New year, new you am I right? Yeah, we are getting kind of tired of not living up to our own expectations too… Maybe this year we can twist it! Instead of working on YOU, because let’s face it, you’re amazing just the way you are, let’s shift our perspective! Enough of focusing inward, let’s direct our attention outward to our environment. How about we focus on making your home feel more like… home? So we have compiled a small list of New Years Resolutions for your home! 



Want a quick way to make any space feel more lively? Are the aesthetics of each room important to you? They should be! One word of advice: Plants. Now we understand that it might be a little intimidating because there are SO many houseplants out there, but resolutions are all about branching out and turning a new leaf! (see what we did there?) 

A resolution for your home this year could be to get more house plants! House plants have a large list of advantages including better air quality, stress reduction, and they are just downright pretty. Place a zebra plant in the kitchen window, or a snake plant in the living room and you will understand. They make a home feel more like home. 

Quick tips: 

  • South-facing windows are pretty much great for all plants
  • Learn about the plant before you buy it. Find out how big it’s going to get and how much light it’s going to need.
  • Determine what humidity level it’s going to need (in Arizona you aren’t going to want plants that need a lot) 
  • Pothos is a great starter plant, they don’t require a lot of light and they grow fast.

If your environment is a reflection of your mental health, I would want mine to be full of life and color, what about you? 


Resolution For Your Home: Update the Decor

Your kids aren’t 4 anymore, (well maybe they are LOL) it’s about time to update the pictures on the walls. Another resolution for your home could be to give it a much-needed freshening up. Don’t get overwhelmed this is going to take you probably all of 2023 to get it just right but what better time to start? 

Updating light fixtures in the bathrooms and in the entryway will be quick and give you some instant gratification! Add some lamps in some of the quieter rooms such as offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. This will create a more intimate feel in those areas. 

Swap out the knick-nacks on your shelf for more useful items such as…ahem… plants, books, or candles. Minimalism is popular right now so you won’t have to add much. Buying beautiful hardcover editions of your favorite books will make your bookshelf look more distinguished. 


Focus on your Flooring

Do you make your floors feel like they are beneath you? You walk all over them all day and then don’t have the decency to give them a good cleaning every once in a while. We would suggest showing them a little bit of gratitude while simultaneously improving the vibe in your home. 

Another resolution for your home is to have Zerorez clean the carpets every 12-18 months! We Powerfully Clean Without Harsh Chemicals™! This is not only good for you and your family but also healthy for your carpets as well. No harsh chemicals means no chemical residue. Chemical Residue is responsible for carpets getting dirtier faster since it attracts dirt and oils back to the surface. Your carpets will thank you. 

Now that the rest of your home is getting a makeover the tile floor should have a chance to be restored back to its beautiful self too! You can’t update the rest of the house without giving the grout some love. Especially in those high trafficked areas. 

Invest In Area Rugs

Not only do rugs protect the flooring underneath where they are laid but they add character to the room. Does your house have an open floor plan? Area rugs are good at dividing large spaces into their own separate “rooms”. 

Once that thing gets dirty since your home is going to be a very popular spot after its new makeover, you can give Zerorez a call to restore it back to its lovely self. We use our 3-step cleaning process on every rug. Our Zr Water® is highly alkaline electrolyzed water that acts like soap but doesn’t have any of the negative side effects. 

The fibers in your rug will be nice and fluffy thanks to our Zr Lifter®. It is our agitation tool and it does a great job reaching down to the bottom of the fibers and pulling up dirt and hair that you didn’t even know was down there! And the rug will dry quickly thanks to our patented Zr Wand®. It is specifically designed with dry time in mind. 


Resolution for your home: Update the kitchen

Except maybe the living room, this is the room that gets the most attention. Everyone in the house uses the kitchen. When you are hosting dinner, have friends over for drinks, or are throwing a Tupperware party the kitchen always seems to be the main hub. 

So why not have the prettiest kitchen possible? Granted, cost plays more of a factor in this than anything else. But there are small things you can do to customize your kitchen! 

Invest in some interesting cabinet knobs, this is not only inexpensive but simple and can really make a big difference in the appearance of your kitchen. 

Paint the walls. Also not the most expensive change but it goes a long way in stylizing your kitchen! 

Swap out the old laminate countertops for natural stone. You don’t have to redo the entire kitchen to make it look completely transformed. The cabinets can be painted, and the floor can be cleaned, but as long as it has out-of-date countertops it’s going to look out of date. This is a huge investment but it’s going to do wonders for your kitchen and last as long as your house will. 

And once they get installed, give Zerorez a call to come and seal them for you. Granite is beautiful and getting it sealed before using it is a very good idea to keep it looking its best for years to come. 


For The Surfaces That Matter Most™ give Zerorez a call or go online to 480-507-2419.