Zerorez® Rezoteer Program

The Rezoteer Program provides Zerorez® staff and their family members a way to get involved with volunteer projects in our communities and to share in the benefits of giving back along side their co-workers. This program gives our staff the opportunity to serve those who are in need, participate in community outreach, and grow closer as a team.

The program provides options for volunteer events and encourages staff members to bring up ideas for projects that they are passionate about.

Along with staff supported projects, a large portion of our staff volunteers their time yearly to clean Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. 

“I love being a part of a company that wants to be out making a difference in the community.”

Jessica Shira

Digital Marketing Manager

“What I find to be the most fulfilling part of our Rezoteer program is that it gives us the opportunity to help others; to donate time I may not otherwise be able to give if I had to seek out the programs on my own. It allows me to see my co-workers in another light and allows us to bond as part of the larger community rather than just employee to employee.”

Yvonne Gutierrez

Human Resources Manager