Tile, Grout, & Stone Cleaning by Zerorez®

Tile helps keep our homes cooler in the summer, and makes spills easier to clean. Tile can create some problems when it comes to dust and other contaminates. When monsoons hit the valley, dust gets everywhere. And if you continue to mop your floors in the old traditional way, you may be making the problem worse.

Why Zerorez® Tile Cleaning?

Our zr cleaning process does not use soaps, harsh detergents, or shampoos to clean. Instead we use an innovative, non-toxic, water based cleaning agent that leaves Zero Residue® behind on your tile and grout. No Residue Means Cleaner Longer™.

No Soaps, Detergents, or Harsh Chemicals

You can count on a more smooth and hygienic surface that is safe for all members of the family. Our Beyond Green™ technology protects your home and the environment!

Powered Water

Cleans better than soap without leaving a sticky residue.

Surface Sealer

Our proprietary surface sealer* creates an invisible barrier that can block stain penetrations and leave your floors easier to clean and maintain.
Tile & Stone Pricing

Tile and stone cleaning is priced by the room. We consider a room to be 250 sqft, anything larger than this would be counted as two or more rooms. We clean and seal tile, however we do not re-apply the shiny coating that some natural stone flooring has.


Single Room of Tile/Stone


Price when booking only one room of Tile/Stone Cleaning.

2 Room Tile/Stone Special


Price when booking two rooms of tile/stone cleaning.

Additional Tile/Stone Rooms


Price per room when booking three or more rooms tile/stone.

Tile/Stone Walkways

$3/Linear Foot

Walkways are considered as hallways and small entries.

Tile/Stone Small Room


Smaller rooms such as laundry rooms and bathrooms, up to 100 sqft.

Tile/Stone Sealant


Tile/Stone Walkways Sealant

$2/Linear Foot

Tile/Stone Small Room Sealant


Smaller rooms such as laundry rooms and bathrooms, up to 100 sqft.

No one cleans like we do! If you want the best and highest quality tile and grout cleaning for your home or office, you can’t beat our patented cleaning process. No Residue Means Cleaner Longer®! When it comes to tile cleaning in the valley, Zerorez® is the right way to clean®!