It’s almost that time of year! Winter in Phoenix is slowly coming to a close and spring is right around the corner. Why not get ahead of spring cleaning– but for your car!

It’s too cold to spend extra time outside cleaning the car, am I right? Which means trash, debris, and other belongings piled up in the car.

That means the clothes piling up in the backseat and those old french fries under the seats! With the weather warming up, it’s almost time to give your car the TLC that it deserves.

That means carpet cleaning for the car and professional car upholstery cleaning. Did you know that Zerorez® Phoenix offers both of these things?

How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning For The Car Work?

With Zr Water®, professional-grade equipment, and industrial extractors, our awesome technicians will leave your car’s upholstery and floorboards with an unparalleled clean.

Our Powered Water® cleaning solution is better than soaps or other cleaning agents– it contains no harsh chemicals and leaves no sticky residues behind!

We’ll start by pre-treating your car carpet and upholstery to help break up dirt, oils, and other residues. Zr Water® is then applied to the car upholstery and carpet via low-pressure spray, both loosening embedded dirt and cleaning the material, removing a wide range of germs and bacteria.

The emulsified dirt is disposed of, leaving just a smidgen of the extraction water behind, which dries quickly and with Zero Residue®.

Our high-tech Zerorez® equipment removes allergens, germs, and dirt from your vehicle’s carpets and upholstery, leaving them in fresh, clean, like-new condition, without leaving a soapy residue.

As an additional service, we can also re-apply the protectant that originally came on the car carpets and upholstery! This helps them to resist soiling and staining in the future.

Is a Zerorez® safe for pets and kids?

We understand how much your babies and fur babies mean to you! They mean the world to us too – which is why our cleaning method was designed for their safety.

As you now know, we use Zr Water®– a patented Zerorez® Phoenix technology-enhanced water that is electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without harmful toxins or chemicals.

In other words, we are simply cleaning your car upholstery and carpets with the earth’s natural cleanser– WATER! Zerorez® Phoenix ensures the safety of your kids and pets by using non-toxic water to clean.

How Much Does It Cost?

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to what something is going to cost, so our goal is to make sure you have the most accurate quote before we arrive at your home!

At Zerorez® Phoenix each row of seats and floorboards cleaned is $75. As well, we offer protectant for auto upholstery at $20 per row.

In addition, you can also expect a $15 environmental fee on every appointment. We have a service minimum of $94 for most areas of Phoenix.

This pricing does not reflect current discounts or specials. Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards with the exception of American Express.

How Soon Can I Use My Car After A Cleaning?

Our hot water extraction cleaning process does leave some moisture in the carpets and upholstery. Typical dry time is between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the airflow in the car, condition, and style of carpet/upholstery being cleaned.

We suggest cracking the windows in your car to allow for a quicker dry time– but don’t leave them all the way down. We don’t want your freshly cleaned car collecting more dirt and dust right away!

It is completely safe to walk on the carpet as long as you’re comfortable with the cleanliness of your feet!

If you’re in need of immediate use and don’t have a hankering for a slightly damp behind, drape a towel or two over your seat and floors. You can even ask your service technician for a complimentary pair of shoe coverings.

Just remember to remove the towels as soon as you’re done driving so that the areas can air dry quicker.

How Often Should I Have My Car Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Much like the carpets and upholstery in your homes, we suggest having your car surfaces professionally cleaned every 6 months to a year.

Also like your home surfaces, it simply depends on how much wear and tear your car sees. More wear and tear equals professional cleaning more often!

Establish A Regular Car Care Routine

In an effort to make cleaning your car a regular practice, you should establish a weekly or bi-monthly car care routine. It can’t hurt right?!

Set aside time every week to simply rid your car of any trash and extra items that don’t belong in there– clothing items, kid’s toys, etc.!

If you find yourself with some extra time, be sure to remove the floor mats, if possible, and shake them out before vacuuming. A small hand vac or a shop vac can be used to remove dust and soil from the carpets.

It’s also good to keep paper towels or sanitizing wipes in your car. They’ll come in handy whenever there might be spills to wipe up, or germs to clean from the steering wheel!

If you do spill liquids on your car upholstery or floor mats, make sure to blot those spots immediately to avoid permanent discoloration.

Keeping your auto interior as clean as possible enhances your enjoyment of your favorite ride! To kick start the process, call Zerorez® today and request a professional Carpet Cleaning For The Car.

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