Did you know that your carpet is the largest surface area in your home? From the front door to the kitchen, up the stairs, and down the hall, it’s everywhere. In America, 60% of homes have wall-to-wall carpet and 79% have area rugs. If you are like most people you are wondering how to keep it looking like it did the day it was installed. Well, my friend, we are here to help! We have compiled a super short list of 14 (wait… that’s not short… It’ll be worth it though!) things you can do to help keep your carpets cleaner longer with minimal effort on your part! 



The National Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) recommends “vacuuming daily in high-traffic or pet areas, twice weekly in medium-traffic areas, and weekly in light-traffic areas.” So if you’ve got a lot of kiddos or a cat or two, it may be best to keep that vacuum within easy reach. It sure sounds like a lot of work, but you can always delegate to the people that are responsible for it 😉 Except for the cat… he’s probably terrified of the vacuum. 


Entrance Mats

Another fact for you, most dirt on your shoes gets wiped off within the first 10 feet of the door! No wonder those entryways seem to wear down faster. Having a rug or a welcome mat in front of the garage door, front door, and any other entrance to your home will be extremely beneficial. Couple that with getting everyone in the good habit of using the mat to wipe down their shoes and your entryway carpets will be much happier. 


Area Rugs

Not just in the entrances to your home, but in other highly trafficked places like hallways, in front of the couch, and the entrances to the kitchen would be a great place to lay an area rug down. They protect the carpet fibers from getting damaged, catch the brunt of the stains, and add a stylish touch to your home. A good way to keep area rugs for longer is to rotate them every 6 months or so to keep them from wearing down in just one spot. 


Don’t Wear Shoes

Since we are on the subject of wear and tear, this is a biggie. Shoes. Damage. Carpet. The constant abrasion from your shoes scratch up the fibers and wears them down. Have you seen the darker areas in the walkways of some homes? That’s what we in the industry call “traffic wear”. It is when the fiber gets so damaged that light can no longer transfer through it causing a shadowy appearance. Not only that but everything you are stepping in outside gets brought in and tracked throughout the house. This is where some of that traffic wear comes from. Dirt is also abrasive and can help damage carpet fibers. So take your shoes off at the door. 


Office mats 

Another good investment to protect against wear and tear are those clear plastic mats to put under your office chair so the wheels don’t damage the fibers. Not using one can actually void the warranty on your carpet. They help prevent stains from coffee spills and make it easier to move the chair around anyway. Be aware though, after a professional carpet cleaning you will want to wait to put the mat back down until the carpet has had time to completely dry. 


Have Parties in the Backyard

Birthdays, graduations, holidays, or any other time you have a lot of feet bringing in soils from who knows where. That would be a good time to keep the party out on the patio or in the garage. Not just the traffic but the SPILLS…and the FOOD…and whatever kids do to the carpet (use your imagination, we’ve seen it all) Whew… yeah it’s not going to take long until your carpets are blemished. 


Speaking of children, these next couple are just for them…


Let Children Eat in the Dining Room or Kitchen Only

No matter how well behaved your kids are, they are still going to make messes. It’s in their nature. They are still learning how to use utensils, drink from cups, and how to sneak the dog their broccoli without you finding out. With that being said they are going to be creating disarray on the carpet if they are given the opportunity. The best defense is a good offense in this situation, just don’t give them the chance. This will help keep your carpets cleaner longer.


No Slime… Ever 

Let’s list some of the ingredients in slime really quick and you let us know if you want any of that in your carpet. Glue? Synthetic Coloring? Shaving Foam? GLITTER?!  We’ve even seen some recipes that call for paint. None of these things need to be on your carpet and some of these things won’t ever come out once they are there. We highly recommend banning it from the entire house…for eternity.  


Alright, we’ve picked on kids enough…let’s talk about pets


House Training Dogs

Puppies are one the most undeniable creatures one of your kids could ask for. They bring so much joy to your home and they are SO CUTE. We are animal lovers here at Zerorez® so we are not saying to deny your kids or yourself that companionship, we are saying that they take a lot of work. As a carpet cleaning company, we have treated thousands of homes that have pet issues. It happens to almost everyone. The reason it is so much of an issue is that once it soaks into the padding it becomes very difficult to get back out. There are ways to extract it but unless you own a carpet van and the correct tools there really isn’t a good way for you to do it on your own. So once again the best way to combat it is to try and prevent it from happening. 


Keep pets corralled in an area with no carpet

It’s easier said than done to “just train your dogs”. Nobody is denying that. We also understand that you can own the most well-behaved dog on the planet and it will still have accidents if you don’t have time to let it out. Customers get pretty creative with the use of baby gates, dog crates, or heated/air-conditioned dog houses. 


Let’s talk a little bit about maintenance.


Stay Away for Rentable Carpet Machines 

These machines may make your carpet look great for the first couple of days but all of the chemical residue they leave behind is going to take its toll. The detergent stays in the carpet and actually attracts more dirt and oils over time because that’s how soaps work! 


Spot Clean with Zr Water®

The spot cleaners you buy at the store leave chemical residue in the carpets unless you extract it all back out. The spots will most likely reappear due to dirt and oils being attracted to them. The best thing to spot clean carpets with is our Zr Water®. We make it here at our shop and it has the power of soap or a detergent without any of those icky side effects.


Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned Every 12 Months

Carpets act as a sort of filter, trapping common allergens tracked into your home. Locking them in so that they can’t continue affecting your family’s health. Having Zerorez® every 12 months or so is the best way to keep your home healthy. We don’t use detergents or harsh chemicals on your carpets so it is safe for your kids and pets. 


Have your carpets protected after each cleaning

Carpets come with a factory protectant applied. This protectant helps against wear and tear and also helps prevent staining. After about a year of walking on it, it starts to wear off. So after every professional cleaning it is a good idea to get it reapplied. 

So what it boils down to is treat your carpet with care, maintain it properly and you should have some beautiful carpet. Or in other words keep your carpets cleaner longer. When it’s time for your yearly cleaning you know who to call, the experts in Insanely Clean™ Carpets, Zerorez®.