Have a Zerorez® Phoenix cleaning appointment coming up? Whether it be the carpets, tile, rugs, countertops, or the like, you may be wondering what you can do on your end to get your floors ready.

While the carpet cleaning professionals have all of the equipment they need to do the job right, here are a few things you could do to help make the entire process easier and produce more effective results.

Preparing Your Home For a Zerorez® Cleaning:

Moving Furniture

At Zerorez® Phoenix, our technicians don’t move furniture. We ask that any furniture you’d like cleaned under be moved prior to arrival.

Large items like beds, dressers, and entertainment centers don’t need to be moved at all. We’ll simply clean right-up-to and around them.

The carpet or tile under these areas isn’t typically walked on. Therefore, it’s normal for those to be left in place.


This is an important step for Preparing Your Home For a Zerorez® Cleaning!

No matter what surface Zerorez® is coming to clean, you’ll want to make sure that surface is free of debris can help speed the professional cleaning process along. This also helps shorten the dry time. 

Vacuuming the entire carpeting, tile, or rug to remove any surface items such as hair, dirt, or crumbs can also help make the deep cleaning more effective.

When Zerorez® cleans your floors or rugs, the powerful extraction wand we will use helps to remove the deeply embedded dirt and grime. We’ll want to vacuum up the larger, more easily removed particles beforehand. This will help our green cleaning solution – Powered Water® – fully penetrate carpet fibers or tile pores, producing the cleanest results!

Keep Pets At Bay

After you have done a thorough vacuuming before your Zerorez® Cleaning, you’ll want to do your best to keep the pets away from the freshly vacuumed floors.

We’ll want to avoid adding any additional hair and dander to the carpets prior to cleaning. We want the best results possible, right?!

This helps to prevent more odors from forming and from additional hairballs getting trapped within your carpeting. Less hair makes it easier for the carpet cleaning professional to target stains that lie beneath the carpeting and into the padding!

After Your Zerorez® Cleaning

Many people. wonder if there are any extra steps they can take to ensure that they’re clean carpets stay clean for as long as possible. Here are some tips we’ve come up with!

Reduce Heavy Foot Traffic Flow

After your floors have been professionally cleaned with our Powered Water® Technology, try to reduce the amount of foot traffic that goes over your carpet.

If it means setting up a cleaning station at your entryway, it will help reduce the risk of tracking in more dirt. Set up temporary area rugs for dinner parties or after soccer practice!

When your carpet areas get dirty, use your very own bottle of Zerorez® Powered Water® to help target and lift dirt and grime!

Spot Cleaning

At the time of your cleaning, mention any pet potty areas to your Zerorez® technician. Zerorez® uses a proprietary cleaning product called Zerorez® Odor & Urine Treatment. This, combined with our Powered Water®, removes the source of the discoloration and odors safely.

Pets and children can be on the carpet immediately after cleaning without concern for harsh or toxic chemicals, like other carpet cleaners.

If your carpet sees a lot of daily wear and tear, there is bound to be some spills and accidents from time to time. Accidents happen. 

After your cleaning, try to soak up any spills or accidents with a clean hand towel. After, you’ll want to spot clean with a green organic spot cleaner, such as Powered Water®!

Staying On Top of Air Filters

If you’ve noticed a dark discoloration on your carpeting, tile, or walls near your air vents, the perpetrator could be a dirty air filter.

Believe it or not, pollen, hair/dander, and dust buildup can make their way through a dirty furnace filter and contribute to carpet stains.

Staying on top of your filters before and after a deep clean will help ensure that your carpeting won’t continue to become soiled!

There are several ways to clean and prepare your carpet and home for a professional deep clean. Call Zerorez® today to have your carpets, tile, or rugs cleaned in your Phoenix area home!

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