Raise your hand if you love science and cleaning! What? Just us? We get it… Cleaning is one of those you HAVE to do, and can’t wait to be done with. For most of us, that is. But, for a select few (we all know one) cleaning is a passion. 

Here at Zerorez®, we are those guys… the ones that can’t get enough cleaning! The ones that will sit around and watch a stripe being cleaned through tile, because, come on now… it’s just SATISFYING! Our skill mostly revolves around carpet and tile cleaning but let’s get real, we are obsessed with clean™. 

We love Science

We love cleaning so much we have classes about it for our technicians, we love everything to do with cleaning! We love that we can clean without the use of harsh soaps and detergents. We love that our products are safe for kids and pet. We love the SCIENCE behind cleaning. 

There is a lot more to cleaning than just spraying and wiping. Interestingly enough there is quite a bit of science involved. Things you don’t think about like; Why do we use microfibers? Or Why does hot water work better than cold water? 

The answer is SCIENCE! We’ve got the dirt on cleaning. Let’s dig more into it, shall we? 


Microfibers: What’s the big deal? Is There Really Science in That?

Okay, before we go any further. We just want to point out that they are in fact a BIG deal… but you’re still wondering WHY. Microfiber cloths reduce soil and germs on surfaces by up to 99%, while just using WATER. Yep, you read that right, 99% with just water. Rags made from other fibers such as cotton only pick up about 33% of germs on a hard surface. 

Let’s Take a Closer Look

You will see what makes it so amazing at picking up. Do you see how the fiber has a bunch of little slots? Normal cotton fibers don’t have that. Those slots enable the cloth to soak up much more dust and liquid than any other fiber. Because of this, microfibers can actually hold 6-8 times their own weight. 

Their absorbency isn’t even the most impressive thing about them. You may remember earlier when I slightly mentioned that they remove 99% more germs. This is because those germs and dirt particles get trapped in those slots and are completely removed from the surface. 


We might be getting a little too excited about this but seriously, how cool is that?  

Another thing to note before we move on is their use of van der Waals force. Have you ever wondered how a gecko can run across a vertical wall without falling? That is because of a tiny electro-magnetic force called van der Waals force.  What happens is they have tiny hairs on their feet that conduct a small amount of electricity and inherently vacuum them to the ceiling. Essentially the same thing happens in microfibers. Their fibers conduct a tiny electromagnetic field and kind of “vacuum” dust particles into those little grooves you saw earlier. 

Are you as impressed as we are??

Okay, let’s move on…


Why are some cleaners so specific?

Another way to ask that is why do some cleaners work on some things but not on others? Why doesn’t dish soap remove hard water build-up? 

The answer is SCIENCE! …Well pH…but that’s science!

If you dig deep into cleaning the most important information you will come up with is the pH of a cleaner. In order to clean anything, you need to attack it with the opposite pH and bring it to a neutral state. Most organic soils such as body oils, animal fats, and urine are acidic. Which are most soils.

Zr Water®

To combat that you would use an alkaline-based cleaner like a degreaser or Zr Water®. Zr Water® is our very own high alkaline water that we use to clean everything with. More on that later!

Inorganic soils such as hard water build-up and soap scum are alkaline. In order to remove those, you would need an acid-based cleaner such as toilet bowl cleaners or vinegar.  This is the main idea behind using vinegar (acid) to clean something and then neutralize it with baking soda (alkaline).

The Science of CHAT

An acronym for chemical, heat, agitation, and time. By “chemical” we actually mean Zr Water® which is not a chemical. This idea was not invented by us however and most other companies in the cleaning industry use chemicals. Maybe we should replace the C in CHAT… Instead, we could put in a P for pH… have it be PHAT… or the Z for Zr Water®, and change it to ZHAT. 

That would be ridiculous… Hmm… would it be though? 

Anyway, let’s get back on track. 

The purpose of CHAT is that all four of those categories need to go into cleaning. The more of one you use the less of another you have to. For example, during carpet cleaning to cut back on the time we use more Zr Water, Heat, and agitation. 

We want it 100% clean so using 30% Zr Water®, 30% Heat, and 30% Zr Lifter® (agitation), means we only need to use 10% time. All of which add up to 100%.


A Word About Soap Residue



Residue. It’s bad. Why is it bad though? In order to understand that we need to look at a soap molecule. One end of the molecule is attracted to water while the longer kind of stringy end is attracted to fats. 

What happens when soap gets left on a surface? The hydrophobic end starts attracting oils to it because that is what they are made to do. Let’s say you just had your carpets cleaned by a company that uses soap. If they leave any of that in the carpet fibers, over time it ends up making your carpets dirtier faster! 

Unless you don’t walk on your floors… The dirt from your shoes or oils from your feet get attracted to that residue. Which is bad. But how do you clean without chemicals you might ask? 


The Science of Zr Water®! 

One of the coolest things about Zerorez® is the fact that we make and use our own water. That’s right, we don’t hook up to your water line at your home, we bring Zr Water®. 

In the shop, we run it through a softener to remove the minerals and heavy metals. Then we put it through a special generator that electrolyzes the water and splits the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atoms. The hydrogen atoms then cluster to an electrolyte that we add, creating high alkaline water. 

Remember what we said about alkaline cleaners? This allows it to break down oils like soap or detergent without leaving a sticky residue behind. And you remember what we said about residue… 


Turn up the heat on Science

The last nerdy point we want to touch on is temperature. Why have we heard from childhood till now to wash our hands with hot water? Why does mopping floors with hot water work better? 

Well, remember what we said about most soils being organic-based oils and fats? The answer is pretty simple really. When using hot water it softens the fats and gets them to release a lot easier than cold water. When washing your hands, no it alone doesn’t kill the germs but instead, it makes them let go of the surface and rinses them down the drain. 

When water gets heated the molecules start to move faster and create more space between them. This helps dissolve sugars and salt. If it does that all of that on its own, can you imagine just how awesome our Zr Water® heated up is??

We hope you learned a little bit more about cleaning and about just how much we love science at Zerorez® Our patented cleaning process leaves your floors residue-free so they can Stay Cleaner Longer®