Zerorez Booking Process

“Thank you for calling Zerorez, how may I help you?” This is the first thing you are going to hear anytime you call Zerorez. Here is a brief description of our Zerorez booking process. Calling to book an appointment takes just a little longer than going to our website but it does have its advantages. Our CSRs are professional and trained to answer any question you can throw at them. Trust us, they have heard it all… multiple times. If they don’t know the answer, they know how to get ahold of someone who does. 

When speaking with our customer service representative they are going to be asking you a ton of questions. This will help ensure the quote they give you is as accurate as possible. Remember, what they tell you over the phone is only an estimate however, it’s not until the technician shows up to clean that you get your final price. This is because the customer service representative is quoting the work without actually seeing it. For the most part, they are pretty accurate though. 

Be Ready For Questions

Do your rooms exceed 250 Square feet?

Are there any biological concerns? Such as Urine Feces, or vomit? 

How long is your hallway? 

These are some of the questions you can expect to hear from the representative so they can give you as accurate of a price as possible. 


What Happens After Booking

 After booking with Zerorez, if the cleaning was scheduled within the next two days it will be added to a technician route by our dispatch department. We do book same-day appointments when we have availability but typically customers call to book a couple of days in advance. 

Some customers book weeks, sometimes even months in advance. When this happens our dispatch team doesn’t add it to a route until two days prior to the cleaning. Two days before the cleaning you can expect a text, call, or email reminding you of your appointment booking. If we don’t hear back from you we will try again the following day. 


Technician Arrival

On the day of the cleaning, the technician will let our dispatcher know what time they will arrive at your home. The dispatcher will then either call or text you to give a heads-up and approximate arrival time. 

Once the technician arrives he will set up his cones around his van, for his safety. Once he is finished with that he will grab his supplies and knock on your door. The first 15 minutes of the visit he will be walking around the home with you, inspecting the carpet, measuring, and asking for some details. 

How old is the carpet? 

When was it last cleaned? 

Are there any stains you are worried about? If so, what are they? 

These are some of the questions he will be asking you. This gives him a better idea of how well the carpet is going to clean up. Once the initial walkthrough is complete he will go over your invoice with you and tell you the final price. This is done before he ever starts cleaning so there are no surprises. 

Payment will be taken after the cleaning is completed. We accept cash and all major credit card with the exception of American Express. 


The Cleaning

Feel free to ask your Technician questions, they are nerds about carpet and love answering them. He will be able to give you an approximate time on how long the cleaning will take. 

We do ask that you stay at the home for the entire duration of the cleaning. If you need to leave before the tech finishes up he will have to collect payment from you beforehand. 

3 Step Process

The technician of course will follow our 3-Step cleaning Process. He will pre-spray the carpet with our patented Zr Water®. This is used instead of soaps or harsh chemicals. It is a high alkaline, electrolyzed water that has the power of soap without any harmful effects. 

When soap is left in the carpet fibers it dries and becomes crunchy. You wouldn’t leave the shampoo in your hair after your shower would you? No, and the same goes for carpet cleaning. If there is chemical residue still in your fibers it continues to do what soap does best, attract dirt and oil! Then before you know it, the carpets are getting dirtier faster. We say just skip that whole soap nonsense and use Zr Water. It’s safer for kids and pets anyway. 

The next step in our 3-step process is our Zr Lifter®. This bad boy really digs down into your carpet’s fibers and brings all that hair and gunk from the bottom all the way to the top. When you have fluffy dogs, this is really something to watch! No matter how good your vacuum is, our Zr Lifter will always find something to pull up. This is because it can reach areas that vacuums just aren’t able to. 

The final step in our 3-step process is our patented Zr Wand®. It is specially designed to completely rinse the carpet fibers without getting the backing wet. Making our dry times only 4-8 hours instead of days! How cool is that? 


When the technician is finished up he will come to find you. Asking that you inspect his work to be sure you are satisfied with the outcome. We don’t create raving fans by not asking our customers’ opinions! If there is anything at all that you see could use some more work, he will gladly go back over the troubled area for you.  

Once you are satisfied with a job well done and believe us, you will be, he will collect payment and let you get on with your day. Easy as that. 

At Zerorez we do have a 30-day service guarantee on all of our work. If for any reason you are not happy with the cleaning, feel free to give us a call.  We want nothing more than to make happy customers and always appreciate the opportunity to correct any situation. 


How to Get Ahold of us to book

If this all sounds like a great experience to you, feel free to get ahold of us! Our phone number is 480-507-2419. You can also book an appointment online at Thaks for booking with Zerorez! 

See you soon!