Well, look at you! You made the smart choice and had Zerorez® come and clean the carpet in your home! We thank you, sincerely. After the cleaning, you may have some questions that you forgot to ask your cleaning technician! Don’t worry, we are still here to help. Let’s answer some common post-zerorezification questions! 

Questions On Drying:

How long will my carpets take to dry? 

Thanks to our awesome Zr Wand® your carpets should only take between 4 and 8 hours to completely dry. We can achieve this because our Zr Wand is designed to only get the fibers of the carpet wet and never touches the backing. Definitely, no pad flooding happening here folks!

Can I step on it before it is fully dry? 

It is completely fine to step on the carpet immediately after the cleaning but there are a couple of things to remember. Be aware though that anything from the bottom of your feet can be transferred onto your sparkling clean carpet! To prevent possible footprint on your clean carpet blues, we recommend asking your technician for a pair of shoe covers. 

Also, this is a big one, when stepping off the carpet onto other surfaces, we ask you take extra caution because it is going to be slippery. 


How long until I can put my furniture back?

We do recommend waiting until the carpet is completely dry before replacing any furniture. Especially if it is made of wood or metal. 

Metal sitting on wet carpet will start to rust… and as the fibers dry that newly attained rust will transfer into the fibers. Rust is suepr difficult to remove and in a lot of cases ends up being a permanent part of your carpet. Same goes for the stain on wood. Once it has sat on wet carpet for too long the stain transfers on to the carpet and becomes, just that, a stain. 

Lucky for you though (you genius you!) is that as we mentioned earlier, carpets cleaned by Zerorez® dry in 4 to 8 hours! 

Questions On Carpet:


Why is my carpet rippling? 

First thing first, we know this looks extremely scary! This is not an everyday occurrence but it happens enough to be worth mentioning. Commonly this will happen in older carpets or carpets that have not been properly set on the tack strip. 

Moisture is the culprit here… Once carpet gets wet it tends to stretch out. Which can really freak you out if you don’t expect it to happen. Don’t worry, once it dries it will go back to the way it was before. 


Is it normal to still have a darker-looking area where I walk? 

After the cleaning, there may still be a shadowy effect in your high traffic areas. A lot of the time this is what we call a wear pattern, but definitely give us a call after your cleaning if you would like to have a technician come out and give it another shot (We got that 30-day guarantee to make sure you’re happy!)

You may be wondering what a wear pattern is exactly? Over time carpet can wear down in the areas that are constantly getting used. The carpet fibers in these areas become scratched and dull by walking on them (especially if you wear shoes in your home) and will look shadowed compared to the rest of your carpet. 

Wait wait, shadowed? What do you mean by THAT?! Once the fibers are scratched light isn’t able to transfer through them very well anymore and the area looks shadowy. Think of it like a pair of shiny new sunglasses… and then you take some sandpaper to those lenses and then put them back on. Won’t really be able to see much through them will you? 

My pet spots still glow under a black light, why? 

Your dog has had some accidents on the floor, so of course, you call Zerorez to help! 

Once the tech gets there he (or she) pulls out the worst thing possible…a blacklight! This helps them to identify exactly where the dogs have been having accidents. You see, urine glows under a black light. This is due to the phosphorus in the urine and other body fluids. 

From there our technician gives you a quote on the pet treatments and explains the process to you. (impressive isnt’t it?)

You weigh the cost of the pet treatments against the cost of a full replacement and make the decision to do the treatments (Smart choice). Once the tech is finished they bring you in and sniff the carpet showing you they removed all of the odor. (Yay!) unfortunately they shine their blacklight back on the to carpet and what?? It’s still glowing? 


 Without getting too technical the short answer is it might be due to the fiber content of your carpet. 

Our pet treatment process is incredibly thorough and completely flushes the padding underneath the carpet as well as the fibers. Unfortunately in fibers like wool or nylon the glow and sometimes the visual stain will remain. 

Wool is an overly absorbent fiber, it gets really attached to those stains and holds on tight.Nylon on the same hand is very good with wear and tear but it holds on to stains easily as well. 


Questions Concerning the Service:


What’s up with the environmental fee? 

Zerorez® has a standard fee of $15 for all scheduled appointments. The making of our Zr Water® used to clean, and our equipment requires additional costs that are not quite standard for the industry. This allows us to offer great specials throughout the year to help meet your cleaning needs.


You did such an amazing job what other services do you offer??

Awe thanks!!! We’re thrilled that you’re thrilled and we can’t wait to zerorezify® even more for you! A list of Zerorez® services coming right up…

  • Carpet (or course)
  • Tile
  • Upholstery
  • Area rugs
  • Showers
  • Clean and seal granite
  • Vehicles (includung rvs) 
  • Mattresses 
  • Garage floors
  • Clean and seal stainless steel
  • Pet odor treatments

Can you send someone back out to reclean an area that needs more attention? 

We mentioned this a few sections back, but let’s talk more about our guarantee. At Zerorez® we have a 30-Day Gotta-Love-It Guarantee! 

If you feel like we have missed an area or something just needs a little bit more attention, feel free to give us a call! Our number one goal is to make your experience with us a good one. If there is an area that needs a re-cleaning,  we’d be happy to send a technician back out. 


We hope that answered any of the questions you may have had about your cleaning. If it didn’t, or you just want to call and say hello, feel free to give us a call at 480-507-2419. We are always happy to hear from you.