The Zr Cleaning Process is unique in a couple of ways. 

If you’re like most people you are probably under the assumption that all carpet cleaners are the same. The end result is that the carpets are clean right? Well, no not really. Not only is there a difference in the cleaning processes but there is a difference in the overall result as well! 

At Zerorez® we clean by hot water extraction using our Zr Process. This is the most effective way to clean carpets on the market. Nobody can do what Zerorez can do! We know that sounds a bit over the top, but it is true. 


Zr Start

Like many good companies, our founders started out as men with a problem. A problem that needed an innovative solution. They owned apartment houses in Texas and every month they were spending thousands of dollars on carpet cleaning or replacement (due to the fact it couldn’t come clean). Then to find out the spots would just appear again!

After enough frustration and wasted money, they decided to figure out a solution to this problem. But what exactly WAS the problem? Why weren’t the carpets getting cleaned? Why did spots keep returning after the cleaning? 

The problem, it turned out, was chemical residue.

Think about it, if soap is designed to attract dirt and it doesn’t get rinsed entirely off the surface, it’s going to keep doing what it does best! As dirty feet walk over the carpet the oils and who knows what, get attracted to that soap residue and transfer to that surface. 

With this newfound problem, our founders designed the Zr Process to eliminate chemical residue and keep carpets cleaner longer. 


Zr Cleaning Process

There is an acronym in our industry: CHAT it stands for chemical, heat, agitation, and time. These are the four fundamentals of cleaning. It’s important to remember that the more of one area you use, the less of another you have to! So if you use more chemicals, heat, and agitation, the less time it will take to get the job done. 

As we mentioned earlier our process has three essential steps. We use our Zr Water®, our Zr Lifter®, and our Zr Wand®. Okay, but what is all this Zr Talk??


Zr Water

This is our first step toward a residue-free cleaning! It is the C in CHAT (although ours should be a Z since we don’t use harsh chemicals) Unlike our competitors, we have a patented solution we use to clean with. It doesn’t leave a chemical residue because it doesn’t have any sort of soap in it. No soap residue means no dirt getting attracted back to the carpets! 

Our water is a high alkaline, electrolyzed water. It has the power of soap but none of the negative effects! We use it to clean carpets, tile, and upholstery but there are hundreds of different uses for it outside of that! 

Check out our Youtube page to watch some fun videos about our Zr Water. 


Zr Lifter

Step two in our 3-step cleaning process is our agitation tool, the Zr Lifter. This digs down deep into the carpet and pulls up debris and hair from the bottom of the fibers. Also, it helps break down dirt and oils. This allows us to end with a more complete clean! 

You wouldn’t clean your teeth with just mouthwash, would you? That’s how we feel about carpet cleaning! Plus, added bonus, it leaves the fibers nice and fluffy after the process is complete! 


Zr Wand

The third step in our Zr Process is our patented wand. It is specially designed to reduce dry times even after completely rinsing the fibers. 

A lot of the time, long dry times result in spots wicking back to the surface. Mildew can also form in the padding if it gets saturated. Think of it like putting your clothes away wet instead of putting them in the drier. There is also just the plain annoyance of not being able to walk on your carpet for 24-48 hours until it’s completely dry. 

Thanks to our Zr Wand our dry times are only 4-8 hours. How incredible is that! This is achieved because our wand is designed to only saturate the fibers and not the backing of the carpet. 

Pesky spots stay gone with our cleaning process. We clean using Zr Water® which needs no soaps or harsh chemicals, but cleans better than both! Pair that up with our Zr Lifter® to remove deeply embedded dirt and hair from carpet fibers and our patented Zr Wand® to greatly reduce dry times and you’ll end up with some super clean, soft, and happy carpets!