There is more than just a clean living space as a benefit of being clean?!

Let’s say you are facing a major change in your life. You have just started a new job and are having a hard time fitting in. Or maybe your workload has increased to gigantic proportions and you are not sure how to complete it all in a timely manner. 

Are you one of those people that goes home after a stressful day and deep cleans the kitchen? There is something extremely therapeutic in cleaning and organizing.  

Have you ever wondered why? Our brains have a direct correlation between our outside environment and our inner dialogue. 

Research shows that a lack of cleaning can have a direct correspondence on your mental health. Clutter for example has been proven to overwhelm your visual cortex and make it difficult to focus. Not just on items in your home either, but on projects as well. This in turn can cause anxiety and negative self-talk. 

In the book Chatter by Ethan Kross, the author explains how rituals can help reduce resentful inner lectures. By rituals, he means things we all do in our daily lives to make ourselves feel better such as mantras or daily meditation. Cleaning is an illustration of performing a “ritual” in order to keep your mind focused on something productive. Decluttering your environment also declutters your mind. So pick up a duster instead of ruminating on things you are unable to control. 

A couple of things change in the brain when you start focusing on keeping a clean environment. 

Increased Determination

Once you start sticking to a habit you will notice your self-confidence skyrocket. Self-confidence is the first block in the foundation of strong mental health. The by-product of it is lower social anxiety, reduced stress, and better sleep. 

And it all starts with something as small as organizing your closet. When you are comfortable in your environment your anxiety will reduce and your mental health will improve. Not only does it improve your self-confidence but it also improves your overall productivity. 

Seriously.  Studies have shown that people who work in clean environments are far more productive and focused. This in return produces better results and earns them more money. 

A Healthy Family

Unkempt households can spread germs, cause allergens, and exacerbate asthma. Keep high touch areas like light switch plates, doorknobs, and remotes wiped down. This will lower the spread of colds and viruses.  

Using safe non-toxic products will help aid in that as well. The problem with harsh chemicals is that when you clean a surface with them, the soap residue stays on the surface which in turn attracts more dirt and bacteria. Products like Zr Water® clean the surface without the use of chemicals and therefore leave no chemical residue. Your surfaces will not attract bacteria and your home will Stay Cleaner Longer®. 

Not only that but a recent poll on yelp found that 4 out of 5 couples fight over household chores. Resentment over small things like household duties can cause problems for anyone. We’re sure your significant other will appreciate the extra effort you put in to clean the house. 

Promotes Inner Peace

Like we touched on earlier, we all have an inner voice. Most of the time it’s helpful but sometimes we can’t help but talk down to ourselves.  

Finding happiness in little things is the first step in finding happiness in life in general. So instead of reminding yourself how much you hate cleaning, turn it around and remind yourself how much you love having a clean home.  Focus on the positive outcome instead of the negative effort. It’s crazy how often our perception can change just by tweaking one small thing like that. 

Mind over matter is a real thing folks.  Plus, once you enter a tidy home, you shed all of the noise and disarray from your stressful day. The outside world is muddled enough, why would we want to invite that into our home?


Better Enjoyment in Downtime

Once your closets are organized and your kitchen is wiped down you will be able to relax so much better.  There is nothing more relaxing than taking a bath in a spotless tub or cooking a meal in a sanitary kitchen.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about company coming over and having to apologize for the mess. You can sit down and have a cup of tea, guilt-free. That’s a great benefit of clean!



Keep your world clean

Your carpet is, of course, a highly trafficked area in your home. Often clinging onto a fair share of dirt and grime from your shoes and feet. When the family is together watching a movie what is a common place to sit? Why the carpet of course! Imagine all the icky particles we are exposed to! 

Carpet is the largest air filter in your home. Instead of having them float around in your breathing space it screens dust particles and locks them in. So having it cleaned every 12-18 months helps keep that filter clean and doing its job. In return, you and your family can breathe easier. 


Let Zerorez® help

So, now that we have given you the benefit of keeping your world clean, we can handle the carpet aspect. At Zerorez® we know cleaning. Our Zr Lifter® uses counter-rotating brushes to agitate your carpet fibers. This puts the life back into your fibers leaving them soft and fluffy. When you come home after a stressful day you can even just lay down on your nice clean carpets and soak in the tranquility! 

We use our patented Zr Water® that cleans like a degreaser but doesn’t leave behind any chemical residue. Leaving your carpets undeniably soft. This helps your carpets Stay Cleaner Longer®. Giving you the time to focus on other areas of your home. 

Have you had your tile cleaned in a while? We can handle that too! Sometimes all you need is great before and after effect from your tile cleaning to really motivate you! Check this out 

Benefit of Clean


Wow! Just looking at that improves our mental well-being! 

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