As of 2012, there were more than 124,000 businesses operating in the Phoenix metro area. Since the last business census was performed, that number has likely grown as Phoenix’s economy has continued to flourish. 

Businesses, regardless of where they are operating, contend with a number of similar challenges. Lately, the first ones that come to mind are dealing with staffing issues, product shortages, and shipping delays. But there are plenty of challenges that exist within an office that have to be dealt with. Cleaning is one of them.

Employers have a duty — and a legal obligation — to provide a clean space for employees and customers. Especially in a post-COVID world. You might be shocked to learn that one of the dirtiest spaces isn’t in the restroom; it’s the carpets.

With constant wear and tear, office carpets attract all sorts of dirt, debris, and germs. Regular floor cleaning is a must to protect your employees and keep your office looking great. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about commercial carpet cleaning in Phoenix.

Choose the Right Carpets for Your Space

Effective office floor cleaning in Phoenix actually starts before your carpets are even installed. While bright white carpets or other light, solid colors may look stunning in your space, they won’t stay that way. You’ll be forced to choose between constant commercial cleanings or carpets that are stained and discolored very quickly. Your carpets will also discolor and fade far more quickly than darker colors would. Requiring you to replace them more frequently.

This doesn’t mean that your carpets have to be boring. Patterns, interesting color combinations, and darker tones allow you to customize your space. But they’re also great for hiding dirt and other debris and keeping your carpets stain-free longer.

Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing commercial carpets is if the carpet is designed for commercial use. They’re designed to stand up to heavy traffic, as well as more carpet cleaning than you likely utilize in your home. The fibers won’t break down as quickly as those installed in your home, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

In particularly high-traffic areas, tile, concrete, and other durable flooring materials may be a better choice than carpet. Carpet is great for dampening noise on an office floor, in an entryway or vestibule. Although hard surface with removable rugs that can be easily cleaned may be a better choice. When water gets tracked into your entryways, these rugs can be removed and dried to prevent mold from growing underneath.

Address Spills Right Away

Regular carpet cleaning will help keep your office floors looking great, in addition to removing toxins and protecting your employees. But in between sessions, it’s important to make sure that you have a plan in place to address spills and stains.

Equip your cleaning team with the necessary tools to clean up any spills and stains that could occur. In a typical office space, this could include coffee and other drink stains, food stains, and ink marks. Your office may also experience frequent unique stains that take a specific type of cleaning solution to treat. Ensure that your cleaning team has the solutions they need to treat any stain they might encounter.

Make sure that they’re using cleaning solutions that are non-toxic, and free from bleach. Bleach or other materials can further stain or discolor your carpets. 

A small, portable commercial carpet cleaner can help you to spot clean stains and spills to keep them from setting in. However, these shouldn’t be used over large spaces. They soak your carpets, which take a long time to dry. Many utilize solutions that are full of chemicals or soaps that may leave a residue behind.

Vacuum Frequently

In addition to equipping your cleaning team, make sure that they are also vacuuming daily. Even if the carpets are not visibly dirty, regular vacuuming lifts dirt, dust, and other debris before it can get ground into your office carpets.

The rugs in your entryways also require frequent vacuuming in addition to vacuuming the carpets in your office’s interior. This helps free up the carpet fibers to collect more dirt and debris, preventing it from making its way further into your office space.

Trust the Pros for Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix

Regular vacuuming and treating stains and spills in a timely manner is great. But over time, even these measures won’t be enough to keep your carpets looking fresh, clean, and new.

That’s where commercial carpet cleaning in Phoenix comes in. 

At Zerorez® Phoenix, we are experts in deep cleaning commercial carpets. Our Zerorez® technology means that your office carpets dry faster. Our process cleans without the use of harsh chemicals or soaps that leave behind a sticky residue. We clean your office and other commercial spaces on weekends or other off-peak times, and with our rapid drying, your carpets are ready to go when your employees return.

Frequent Zerorez® carpet cleanings can not only ensure that your employees enjoy fresh, clean workspaces free from toxic fumes, but also help to keep your office floors looking new. This means more time between having to replace your carpets, which saves your business big bucks.

Plus, Zerorez® Phoenix provides a variety of commercial floor cleaning services. We’re your one-stop shop for cleaning not only carpets, but also marble, tile and grout, fine stone, hardwood, vinyl, concrete, and even upholstery. Just one contractor will handle a variety of surfaces in your office space, saving you the trouble of scheduling multiple visits from many different companies.

Keeping Your Office Floors Looking New

Professional commercial carpet cleaning in Phoenix can go a long way towards keeping your carpets looking great, and protecting your employees and customers from germs and allergens.

If you’re ready to find the best commercial carpet cleaning in Phoenix, you’ve come to the right place! Click to learn more about Zerorez® Phoenix’s commercial carpet cleaning!

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