We love our customers, so our goal is to make sure we’re all on the same page before we arrive at your home. Below is an explanation of our most common services and their regular pricing. We do have a $14 environmental fee on every appointment, this is in addition to the prices listed below. This pricing does not reflect current discounts or specials, and is subject to change.



A carpeted room is defined as tacked down wall to wall carpeting no larger than 250 sqft. Any room exceeding this size would count as two or more rooms.  Hallways and stairs are priced separately and cannot be used in lieu of a room in our 3 room special pricing.  Area Rugs are not considered carpeted rooms;  please contact us for an estimate on cleaning your area rug!

3 Carpeted Rooms


Our 3 room special is for carpeted rooms only unless otherwise noted.

Additional Rooms


All carpeted rooms are priced based on a standard size of 250 sqft.


$2/linear foot

(that’s the length of your hall x $2! 10ft hall = $20)



We consider a staircase to be 16 steps and 2 landings. Additional steps will be priced at $5 per step and $2 per linear foot for additional landings.



Tile and stone cleaning is priced by the room. We clean and seal tile, however we do not re-apply the shiny coating that some natural stone flooring has.

Tile & Stone 


We consider a room to be 250 sqft, anything larger than this would be counted as two or more rooms.

Tile & Stone Walkways

$2/Linear Foot

This includes all smaller areas such as guest bathrooms, small entries, and laundry rooms.

Tile & Stone Sealant

$45 Per Room

We consider a room to be 250 sqft, anything larger than this would be counted as two or more rooms.

Walkway Sealant

Tile: $1/Linear foot

Stone: $1.25/Linear foot



Our standard cleaning includes: pre-treating, cleaning, and sanitizing of the carpet using truck-mounted equipment. Here is what you can expect to receive with our standard carpet cleaning:


We use a citrus based product to help break up dirts, oils, and other residues.

ZrLifter™️ Service

Our ZrLifter™️ is a counter-rotating brush machine which helps lift the pile of your carpet, fluff the fibers, and further break up dirts and oils in preparation for extraction.


We use our Powered Water® to extract dirt and oils from your carpet. As your carpets dry, our Powered Water® evaporates and there is nothing left behind.



We make every effort to take care of all your carpet issues with our standard cleaning, but there are a few items that may require additional work, and therefore an additional cost. These are all optional services and will not be done without your consent.

Pet/Biological Issues

Pet and biological treatments are not considered part of our standard cleaning and are considered an optional service. Each situation is unique, and for that reason an exact estimate cannot be given until the carpet is inspected by one of our Technicians at the time of your service. Pet and biological services are done only with your consent.


We consider a stain to be anything that doesn’t come out with our standard cleaning. Your Technician will discuss these with you and give you treatment options that best suit your needs.


After having your carpets professionally cleaned we recommend having them protected to protect against wear and provide more time to clean up spills. This is an additional service priced by area at $25 per area, with a maximum size per area of 250 sqft. Hallways and staircases are considered areas when it comes to pricing protectant.