Time saving cleaning hacks by Zerorez® Phoenix!

Yay cleaning! Isn’t it just so much fun to set aside an entire Saturday to clean? Instead of going and doing something boring like hiking or spending time with those pesky kids… 


Is anybody with me?


Fair enough, we enjoy cleaning but we also enjoy spending time with our loved ones. So we’ve put together a list of “hacks” to shorten the chore and lengthen the time spent doing things we actually enjoy.

 We’ve organized our list by room, so let’s start with the most feared…


Time Saving Cleaning Bathroom Hacks

One thing to remember with bathrooms is that most of the stuff you are trying to clean up, like calcium buildup and soap residue are alkaline. In order to neutralize the area and remove the soil, we need to attack it with the opposite pH. That is why most bathroom cleaners are acidic… Okay, here we go. 

Toilets: Instead of soaking those calcium rings in bleach and whatever other chemical you may have, just choose the safe alternative and scrub it with a pumice stone. This leaves it looking brand new without the fumes of chemicals. 

 Mirrors: When the light shines directly on the mirror-like it does in most bathrooms, cleaning the glass without it streaking is a difficult task. Use Zr Water® to leave a streak-free shine on your bathroom mirrors. 

Showers: Grab a small trash bag, fill it with vinegar and tie it around the showerhead. Let that soak for 15 minutes and when you pull it off all of the calcium will be gone. Luckily this only needs to be done every 9-12 months depending on how hard your water is. A water softener will remove that problem indefinitely. 

Glass Doors: An effortless way to attack calcium on shower doors is to prevent it from building up, to begin with. The best defense is a good offense, right? Squeegee the doors and walls after every use and you will never have to scrub your shower walls again. For existing buildup, spray vinegar or lemon juice on the shower door and let it sit for a while. Then simply rinse it off and dry the door. 

Shining the faucet: You guessed it, vinegar. Natural acids like vinegar or lemon juice are great at removing hard water stains. Soak a paper towel in vinegar and let it sit there for a couple of minutes giving it time to dwell. 

Easy to miss areas: Toilets are never fun to clean so people tend to rush through it but don’t forget to wipe the base. Toothpaste and water always end up pooled up on the toothbrush holder don’t let that get too bad. Also dusting the bathroom is often forgotten. Spray some Zr Water® on a microfiber and dust off those shelves and light fixtures! 

Awesome, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Now let’s move on to another unpopular area to clean. 


Time Saving Cleaning Kitchen Hacks

Unlike bathrooms, most soils in kitchens like juice, grease, and oils are acidic so we need an alkaline cleaner. Enter Zr Water! It’s electrolyzed oxidized water that acts like soap or detergent but doesn’t leave behind any residue. No Residue® means your surfaces stay cleaner longer! It’s completely Safe for Kids and Pets® and is odorless. Leaving your house smelling like your home instead of nasty chemicals. 

Inside Microwave: Zr Water® works great at breaking down the grease and oils inside and on the face of your microwave. It also doesn’t produce toxic fumes when heated up! Allowing you to spray it down and turn it on for a couple of minutes to help quicken the dwell time. 

Inside the Fridge: One of the most time-consuming parts of taking the shelving out is putting it all back in the right way! The easiest way to avoid this game of Tetris is to simply take a picture before you take out the shelves. That way you can refer back to the picture when it’s time to put it all back. 

Sink: Baking soda is helpful when cleaning a sink. Pour some in first and scrub it around. Pour some vinegar on top and scrub again. Rinse it off and your sink should be good as new. Just like in the bathroom, soak a paper towel in vinegar or lemon juice and set it on the faucet giving it time to dwell. 

Blenders: This one is an easy one. Just put dish soap and water in it and simply turn it on. Work smarter not harder. You never have to stick your hands down in those blades ever again. 

Cast Iron: Cooking with cast iron has so many benefits. The major downside is having to clean the thing since you can’t just stick it in the dishwasher. 

Back in the day it was said never to clean cast iron skillets with soap. The reason being the lye in the soap would absorb into the pan and then into the food that was prepared in that pan. Lye is highly toxic and can cause some serious problems. Even though we no longer make soap with actual lye it’s still not a good idea to use soaps or any chemicals on cast iron. 

Instead, use salt and oddly enough a potato! Salt is gritty and soaks up the grease and the potato contains a natural acid that helps remove rust from the pan. 

After that, pat it dry, coat it with cooking oil, and heat it up in the oven to completely dry it out for about 15 minutes. 

Air Fryer: Now, we know what you saw on TikTok. Some of those cleaning hacks are very helpful while others are problematic. The best way to clean an air fryer is to pour 2 cups of water and one tablespoon of baking soda in. Set it on high for 5 minutes and voila! Don’t use dish soap for this, dish soap has a lower boiling point and its vapors can cause you and your pets harm.  

Granite: Some people don’t realize that granite being a natural stone is very porous. Chemicals and grease soak into the surface and can cause big problems. Call Zerorez® to properly clean and seal your granite countertops. We will leave you with a bottle of our weekly sealant that keeps your granite sealed indefinitely. As long as you apply that every week you won’t need to worry about your granite anymore. 

Inside the oven: This one is actually easier than you can imagine. A pumice stone (not the same one you used on the toilet) will effortlessly scrub off all of that caked-on char. Using a razor blade for the thick stuff also helps. This is a good hack because you don’t need to use those awful oven cleaners anymore. Inhaling the fumes will be a thing of the past! 

Okay, so we have covered the two main areas. What about the rest? 


Overall Cleaning Hacks

Tile floors: The best and most effective way to DIY clean tile floors is to get down on your hands and knees and scrub! Using a toothbrush get every corner and grout line. This is a time-consuming process and to be honest a difficult one. 

Then if you leave whatever chemical you used on the tile it will actually get dirtier faster! The chemical will attract dirt and oils from your feet and in no time your grout will be dark again. 

The best option is to just call Zerorez. We clean tile floors and showers without the use of soaps or harsh chemicals. So your grout will stay cleaner longer®. With our Zr Lifter®, we are able to really get down and scrub those grout lines without having to use a toothbrush.  

Laundry: Let me start out by asking you to have an open mind for this one… If you think about it, do your kids really don’t care if their clothes are folded or not. A way to really quicken your laundry time is to get a shelving unit with different fabric containers on it and designate each container for clothing items. One box for shirts, one for socks, one for pants and so on… It sounds like a mess, but seriously… your toddler is just going to come in and mess up the nice piles anyway. Am I right? 

Blinds: The best time saving cleaning hack for blinds is vacuuming them off. This is hands down the quickest solution.  Then there is no streaking from dirty wet rags and you don’t even need to take them down!

Carpet Cleaning: No matter what you see on the internet, it’s a bad idea to use chemicals on carpet. Especially ones that aren’t even designed for carpet. And especially on carpet fibers that are sensitive to chemicals. 

Do you know what your carpet is made out of? 

Didn’t think so… Don’t put chemicals on it. 

We at Zerorez® are carpet connoisseurs. We love carpet. Identifying fibers, doing test cleans, and performing heat transfers are all of our favorite things to do! Let us handle your carpet fibers so you can rest assured that your carpet got the best cleaning possible with no soaps or harsh chemicals. 

Put down the laundry spotters, the bleaching agents, and that dang baking soda! 

Baking soda is a great deodorizer but it has no place in your carpet. The reason is that when you vacuum you are continually vacuuming up baking soda instead of the actual soil in the carpet. Following that idea, you would need to vacuum 3 times the amount you do now just to get the same results! 

Once again, we love cleaning, especially vacuuming but we are trying to save you time. 

There are some areas that can easily be cleaned with a DIY mentality but others should just be left up to the professionals. Check out our website at zerorezphoenix.com to find out what exactly Zerorez can do for you!