The benefit of living here in the valley is there are TONS of ways to stay healthy and have fun doing it! We believe that a healthy lifestyle is the first step to a happy life. Here is a list of ways to stay healthy, while having a good time, in the Scottsdale area. 



There are millions of ways to exercise in Scottsdale. Obviously, you could go to the gym, but where’s the fun in that? Scottsdale hosts some extremely creative ways to get fit and enjoy the experience. 

Aerial Yoga is a lot like regular yoga but you are suspended from the ceiling by silk fabric. Cirque Du Soleil comes to mind when you watch yoga enthusiasts perform this craft. Besides it being significantly easier than it looks, it’s got a lot of health benefits. Improving flexibility, gaining strength, and correcting joint mobility are a couple of benefits. For people with back problems or joint trouble, this is a great exercise! 

Hiking is a great way to get back to nature and stay fit. To see the beautiful Sonoran landscape, the Pinnacle Peak trail is superb! This 4-mile moderate hike doesn’t actually peak the mountain. Instead, it skirts the bottom, taking you past panoramic views of McDowell Mountain and the entire valley. Located in North Scottsdale by Pima Rd and Jomax it’s a great place to spend an Arizona morning. 

Self Defense classes are another thrilling way to gain confidence and muscle! Even if you are not worried about needing it in the future, self-defense is just fun to learn! Stepping out of our comfort zone and learning something new is a great way to grow! Learning ways to protect yourself, strengthening your confidence, and building social skills are all benefits from taking these classes.

Scottsdale also has plenty of martial arts courses to choose from. Self-defense classes usually are just a one-time class but martial arts is more of a commitment. You’re never too old to pick up a new skill, choose between any variety of martial arts. Taekwondo, karate, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu take your pick! 


Eating Healthy

Proper diet and exercise go a long way on a path to a healthy life. Eating healthy gives you better energy to get you through the day. Scottsdale has so many delicious restaurants to choose from so when in Scottsdale do as the Scottsdalians do. 

True Food Kitchen is not just a vegan restaurant but they do have some delicious vegan options. All of the ingredients are consciously sourced and their recipes are science-based. A great place to go for a friendly atmosphere.

Picazzos Healthy Italian Kitchen is a family-owned Arizona-based pizza joint that serves salads, entrees, pasta, and of course pizza. Fusing zest from the Mediterranean, Asia, and Mexico to create one-of-a-kind flavors. 

Sprouts, inside the Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, offers heart-healthy and organic options. So if you are only visiting this is a great place to get an all-in-one food and travel experience. 


Focus On Mental Health

Sometimes just exercising and eating healthy is not enough. To live a completely healthy life you need to focus on your mental well-being too. It’s easy to get caught up in daily stresses and lose sight of proper mental health. Here are some easy ways to stay on track with being mentally fit. 

Spend time with the ones you love.

You don’t have to plan some giant vacation or spend hundreds of dollars. Just give someone you love a hug. Hugs reduce stress, boost your heart health, and release oxytocin to deflate anxiety.  Go to the park with your kids or a hike with your best friend. Focus your energy outward. 


is a very rewarding experience. Getting out of your head and helping other people is highly gratifying. There are plenty of websites you can visit to get signed up to volunteer, here are a few: You can Sponsor a bunnyVolunteer to help kids with field trips, gardening, or special events, Help a family during the holidays, and The City of Scottsdale has a citywide volunteer program.

Take a break from social media.

Woah, this may scare some people… but hang tight. Some may feel like they will be missing out if they stay off of Facebook when actually it is quite the opposite. Facebook and other social platforms are a distraction from real life. Remember that saying, everything in moderation. 

Visit a meditation center. No matter your religion, philosophy, or lifestyle, the benefits of meditation are unbelievable. Scottsdale has a lot of centers to choose from: Transcendental Meditation is a nonprofit organization that supports educational and charitable initiatives around the world. Scottsdale Sound Sanctuary is a quiet place to visit to feel a part of a community. Based out of the owner’s home you can go there to meditate, learn yoga, or plant a garden. Healing House in Scottsdale can teach you different types of meditation from mindfulness to energetics. 

Take a spa day and pamper yourself, you deserve it! A trip to the spa can be just the refresher you need. Spas are great for relieving aches and pains and they promote better sleep and help fight aging. Finding a place to relax and destress in Scottsdale is pretty easy. Here are just a few: Well and Being Spa, The Spa Scottsdale, Agave the Arizona Spa


Keep Your World Clean

Yes, cleaning is a chore but there are some really amazing side effects that come with keeping your world tidy. Ask anyone that loves cleaning what the appeal is and they will all answer the same. “It’s therapeutic!”

Decluttering, scrubbing, organizing all reduce stress.

Studies have shown that cleaning 20 minutes a day can reduce anxiety by 20%! Cleaning also helps support a strong immune system and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.  

Once you’ve decluttered and cleaned everything within your ability give Zerorez® a call to do the rest! We not only clean carpets but tile, upholstery, area rugs, and mattresses as well. 

Carpet is the largest air filter in your home, having them cleaned once a year boosts your indoor air quality. Having them cleaned by Zerorez® ensures that there is no chemical residue left behind. Residue attracts dirt and oils making your carpets get dirtier faster. We use Zr Water® instead of soap to ensure nothing is left in your carpet fibers. Zr Water® is our special electrolyzed water that cleans like a degreaser but is as harmless as.. well… water. It’s Safe Enough To Drink®. 


No matter how you decide to stay happy and healthy in Scottsdale, remember Zerorez® is here to help your home stay insanely clean™.