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Why do more than 90,000 people in the valley love Zerorez? Read some of our favorite reviews below or click on a link below 👇  to see them all for yourself!

Kwick A. [Facebook]

BEST carpet cleaners in the BIZ! …and I use them even though one of my good friends is a carpet cleaner. I’ve used them forever and always will.

Linda G. [Listen 360]

Your process and lack of residue left on the carpet, the best service personnel, and you’re just plain GREAT!

Cheryl S. [Facebook]

My carpets have never looked better, I’ve used Zerorez for years! For me there are no other cleaners that can compare! 

Cheryl N. [Google]

I had two areas of carpet done to remove old pet stains. They came out beautiful! Joshua did a phenomenal job! He was thorough, knowledgeable and reliable. He was also very personable as well. I am very happy with the service, ease of booking and quality Zerorez offers. Very satisfied and looking forward to having them back soon for the rest of the carpets! Thanks again!

Pam S. [Facebook]

I wasn’t very optimistic about what my carpets would look like after having them cleaned….I am beyond happy with how they looked after having Zerorez clean them!! Dustin was excellent in his advice-giving, professionalism, and skill!!

Rosie V. [Listen 360]

Technician on time, Very professional, explained process. Did a very good job cleaning the tile floor. I would use Zerorez again. I will recommend Zerorez to family and friends.

B.R. [Listen 360]

I like everything about your service. I knew exactly when your serviceman was coming. He was very professional and did a great job. I would recommend your company. Our 10 year old carpets came out like new.

Evelyn R. [Facebook]

Tech did an amazing job. He was very professional and friendly. Price was reasonable. The job was done in a timely manner. Will absolutely use them again. Thank you.

Roz G. [Google]

They did an amazing job on my carpets. Then at the end I asked him about our tile floor in the kitchen and he told me that he can clean a small part for me to see the difference. As he cleaned it I had no doubt that I wanted to do the whole kitchen and hallway right on the same day. I would recommend this company and him to everyone who is looking for a detailed oriented cleaning company.

Victoria S. [Facebook]

Zerorez leaves my carpet looking like new and leaves no residue. This is the second time I’ve used their services. The technicians are polite, thorough, and skilled at removing stains. I recommend Zerorez to anyone who compliments us on our great-looking whole-house carpeting.

From our Endorsers


We’ve got puppies and dogs – big dogs, little dogs… And they’re running all over my house! Our Love Pup shelter should be opening in May, but until then my house is full of dog residue, dog dander, dog everything. Zerorez comes to the rescue. They come to my house once or twice a week. Nobody does the job better. It’s the soapy residue that attracts dirt and grime back to your carpet…the Zerorez system doesn’t do that. They don’t use soap. That’s why my wife loves them so much. That’s why she keeps their business cards in her purse.


Zerorez is the safest way to clean your carpet. They use Zr Water and not soap or toxic harmful chemicals. Man, they cleaned our carpets – they were beautiful! They look like they were brand new, and they’re so soft!


I’ve had my carpets zerorezified so I’ve seen how great it looks firsthand, up close and personal. Speak your carpet’s love language and call Zerorez.


I like that they use Zr Water instead of soaps or harsh chemicals or anything because that is what clean really means. It’s so easy to talk about Zerorez ….. you’re going to notice a difference right away…..that Zr Water – it’s really, truly incredible what it does.


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