we call sub-floor extractions. Our process rinses not just the fibers but the padding as well. Leaving nothing behind but clean carpet. We take pride in being able to help you balance the love of your pet and the ability to have a clean home. 

Our carpet cleaning process is safe for kids and pets since we use our Zr Water® to clean. This cleans better than soap and doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue. 


The Problem with Residue After Pet Accidents

Carpet cleaning chemicals, if not rinsed out of the carpet fibers, leaving behind residue. This residue attracts the oils and dirt from your feet over time as you walk on it. 

This happens because soap molecules have two ends, one side is hydrophilic the other side is hydrophobic. The hydrophilic end of the molecule attracts water while the hydrophobic end attracts oils and grease. This is helpful during cleaning but harmful if left on the carpet. 

Oils and grease on your feet get attracted to the hydrophilic end of the soap molecules and stick to them. 


How to Prevent it in The Future

There is a lot of advice out there on how to house train your dog. If it seems to be more of a health issue, taking them to the vet may be the best answer. 

When that has been corrected the issue becomes how to keep it from happening again. And for that, Zerorez® is the solution! Don’t tear up that carpet yet.

Removing the urine completely will help in preventing future accidents. Once the dog can’t smell the urine it will no longer associate that area with going to the bathroom. 

After the urine is removed it’s a good idea to let Zerorez® reapply the factory protectant. This creates a barrier on the carpet fibers allowing you more time to clean up spills to help prevent staining. 

Most new carpets come with a protectant applied. This helps keep down on traffic wear, staining and helps lift hair out of carpet when you vacuum. Over time the protectant wears off from the constant agitation of walking on it. Urine can also strip the fibers of their protectant. 

After having Zerorez® come and remove the urine, dirt, and oils let us reapply that protectant to keep your carpets looking great for years to come.