You have a dog or cat (hopefully not a cat) that just won’t stop having accidents on the carpet. Nothing personal against cats, it’s just so much harder to remove cat odor. Pet urine is one of the most common problems we run into here at Zerorez®. 


The Pet Urine Problem:


You cleaned it up with pet spotters you found at the grocery store but you can still smell it. You’ve bought some fancy products online with labels that say “oxidizer” or “enzyme”. The stain looks like it’s gone! But on particularly humid days…you can STILL smell it. Perhaps you are wondering if it’s even possible to remove it at all. 


The Pet Urine Solution:


You’re in luck! Zerorez® Phoenix is here to help you out. Let us start by explaining the issue. 


You have just been addressing the problem at the surface when the real problem is below. On the backing of the carpet, in the padding, and (depending on the dog) on the subfloor. Other than a truck-mounted system and some clever tools there is no real way to get that urine out of there. 


Good thing you know a company that uses truck-mounted systems and has some clever tools! Enter: Zerorez®! 


We call our pet treatments sub-floor extractions and they are exactly what they sound like. We remove that stubborn urine below the surface of the fibers. Here’s how it’s done. 


The Process: 


In order to extract the dried urine out of the padding, we need to go in and reawaken it. We do this by taking our water line and pouring our Zr Water down into the pad. Getting it nice and saturated. This reactivates the urine that has dried down in there so that we can extract it out. 


Next, we take a tool called a sub-floor extractor and hook it up to our vacuum line from our van and draw out the water and urine. Depending on how much pet spotter was used before we got there we might need to rinse that out as well. 


This process is fairly time-consuming. 


After that, we mix up a gallon of our ZrOut (more on that later) and pour it down into the padding as well. After letting that sit for 15 minutes we fully rinse that out and boom no more urine problem. 


How long this process takes solely depends on how much urine and previous spotters are in the padding. 

Zr Out


If you are unfamiliar with Zerorez® we would like to preface this with our philosophy on soaps and harsh chemicals. We don’t like and don’t use soaps and harsh chemicals. At Zerorez, soap is a 4-letter word®!


Alright, let’s move forward.


With that being said, our pet treatment product needs to fit within our philosophy. Right? Right. Years ago, we wanted to come up with a solution to this urine problem that isn’t just an odor masking agent (like other companies use). 


We wanted real results. 


So we worked with product developers and came up with Zr Out which stands for Zerorez® Odor & Urine Treatment. We are the only company using this product because we had a hand in making it! Thank you, nerds! 


It not only has a masking agent (that smells amazing). But it’s got a real solution too: an encapsulator. This agent works like a zip-lock baggie but on a molecular level! It attaches to and envelopes the odor-causing molecule in order for it to be rinsed away. 


It’s also specifically formulated with bonding agents that actually alter the chemistry of urine! Nobody can do what Zerorez® can do! In general, but also with our pet treatments.  


The Problem with Enzymes


Enzymes are great! They break down proteins without harsh chemicals. We aren’t here to talk bad about other options for cleaning that don’t use soaps or detergents. Enzymes are great at what they do. Period. 


The problem is that they are alive. Here in Phoenix, unfortunately the little guys wouldn’t make it through the summer. Not only does it get above 110 outside… 


but inside our vans with the machine on…


It gets toasty in there. 


So there really is no problem with enzymatic cleaners we are just not able to use them in our climate. 


The Problem with Oxidizers


Any product you find with the prefix “oxi” most likely has an oxidizing agent in it. Like bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Oxidizers break down the chemical components in the stain and ultimately turn it invisible. The problem is, it’s still there it just changed the color of it. 


This works great on juice spills on white shirts or even coffee stains in the carpet. For pet urine, though it doesn’t solve the problem. Like we said the actual problem is in the padding. Using an oxidizer could potentially cause more problems. 


What we run into a lot is people using two or three different products on their urine stains trying to eliminate the issue. When these chemicals get mixed together sometimes bad things can happen. The fibers themselves can get bleached out! So beware when using pet spotting treatments and do not mix them. 


Carpet Protectant


After the area has been properly treated by Zerorez® it’s a good idea to have the factory protectant reapplied. This creates a barrier on the fibers that helps prevent future staining. 


Carpets come with it applied from the factory but over time and use it wears off. Having it reapplied after every cleaning is highly recommended. 


In the future


If the dog or (hopefully not) cat continues to provide your carpets with pet accidents we will continue to provide it with a thorough cleaning! We will be here to help you with any future pet staining for years to come!