Okay, so you’ve found yourself at this blog for a reason. You spilled something on your carpet and have no idea how to fix it. Don’t panic, you’ve come to the right place! If there is one thing we know about here at Zerorez® it’s carpet, and removing carpet stains!

So take a breath, take out your cotton cloth, and take it easy. 


General Mistakes During Clean Up


Improper Technique


First things first, let’s go over how to properly DAB up pretty much any spot. We say dab because if you rub it will spread. 


Anytime you find yourself cleaning something out of carpet fibers stop and take a breath. Dab, starting at the outer edge of the spot and apply pressure towards the middle. This keeps the stain contained in its area. If you apply pressure outward starting from the middle it will spread. 


Grease is the worst for this. 


Chemical Residue


Okay next, let’s go over chemicals. The biggest mistake people make when cleaning up a spill is they apply too much chemical. 


Afterward, they have to go find something else to get THAT out of the fibers. 


If soaps or detergents are left in the fibers they become a magnet for dirt and oils. We call this residue and it’s not favorable.  


Soaps and detergents are created to attract dirt. When used properly they are very good at locating and breaking down soils. This then helps the rinsing and removal process. The problem is when they are left on a surface they continue to attract dirt from everywhere and collect it. 


We’ve heard stories of people using WD-40 to get rid of greasy stains in their carpet only to find out two months later the area is worse than ever! This is because the residue grabbed the dirt from the bottoms of their shoes, dogs’ feet, the air and held on to it. 


We live in a world where you don’t need soaps or detergents to get the stains out. Just call Zerorez®! 


Get to the Spill Immediately 


The best way to ensure your spill doesn’t become a stain is to dab it up immediately. The longer it soaks into the fibers the harder it will be to completely remove. A carpet protectant will help with this. Most newer carpeting comes with a factory protectant applied to it. 


This is a coating that covers the fibers and helps prevent staining, wear, and tear, and improves vacuuming. We suggest having it reapplied after every cleaning since it wears off after about 12 months. 


Common Spills


Removing Carpet Stains: Coffee


If cleaned up immediately this will typically come up with no problems. Just remember to dab it up with a cotton towel.


For dried spots that maybe your spouse spilled and didn’t want to be held accountable for, however…


Use Zr Water® to reawaken the coffee. Don’t saturate it but get it damp by spraying it on. Grab a white cotton towel and begin dabbing the area. Often this is all you need to do in order to remove the stain. 




This is not always the case, depending on fiber content of the carpet (what your carpet is made up of) or how much milk or sugar was in the coffee the stain might be set. 


This can translate to any number of food or drink items you spill on your carpet. Just remember to clean up whatever excess you can, dab it, and rinse with Zr Water.  


If you can’t seem to get the stain out give us a call! Our carpet technicians are professionals at getting stains out without damaging the fibers. 

Removing Carpet Stains: Pet Urine 


The recurring theme here is to get to it as soon as possible. 


The problem with urine is that it is not just in the fibers most of the time. Depending on the size of the dog it could be down in the padding. 


If you’ve already treated these stains before you probably noticed that it looks clean when you walk away but once it dries the stain returns! AGGGGH! That, my friend, is what we call wicking. Carpet dries from the bottom up so all of that moisture in the padding is transferring into the fibers and is recreating the stain. 


No amount of pet spotters, vinegar, or variation of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide will keep that from happening. What you need to do is completely remove it from the padding. 


Now we’ve all watched the youtube videos about taking a wet vacuum and sucking it out. No? 


You’re not that obsessed with carpet cleaning huh? 


Well, WE have! 


And yes that is a DIY way of removing pet urine from your padding… but that can over saturate the padding, leading to long dry times, mold, or in some cases permanent damage. 


The best way to get rid of pet urine is to call Zerorez®. Our pet treatment process is highly effective and works better than any DIY treatment you can search on YouTube. 


If you’re skeptical check out our YouTube page and see how we treat urine differently than every other company. 


Removing Carpet Stains: Wax


Wax warmers that plug into the wall are handy and stylish! The only downside is every time it gets bumped wax goes everywhere! 


Have no fear! Wax is actually one of the easier spills to clean out of the carpet. 


You need a wet cotton cloth, an iron, and a butter knife. Wait for the wax to harden and then scrape off as much of it as you can with a butter knife. Then, take the cloth set it on the area and set the hot iron on top of it. The wax will transfer to the cloth and BOOM. No more wax.


with no chemicals..


And no messy cleanup…


There might be some leftover oils from the wax though and that’s where Zerorez steps in! Give us a call and we can remove that oily residue from the carpet fibers in no time! 

Removing Carpet Stains: Bubble Gum


Like wax, gum can be a real cause for panic if you don’t know what to do. Luckily, like wax, it’s pretty simple and effortless to remove. 


All you have to do is fill a plastic baggy with ice and place it on the gum.


After about 3 minutes the gum should be frozen and hard enough to pull off. (or at least most of it.) 


Use vinegar mixed with water and a toothbrush to remove any stubborn bits left. 




Zerorez is always here to help with whatever spots or stains you may have. The best way to keep your carpets fresh and looking their best is to reapply the factory protectant after every cleaning. This will make your job much easier when you get to spills right away keeping your carpets Cleaner Longer® 


If these tips didn’t help in getting the stains out give us a call or schedule your appointment online at zerorezphoenix.com. 


Does Zerorez really work when getting stains out? Check out all of our Google reviews and see for yourself!