You just bought a house and want to get the carpets and tile cleaned before you move all of your furniture in. Having never used a carpet cleaning company before (or perhaps a bad one) you, understandably, are not sure what to expect. Zerorez is here to help! We get asked tons of questions about preparing your home for a carpet cleaning and we’ve got ALL the answers. 


Let’s start at the beginning…before we even get to the cleaning part before, even before the Zerorez part! 


Why do my carpets and tile get dirty so quickly? 


Of course, there is more than one answer to this question. The simplest answer is well, you’re literally walking all over it.


BUT, that’s not the only problem at work here. 


The main issue with flooring, upholstery, countertops or any other surface in the home getting filthy so quickly is RESIDUE. By that, we mean the chemical residue that is leftover from the last cleaning. 


You see, chemicals are specifically designed to attract dirt, it’s how they work so well at getting rid of it. With that being said when left on a surface they continue to do their job! They find the dirt off of the bottom of your shoes or anything touching the surface and attach to it. In doing this, it attracts more dirt and bacteria to that surface than it would if the chemical residue was not there. 


What sets Zerorez apart? 


Listen, friend, it’s in our name! Zero Residue! We clean the surfaces of your home without the use of soaps or harsh chemicals. We eliminate residue completely by never adding it to the equation in the first place. 


We do this with the help of our Zr Water®. It is a high alkaline, softened, and electrolyzed water. 


That’s right, just water over here.


It goes through a process at our shop that gives it the power to clean like a high alkaline degreaser but doesn’t leave any residue! 


Trying to keep this short and sweet but we have so many things that set us apart! So let’s just list them off and if you would like to learn more about one specific thing check out our other blogs! Or give us a call and schedule an appointment! 


We are always happy to brag about how awesome we are…


  1. Our Zr Wand®: allowing for faster dry times (between 4 and 8 hours)
  2. Our Zr Lifter®: a machine that fluffs your carpet’s fibers and scrubs your tile’s grout. 
  3. Our Zr Water®: We’ve already gone on and on about this so we won’t repeat ourselves. 
  4. Our People: and not just the techs but everyone! We are committed to always doing the right thing. To help our community and strive to be better today than we were yesterday. Zerorez is a people company that just so happens to clean carpets… 
  5. Our Promise: You will receive truly clean carpets (or other surfaces) performed with the most advanced technology, by trained courteous technicians, to your satisfaction. And if you are not happy we will do everything we can to make it right. 

So you made the right call and scheduled Zerorez. Now what? Here are some frequently asked questions revolving around the preparation. 


Do I need to move my furniture? 


On most days we run one-man crews, with the exception of training. The last thing we want is to cause any harm to our technician, or your furniture and flooring for that matter. As a result, we do ask that you if you would like your furniture moved that you move it prior to our visit. However, if you would like to leave the furniture in the room we can clean up to and around it. 


What else do I need to do to prepare for my cleaning? 


It is important to give your carpet a thorough vacuuming prior to your appointment. Remove items such as lamps or picture frames from tabletops; and clear the floor of toys, books, and other small articles. We haul equipment into the home and don’t want to accidentally knock something over. 


What is considered one room? 


We consider any area of carpet with or without furniture to be one room, like a small bedroom, living room or den. If you have any large areas that exceed 250 square feet they will be counted as two or more rooms. 


Do you service my area? 


If you live in Metro-Phoenix then yes!  However, this Phoenix valley is sizable, some areas we service do require a $15 out-of-area service fee. The following zip codes have out of service-area fees: (Casa Grande) 85130, 85194, 85193, 85123, 85122 (Maricopa) 85138, 85139 (Wittmann) 85361 (Rio Verde) 85263 (Coolidge) 85128, 85228 (Florence) 85132, and (Gold Canyon) 85118.


Questions about our Guarantee


We have our 30-day Gotta-Love-It guarantee! If, within 30 days of your appointment, you’re unsatisfied with your Zerorez Experience—for any reason at all— before you do anything else give us a call! We will gladly return and address the areas of concern. 


What is Included in the 3-room special?


We get asked a lot if stairs or area rugs can be counted as a room for a 3 room special. Unfortunately, that is not an option. 


Our 3-room special is only for 3 rooms of wall-to-wall carpet. Area rugs, stairs, and upholstery are all priced differently than rooms of carpet so we would need to price those accordingly. 


If you do not have 3 rooms of carpet in your home we do have options for single room cleaning or cleaning 2 rooms. Just ask the customer service rep your questions when you are scheduling your appointment. 


Do you add on any additional fees to the cleaning? 


Zerorez has a standard fee of $15 for all scheduled appointments. The making of our Zr Water used to clean, and our equipment requires additional costs that are not quite standard for the industry. This allows us to offer great specials throughout the year to help meet your cleaning needs.


Hopefully, we helped answer some of the initial queries you may have had about setting up a cleaning. After your cleaning, if you have any additional questions check out our blog on those frequently asked questions. 


Call us today at 480-507-2419 to schedule your residue free® cleaning! Or visit our website at to schedule an appointment online.