Everyone who has ever had their carpets cleaned has been asked if they would like to apply carpet protectant afterward. Carpet Protectant? What is that? How would that benefit me? Couldn’t I just get it cleaned every six months and not worry about it? 

Zerorez® is here to answer those questions for you, friend! We would like to put first things first and explain the life of your carpet before you bought it.

Without going into too much detail (although we do love the details)… We will start out by saying after the carpet is cut and dyed a soil repellent is applied to it. This is a fluorochemical that coats the fibers to help resist staining and wear. 


That First Year

In the first year of your carpet’s life that factory protectant is there to act as a barrier around the fibers. Resisting staining, helping the fibers stand upright, and assisting in vacuuming are some of the advantages.  

Ahhhh…The first year of a brand new carpet is the best, isn’t it? Every time something gets spilled it seems to bead on top of the fibers. Where you walk doesn’t look worn down yet. When vacuumed, the carpet seems to look brand new! 

However, after about 12-18 months that coating gets worn off by traffic, leaving the fibers exposed. Having invested a lot of money into the flooring you probably want to keep it looking nice for as long as possible right? 


Extend the Life of Your Carpet

It is good practice to have Zerorez clean your carpets every year and have that protectant reapplied. This will protect those fibers for another year and help protect your investment in your carpet. 

It might look good now but over years of wear and tear especially in the high-traffic areas, carpet tends to wear down. Vacuuming once a week or more depending on traffic will also help prevent that. Keeping loose debris out of the fibers will help them from becoming scratched. 


The Damage

Think of it as your favorite pair of sunglasses. (Carpet is made out of the exact same plastic) If you were to constantly rub sand and dirt on the lens eventually they would become scratched. The scratches would cause it to look dull and dark, and light wouldn’t transfer through it very well. The same thing happens to carpet fibers! Over time constant agitation dulls them. 

This is why we are always preaching not to wear shoes in the house and to vacuum often. 

Carpet is also prone to staining. Depending on the type of carpet, some more than others. Polyester is known for its stain resistance meanwhile wool stains almost too easily. This is due to pores in the fiber often referred to as dye sites. 

After the carpet is dyed those pores are filled with dye to help retain the color. Not all of these dye sites are filled however and when something gets spilled on the carpet (like Kool-aid) the dye in the Koolaid fills in the empty dye sites. Causing a big ugly stain.


The Benefits of Carpet Protectant

Of course, after a good zerorezifying, we highly recommend getting that protectant reapplied. Our protectant is a water-based fluorochemical like what they use at the factory, but it is also packed with acid dye blockers to fill in those dye sites and help prevent staining.

So you can rest assured when your husband accidentally spills his coffee on the carpet before running out the door. The carpet protectant is on there coating the fibers and resisting that stain from entering the dye sites. Making it much easier for you to dab it up without the headache of looking at an ugly brown stain. 

You will also notice when you are vacuuming that you pick up more dirt and debris as well. This is because the small bits of dirt won’t attach to the carpet fibers making them easier to lift out. 

Without that extra dirt in there the fibers won’t become scratched so quickly and the traffic areas won’t wear down as fast. Since the fibers are coated they tend to bounce back up easier after being stepped on too! 


FAQ about Carpet Protectant

  • Can’t I just clean my carpets more often instead of applying protectant?
  • Is it safe for my allergies?
  • Can my kids still play on the carpet if it is applied?
  • Is it going to hurt my pets?
  • Will it take my carpet longer to dry? 

Getting the carpets cleaned more often instead of applying protectant isn’t exactly a solution to the real problem. Those problems are wear and tear and dye staining. You can usually get away with cleaning it only once a year depending on your living habits and the number of occupants in the home.

Alternatively, we would recommend saving some money and only having the carpets cleaned once every 12-18 months but applying carpet protectant after that cleaning. 

Yes, our carpet protectant is completely safe for you, your kids, and your pets. The product that we use is still based on our “no harsh chemicals” philosophy that we hold to such a high standard. 

No, the carpet will still dry in only 4-8 hours after being Zerorezified®. Our product uses half of the water as other protectors. 


Call today

Our Zerorez cleaning process doesn’t use soaps, harsh detergents, or shampoos to clean. Instead, we use our 3 step process. 

Our Zr Lifter® helps loosen any dirt and debris from the bottom of the carpet fibers.

 Our Zr Water® is a high alkaline electrolyzed water that acts as a detergent but doesn’t leave any residue. So your carpets stay cleaner longer®.

 And our Zr Wand® is specifically designed to help cut down dry times and create an improved cleaning. 

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