You’ve no doubt heard the phrase Zero Residue® in association with Zerorez® right? After all, it IS our namesake!

Residue is one of the fastest ways to decrease the life of a carpet. It causes all kinds of dirt, bacteria, grime, and general filth to gather in your carpet. It may be hard to believe, but most residue ends up in your carpets with the original intention of cleaning the carpet.

Yes, you read that right!

Residue is typically caused by incorrect carpet cleaning. We’re here today to tell you what causes residue in your carpets, how to correct it, and how Zero Residue® Carpet Cleaning can help you avoid residue in the future!

What Causes Carpet Residue?

Most of the common carpet cleaning companies use soaps, shampoos, or some sort of chemical cleaning detergent, mixed with pressure and hot water.

Most of us imagine that this cleaning solution is supposed to penetrate the carpet fibers all the way down to the backing of your carpet. Then the dirt and grime are drawn out of the carpet fibers with the suction device, right?

This is certainly not always the case. While most of the wet soil and cleaning solution is pulled out of those deep dark carpet fibers, most of those soaps and detergents stay there… forever. But then the water evaporates, and the carpet dries… So then what?

Those soaps and chemicals are now left in the carpet to dry, thus causing a crunchy feeling of your carpet. You know what we’re talking about– the crunchy way carpet feels after a professional cleaning? That, my friend, is caused by excessive amounts of leftover residues.

What Can You Do About Carpet Residue?

Not to worry. This is something Zerorez® Phoenix has loads of experience with!

Soap left behind by other cleaners, or from over-the-counter spot cleaners pose a different problem than soils and contaminants in the carpet. Water will typically reactivate the soaps left behind creating a foam that is hard to remove.

The good news is that Zerorez® never introduces new soaps and detergents when we clean. This means over time (as long as no more soap is added by someone else) Zerorez® will remove the soap left behind by others.

Phew! *wipes sweat from forehead*

If you clean once a year, it may take a couple of years to accomplish this, but you will notice each time that your carpet stays cleaner longer. Please help by not adding more soap or chemicals to your carpet, together we can change the world (and your floors!).

Zero Residue® Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix

There’s a reason why we’re the most popular carpet cleaners around! Our patent pending cleaning process leaves no soaps or detergents behind.

In fact, we don’t use those typical traditional, very boring cleaners– zr water® is simply soft water that has been zapped with electricity. It’s safe enough to drink, yet powerful enough to clean.

Our zr water® is enhanced and electrolyzed to create a very powerful, yet safe non-toxic cleaning solution. This patented technology is exclusive to Zerorez®.

As you no doubt already know, Zerorez® is short for “Zero Residue®.” That means no more crunchy carpet caused by lingering residue!

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “How is water supposed to clean my carpets?”.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. We apply the zr water® to the carpet fibers using a very high-pressured spray. This loosens that pesky dirt, as well as ruffles the feathers of those pathogens and bacterias chillin’ beneath the surface.
  2. Then, using our powerful suction wand, we remove as much water of the zr water® as we can, along with every last bit of dirt and grime that’s mixed into it!
  3. This will leave just a little smidge of extraction water on your carpet’s surface, which will dry unbelievably quick, without any residue, and minus the crunch!

Water is already the source of life anyways right? It’s the source of life for your carpet too.

No more sticky residue beneath your little piggies! Bring your carpets back to life with Zerorez® Phoenix. Experience the soft, fluffy feel your carpets (and feet) have always deserved.

Zerorez® Phoenix makes a difference.

  • Your carpets will stay cleaner longer
  • All spots are far less likely to reappear
  • Your carpet will dry faster
  • Your home will not be exposed to chemicals!
  • Our technicians are highly trained professionals

We know your carpet is a big investment and we will take care of it!