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I like the whole idea of zero residue. I love the respect in customer service that I received at every level of engaging with this company. I so much like the way you do business, I refer people to you on a regular basis. It’s not just how good you do it, it’s the way you do it what you do so well. My 10-year-old daughter loves the way the carpet looks after you guys come. She wanted me to tell you that.
— Tara F. on Listen 360
Your process and lack of residue left on the carpet, the best service personnel, and you’re just plain GREAT!
— Linda G. on Listen 360
BEST carpet cleaners in the BIZ! ...and I use them even though one of my good friends is a carpet cleaner. I’ve used them forever and always will.
— Kwick A. on Facebook
If it were not because I saw the rep cleaning my carpets I would’ve thought new carpets had been installed. I was blown away by the different stains that had been removed and was just as pleased with the job this time as I was the first time Zerorez® came over. I will hire them again, do not be fooled by knock off companies.
— Nancy R. on Google