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Why do more than 82,000 people in the valley LOVE Zerorez®? Read some of our favorite reviews below  ( you can also click on one of our endorsers to see what they have to say about our process!)👇or click a link above 👆 to check them all out!

BEST carpet cleaners in the BIZ! …and I use them even though one of my good friends is a carpet cleaner. I’ve used them forever and always will.

Kwick A. on Facebook

Your process and lack of residue left on the carpet, the best service personnel, and you’re just plain GREAT!

Linda G. on Listen 360

My carpets have never looked better, I’ve used Zerorez for years! For me there are no other cleaners that can compare! 

Cheryl S. on Facebook

I had two areas of carpet done to remove old pet stains. They came out beautiful! Joshua did a phenomenal job! He was thorough, knowledge and reliable. He was also very personable as well. I am very happy with the service, ease of booking and quality Zerorez offers. Very satisfied and looking forward to having them back soon for the rest of the carpets! Thanks again!

Cheryl N. on Google

I wasn’t very optimistic about what my carpets would look like after having them cleaned….I am beyond happy with how they looked after having Zerorez clean them!! Dustin was excellent in his advice giving, professionalism and skill!!

Pam S. on Facebook

Zerorez accomplished something no other carpet cleaning service has ever matched.

First of all, my carpets are exceptionally cleaner (Stanley Steamer, Look Out) than past cleaning services left them. Zerorez was able to get rid of a very nasty stain that I thought impossible to remove. My large wool rugs look like they did when I first purchased them 6 years ago, brand new! I’ve had them cleaned several times in the past, but never have they come as clean as today. The colors are once again vibrant.

Secondly, the the technicians were prompt, courteous and professional. They came, they saw and they conquered! A big thank you to Sidney and Elliott! You guys ROCK!

I wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend Zerorez to anyone for cleaner carpets. They take a different approach using no soap, which is great since soap attracts dirt. Sidney explained the process to me and it just makes sense. I never knew…. Their quality of service and reasonable prices outshine other cleaning services by a mile. I won’t be using anyone else. Highly recommended.

Sylvia A. on Google

Technician on time, Very professional, explained process. Did a very good job cleaning the tile floor. I would use Zerorez again. I will recommend Zerorez to family and friends.

Rosie V. on Listen 360

I like everything about your service. I knew exactly when your serviceman was coming. He was very professional and did a great job. I would recommend your company. Our 10 year old carpets came out like new.

B.R. on Listen 360

Tech did an amazing job. He was very professional and friendly. Price was reasonable. The job was done in a timely manner. Will absolutely use them again. Thank you.

Evelynn R. on Facebook

We’ve got puppies and dogs – big dogs, little dogs… And they’re running all over my house! Our Love Pup shelter should be opening in May, but until then my house is full of dog residue, dog dander, dog everything. Zerorez comes to the rescue. They come to my house once or twice a week. Nobody does the job better. It’s the soapy residue that attracts dirt and grime back to your carpet…the Zerorez system doesn’t do that. They don’t use soap. That’s why my wife loves them so much. That’s why she keeps their business cards in her purse.

Johnjay Van Es


They did an amazing job on my carpets. Then at the end I asked him about our tile floor in the kitchen and he told me that he can clean a small part for me to see the difference. As he cleaned it I had no doubt that I wanted to do the whole kitchen and hallway right on the same day. I would recommend this company and him to everyone who is looking for a detailed oriented cleaning company.

Roz G. on Google

I loved the pet treatment! I no longer have that urine stench in my apartment! I didn’t think that my carpet would actually return to its original color, but it did! My technician was so knowledgeable!  He explained every step that he was taking, so that I was comfortable and knew what he was doing. He really took his time to make sure that my carpet was super clean! He didn’t make any decisions without consulting with me, which made me trust him and the company! 

Yinka S. on Google

Zerorez leaves my carpet looking like new and leaves no residue. This is the second time I’ve used their services. The technicians are polite, thorough, and skilled at removing stains. I recommend Zerorez to anyone who compliments us on our great looking whole-house carpeting.

Victoria S. on Facebook

Zerorez is the best. The technician was so kind and efficient. He explained everything before he started and covered all the questions we had! Our carpet also looks amazing. We will definitely be using them again!

Summer on Google

I am pleasantly surprised with both the price and the results of this service. I have used other cleaning services that cost twice as much and leave soap residue that dirt clings to. Zerorez has provided a wonderful cleaning and is now my cleaning company of choice. I am glad to recommend this service.

Donna B. on Google

We have only been in our new home for 2 months and we’ve already had Zerorez out twice, once when we first took possession and once after all the renovations were complete. Made our carpets looks phenomenal both times! You wont regret calling them out!

Gina B. on Listen 360

Rugs come out very clean and neat – not crunchy. Stays for long time. Our person Terrell from Gilbert did a wonderful job – would ask for him again!!!!!!!!

N.W. on Listen 360

The cleaning is just as advertised. Not crunchy, clean, soft carpet. Nice, polite, efficient and fair cleaning crew! You won’t be disappointed!

C.H. on Listen 360

Your service is super easy to book, they guy shows up, does a great job and is gone. The floors dry fast, there is no residue or chemical smell. it’s great!

Mike P. on Listen 360

I like that they use Powered Water instead of soaps or harsh chemicals or anything because that is what clean really means. It’s so easy to talk about Zerorez ….. you’re going to notice a difference right away…..that Powered Water – it’s really, truly incredible what it does.

Rich Berra


All of the people I talked to were very helpful and managed to fit my schedule. The carpet technician was thorough and very careful to make sure he didn’t damage any existing furniture and he made sure I was aware of anything that I needed to do before the carpet dried. He even came a little early which was very helpful for me.

L.S. on Listen 360

Just bought a house and thought we would need to put in new carpets. Contacted Zerorez because of my allergies to chemicals and Todd did an amazing job bringing the high quality but very dirty carpets back to life. The company just saved us over $2000. They are beautiful. Thank you Zerorez.

Kathy P. on Facebook

Great communication! We were able to get a quote & book a time online, very convenient. We recieved a confirmation email after booking & text message reminder the day of our appointment. The technician arrived promptly during the scheduled appointment time & worked efficiently. He was knowledgeable & helpful. Our carpets look great! Thank you!

Amber M. on Google

I thought my carpets were shot. We were planning to replace our carpet but have a new puppy so didn’t want new carpet while still potty training. The carpets came out so clean! Maybe I won’t need new carpet so soon. Devon was great, kind, and professional. I will definitely use Zerorez again!

Kristi K. on Facebook

Zerorez always does a great job…! And there’s no residue. None.
K.K. on Listen 360

Love their great service and amazing cleaning on my carpets!

Jeannie C. on Facebook

They arrived on time. They explained everything well. They were very professional.
Joanne A. on Listen 360

Once again, Zerorez came in and made things fresh and new-looking. We come back to this company year after year because of the high quality of the service and the exceptional results with carpets that stay cleaner longer.

Sheila R. on Facebook

I’ve had Zerorez come out and clean my carpets 3 times in 2 different houses. Technicians are always polite, prompt, honest and efficient, and the carpets are always as clean as can be when they’re done. Will never use another company.

L.H. on Listen 360

I’ve had my carpets zerorezified so I’ve seen how great it looks first hand, up close and personal. Speak your carpet’s love language and call Zerorez.

James T. Harris


I LOVE Zerorez! They do such a wonderful job cleaning the carpets. We used them to clean our 15 year old carpet in the house we were selling and to clean the carpets in the the rental home we moved into. Such comfort knowing I could walk on the carpet with bare feet after they were cleaned. They were prompt and very thorough. I will always use their services.

Cecilia T. on Google

I just had all the tile in my house cleaned and I can’t believe how amazing my floors look! I will definitely be getting my carpets done soon! The technicians had amazing customer service and they were so kind to my kiddos who were running all about. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work. I will be a Zerorez customer for life after the experience I had today! Thank you so so much!

McKayla H. on Facebook

Zerorez is THE best. I use them at least 4 time a year. Love their service and technicians are so nice and do a great job

Jill B. on Facebook

Great customer service very quick and what a great job they did.
Gary S. on Facebook

Great customer service, very friendly, quick and on time! The carpets look and feel great!
Marcy L. on Facebook

I had a great experience with Zerorez. Darrel was the ultimate professional deserving 10’s across the board. He did a great job on the carpets and his ability to spot stains on my clients carpets was much appreciated. Thank you Darrel for being prompt, professional and precise. A job well done and you made my clients happy. I would highly recommend Zerorez to anyone looking to have their carpets cleaned without harmful chemicals.

Robert B. on Google

Professional and effective! I have used this company once in a previous house and was amazed at the results! The carpet looked healthier and cleaner than with any other cleaning service I had used in the past! And again I can see the difference with this cleaning! No fancy perfume smell and no telltale chemical residue around the baseboards! I feel like the carpets are REALLY CLEAN!!!! 😆

Madeline P. on Google

I had Chris from Zerorez come today and clean my furniture and I couldn’t be happier. Chris was very professional clean cut and very attentive to the job at hand. I feel like he did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend him to family and friends. Thank you Chris for your hard work and dedication to your job. You did not disappoint.

Joy D. on Facebook

Our tech was amazing. Very knowledgeable. We had a large toothpaste stain on the carpet. He asked what kind of toothpaste and if he could see it. He wanted to see the ingredients because it would help him treat it better. Will definitely use them again.

Sarah N. on Facebook

Don’t know much about your product but I can tell you this. I like that [the technician] took his time and got my carpet clean. So we are happy and my feet are like the Happy Feet movie. When we were able to walk on the carpet it felt like it was lifted, like new carpet. Thank you so much.

Gloria G. on Listen 360

I have been a loyal Zerorez customer for years. I’ll never forget before I used Zerorez I had another carpet cleaner tell me they could not get out a stain in a high traffic area of my house. I called Zerorez – they knocked out that stain and I haven’t seen it since!

Ben Campbell


David did an amazing job! We had a couple of high traffic areas that he made look awesome again. He was very professional and courteous and let me know what he was doing every step of the way.
Will definitely be back.

Jim P. on Facebook

Jeff did an excellent job. Explained the process and explained how to help take care of the carpets. Would definitely use Zerorez again. It is thorough and leaves the carpet with no stains and no strong odor in the house. It’s a fast and efficient process
Jean E. on Facebook

Don’t know much about your product but I can tell you this. I like that [the technician] took his time and got my carpet clean. So we are happy and my feet are like the Happy Feet movie. When we were able to walk on the carpet it felt like it was lifted, like new carpet. Thank you so much.

Gloria G. on Listen 360

Excellent customer service where the servicemen were inviting, explained all the processes, and worked hard to get items the cleanest they could be. Would highly recommend the 2 servicemen and the service to others.
K.C. on Listen 360

The service was great! The technician took the time to make sure my questions were answered before the cleaning began. My carpets are fresh and with having 2 dogs I know that they are safe from chemicals. I will definitely be using Zerorez again for my cleaning needs.

Kristi E. on Google

Excellent service from Darrell (who did the actual cleaning of the carpet and recliner) and office staff. Prompt and courteous service from all involved at Zerorez. I would whole heatedly recommend Zerorez to friends and family.
Terry H. on Listen 360

This was the first time we used Zerorez . Josh was personable and professional. He was able to get those dreaded spots out of my carpet! Best of all there is NO WET odor! I’ll definitely be calling Josh with Zerorez back out to do my tile and grout!
Rachel S. on Facebook

Absolutely the best results from any company I have ever used! My tile had antique white grout which had turned dark and I could not get it clean. Zerorez got my whole house back to looking new! I am very impressed! My carpets also look like new! I could not be more pleased!!!!! Zerorez is hands down the floor cleaners to call. 

Linda W. on Google

Came out next day to do 3 carpeted bedrooms. Results were awesome and tech was knowledgable and friendly!
Sarah M. on Facebook

Very professional and no surprise charges. Definitely will use zerorez again!

Amanda J. on Listen 360

No soap going into my carpet. Carpet dried quickly. Service was amazing. Courteous, friendly and professional employee.
Marcy H. on Listen 360

Zerorez is the safest way to clean your carpet. They use Powered Water and not soap or toxic harmful chemicals. Man, they cleaned our carpets – they were beautiful! They look like they were brand new, and they’re so soft!

Tim Hattrick


Love the Zerorez method of carpet cleaning! We are new customers & will continue to clean our carpet with ZR! The tech was professional, kind & thorough. Highly recommend!
A.V.G. on Listen 360

Courteous reps, on time, and clear expectations set. Carpet and upholstery look great each time they visit.
R.H. on Listen 360

We’ve used Zerorez for all our carpet cleanings. They do a great job and will definitely use them again. They even cleaned our carpet in the sunroom making it bright again!

Sharon S. on Facebook

These guys are the best! From the moment I telephoned about picking up a large area rug they were top notch! Kept me informed about times, about the cleaning process and then again about delivery. Very professional and concerned that I was happy with the services rendered. I would recommend them highly!

Terry M. on Google

Michael showed up to my house right on time. He was very professional, polite, and down to earth. I felt like a friend had just entered my home. He explained the process very well and gave me booties for the rest of the day so I can walk around without wet feet. I appreciate his attention to detail and professional manner. He did an outstanding job cleaning my carpets and I would highly recommend him and Zerorez to anyone looking for quality work!

Sarah P. on Google

Great communication before and after the service – accommodating – sent me before and after photos – went over and beyond a carpet cleaning business. Had recommendations for me – the tile and carpet turned out so good we did not need to replace them. Thanks again for everything,
L.N. on Listen 360

The techs are great. My carpets are always super clean when they are done. They don’t feel crunchy when they dry or that soaked wet carpet smell other companies leave you with. I have my carpets cleaned by Zerorez every six months. I wouldn’t use anyone else. Their cleaning technology is awesome. Thanks Zerorez!!!!!

Kelly J. on Google

Zerorez did an outstanding cleaning my carpets for two bedrooms. The traffic stains all came up. Andrew was professional and prompt. My whole experience with Zerorez from scheduling the appointment to the final result will have me coming back again. Thank you for making the entire process a positive experience.
Krista T. on Facebook

Fantastic experience, they are super friendly and professional when you call their company and also when they came to the home. The technician Rob was excellent, very respectful of our home and gave us tips on how to maintain the life of our carpets.

Fairly priced, no surprises once technician at our home. Receipt sent right away to my email.

I will definitely use this company again for carpet cleaning!

Jill B. on Google