Picture this: Your carpets were professionally cleaned yesterday. You’ve been at work all day and are excited to get home to your freshly cleaned floors. You shut off the car, grab all your stuff and open the door. WHAM! A wet, musty, perhaps even Mildewy carpet smell smacks you in the face immediately upon entering your home. WHAT IS THAT?! Well, that my friend, is residue. 


Okay… it’s not that simple. Residue isn’t the only culprit, but it does have something to do with it. Let’s break this down. 


The Flood and Suck Method

When your average steam carpet cleaner comes to clean, undoubtedly they are cleaning with a flood and suck wand. Which, clearly, does as the name implies, shoots out a bunch of water and then sucks that water back up. As we’re sure you know, not all that water leaves through the hose of that wand. Consequently, quite a bit is left sitting around in your carpet. In some cases, so much water is used that it actually penetrates the backing of your carpet and reaches the padding underneath!


Well, wait? Don’t you WANT the padding of your carpet to get cleaned? Why wouldn’t you want all parts of your carpet cleaned? 


Good question, you’re a thinker, we like it! When having your carpet professionally cleaned you actually don’t want any water to penetrate the backing of your carpet or reach the padding. And here is why. Have you ever seen carpet padding? It’s this cool spongy looking stuff that makes your carpet nice and squishy to walk on. Without padding, walking on your carpet would be more like a rug on the tile. So this nice squishy padding absorbs water, like a sponge, and this can cause all sorts of problems beyond just long dry times. 


The Problem with Long Dry Times

If water is trapped in the padding of your carpet and can’t properly dry out you will get a musty mildew smell. Wet carpet padding can also cause wicking. That’s where dirt or spills that have made their way to the padding wick up to the surface through the carpet fibers causing random spots to appear on your carpet out of seemingly nowhere. No one wants that. 


So, no, you really don’t want water to hit the padding of your carpet. It’s much better staying on the surface of the carpet and cleaning those carpet fibers at the top.


But why did we mention residue at the beginning of this post? Well because when soap residue is left on the carpet it actually lengthens dry times by making it harder for water to evaporate and the longer water is in your carpeting, the more likely it is to start to… smell. 


Well now you’re thinking, Gee Zerorez, I guess I should never have my carpets cleaned, this sounds terrible! To that we say have no fear, Zerorez is here! Just kidding we don’t say that. (I mean we can, it’s just kind of corny. ;)) Seriously though, Zerorez IS here. And we have all the solutions to the over-wet carpet problem that so many customers face. 


The Solution

The entire Zerorez cleaning process is designed to make life easier for our customers, and the carpet cleaning experience more enjoyable.

Throughout the entire process, we are using our Zr Water® in place of any soaps, surfactants, detergents, or harsh chemicals.  This means we are not leaving anything in your carpet that is going to grab onto water molecules like a terrified hostage and hold them there long after when they should have left the building. This also means that since it is just water, it will evaporate like water does and leave nothing behind. How cool is that? 


We also start out your Zerorez cleaning with our Zr Lifter®. This nifty tool has counter-rotating brushes that lift up all that deeply embedded dirt and grime from your carpet fibers to give you an even better cleaning. This helps in dry times because it brings all of the dirt, hair, and ick up to the surface to be extracted and clean carpet dries faster. 


The third part of our Zerorez cleaning process is our Zr Wand®. Now, no one else has a wand like this. We spend a great deal of time developing our Zr Wand just to help improve the cleaning process for you guys! That’s how important you are to us. Our Zr Wand directs water through the carpet and then immediately back up without reaching the backing or the padding, it’s so cool! If you want to learn more about how it works check out this page on our site. There’s no flooding with the Zr Wand. In fact, with a Zerorez cleaning, you can expect your carpets to be dry within 8 hours, sometimes as little as 4 hours!


A Final Word

There is another reason that your carpet could smell kind of musty, or even like a wet dog, after cleaning it. This has nothing to do with overwetting the carpet or using soaps either. It’s just natural… natural fibers that is. Wool carpeting is super durable and is probably the best carpet you can buy, but, it’ll smell like a wet dog after you have it cleaned, and until it’s fully dried. That’s just the nature of the beast. Get it, wool, animal, beast! 


Anyways, if you want quick dry times, fluffy, happy, and residue-free® carpet, book your cleaning right now, you’ll be glad you did.