You’ve stumbled across this post because you’re asking yourself ‘is my carpet worth cleaning?’ You’re not alone, friend, we actually get asked the question quite a bit. We go to a customer’s home that has 30-year-old carpeting…it’s been through babies, kids, teenagers, and literally GENERATIONS of dogs. Here are some signs that you might need a change. 


Is My Carpet Worth Cleaning With Dark Lines Around The Edges

Have you noticed a black build-up on the edges of every room and despite all attempts at cleaning it nothing seems to work! Well… We call those “filtration lines”. You see, carpet is the biggest air filter in your home, as the air passes through, it pushes all of the dirt to the edges. After years, it winds up staining them. When you start to get noticeable filtration lines it means that your air filter is full and it might be time to think about getting new carpet. 


Is My Carpet Worth Cleaning With Fiber Damage In High Traffic Areas

Remember when you first got your carpet? It was so plush and soft! Everytime you vacuumed the fibers would bounce right back up! And when you walked on it, it was so cushiony!  But now after years of walking on it, instead of plush and soft, it’s matted and thin, when you vacuum it doesn’t even leave the lines in it anymore, and the areas where you walk are getting noticeably darker!

That is what we call in the industry “high traffic wear”.  A lot of people think it’s dirt, and some of it probably is. But when it’s cleaned and that darkness doesn’t go away, it’s because the fibers have gotten all scratched up over time and are no longer allowing light to transfer through them as well. Think of a piece of plexiglass, how pretty and clear it is when you take the protective film off… then you rub some sandpaper across it and it gets hard to see through, no longer pretty and bright, but dull. The same rule applies to carpet fibers! Those areas are damaged and unfortunately, there is no way to repair it. 


Is My Carpet Worth Cleaning With Excessive Urine

Now before we go into this we should establish how much urine is “excessive”. If you have a few spots in the middle of the room, that can probably be salvaged by a professional. A quick way to check your carpet to see just what you’re dealing with is to shut off the lights and turn on a black light (WARNING: this could get bad…) We’ll be honest with you when we come into a urine situation that we don’t think we can fix, but a good rule of thumb is that if the urine has soaked into baseboards, walls, and subfloors, it’s an issue that is now beyond a professional carpet cleaning and replacement is going to be your best bet. 

is my carpet worth cleaning                                                      is my carpet worth cleaning


But wait! Before you go tearing your carpet up, spending thousands of dollars on new flooring, we’ve got a silver lining here for you, your carpet may just need a good cleaning!  And guess what, we’re really really good at that particular thing.


Carpet Age

The first thing would be to consider the age of the carpet, if it’s only 5 or so years old it’s most likely got some life left in it. Carpet life varies greatly depending on household traffic, the type of carpet fibers, and how well it’s been maintained. However, carpet is made to last and it’s not rare for it to still look good 15-20 years after installation if it’s well taken care of. 


Traffic Areas

Traffic lanes are not always wear and tear. Believe us, we have cleaned carpets that our customers thought were long gone, only to see them come clean! The end result of a professional carpet cleaning is dependent on a lot of factors, like the age of the carpet, the fiber content, and how much soap residue is lurking in the fibers. For example if you have a 4-year-old nylon carpet with obvious traffic areas and the last time it was cleaned was by one of those rug cleaners you can rent at the grocery store; more often than not we can bring that back to life. 


Urine Issues 

At Zerorez® we specialize in pet odor treatment. We have a really cool process for removing urine called a sub-floor extraction. Basically, the concept is to reawaken the urine in the padding by flooding it and flushing it out with a specialized tool. It is a very effective way of treating pet issues and can end up saving you tons of money on new flooring. So before you go and condemn your carpet, give us a call, we will come out and assess the level of contamination.


In the end, there are a lot of factors that go into determining the worth of your carpet. New flooring gets expensive fast! It can be stressful to have to pick flooring that won’t go out of style in a couple of years. Don’t even get us started on finding a place for all the furniture while it’s getting installed. We are happy to help protect your investment and bring your carpets back to life. At Zerorez® we have a 3 step process that promotes quick dry times. It is environmentally friendly, and leaves zero residue® so your carpets stay cleaner longer.


Just Ask Our Previous Customers 

“The carpet in my house is the original, something like 24 years old. It is a light beige in color. There were some pretty bad spots where it was almost turned dark brown. I was worried I would need to completely replace the carpet. I had the carpet in the whole house cleaned — six rooms. I’m just amazed. The carpet literally looks brand new again. Your service saved me the cost of buying a new carpet.”

-Brenda N. [Gilbert, AZ]