You may be asking yourself, “Is it worth it to have tile and grout professionally cleaned?” To that we say…Yes! There is a huge difference between regular mopping and professional cleaning. 

Tile flooring has plenty of benefits. They have a timeless aspect, they are easier to maintain in the long run, last longer, and make can make a room look bigger. However, over time the discoloration in your grout and on your tiles does build up and deep cleaning is necessary. 


The Problem with DIY


The chemical residue is a major concern when cleaning floors on your own. We have heard horror stories about customers watching a TikTok video on how to properly clean floors. They mix together a concoction of random household chemicals and then smear it all over their poor floor. 

A word of warning when it comes to doing this: Mixing chemicals is never a good idea. You never know what kind of noxious combination you could be making.

All that aside, even if the mixture is completely safe, you also don’t want to be leaving chemical residue on your floor. The reason being is that chemicals are made to attract dirt and oils. This is helpful when cleaning because they latch on to the oil in order for it to be rinsed away.

It is not helpful however when you are trying to maintain cleanliness in the area. This is because the chemical residue left on the surface attracts dirt and over time the floor is dirtier than it was before you started. 

So just remember when you are cleaning your floors by yourself to rinse off any chemical you lay down or your efforts could be counterproductive. 

Labor Intensive

Of course, you can do it yourself but what some people don’t realize is how labor-intensive scrubbing grout actually is. And let’s not discount the knee and back pain that comes with it!  

We like to preach but chemical residue aside… scrubbing your floors on your hands and knees is NOT fun. In order to really get into the grout, you need some sort of brush like a toothbrush or a metal grout brush. It’s time-consuming… we mean like…hours. 

Depending on how much tile and grout you have this could be an entire day project, on your knees. 


Surface Material

This kind of goes along with chemicals, but using the wrong product on the wrong surface can really do severe damage. 

Natural Stones like travertine, marble, and slate are sensitive to low pH cleaners. Acids can dull them. When marble is dulled it takes a diamond-plated sander to sand it back to its shine. So just be very careful when picking out what products to use on your flooring. 


Sealing Tile and Grout

Having the grout sealed after cleaning is always a good idea. Natural stone tiles also need to be sealed in order to avoid future staining.

Be very careful when choosing a sealant, especially for your natural stone floors. Some sealants need to be professionally stripped and rewaxed every couple of years. It may seem cheaper now but in the long run, it will be significantly more expensive. 

Color seal is another option we do not recommend. It looks nice after it has been applied but over the years it flakes off and looks dingy. 


Hiring Zerorez® for Professionally Cleaned Tile

Zero Residue®

At Zerorez our products and our process stand up to our Nothing but Clean™ philosophy. We leave zero residue on your tile flooring so nothing is attracting dirt back to it. Your tile will Stay Cleaner Longer.  

Our Zr Water® is a high alkaline electrolyzed cleaner that acts like soap but doesn’t leave a chemical residue! 

Oil likes to stick inside the grout and continue to trap dirt and debris. Our water is a degreaser and breaks down lipids better than soap does! 

The best part about our water is that it can be used on any surface. Countertops, stainless steel, spot cleaning carpet, kids toys, dog toys, anything! It’s safe for everyone. 


Our Techs Professionally Clean Tile

Let Zerorez cut out the hard labor that kills your back and knees. Our tools and our process makes the job much easier for everyone. 

Our techs are trained on types of tile flooring and how to properly take care of grout.  No worries! They will even give you tips on how to properly maintain the flooring after its cleaning. 

Our Tools

Not only are our technicians the best of the best but so are the tools that we use! Our Zr Lifter® has counter-rotating brushes that scrub the grout and substantially cut the labor down. 

We also have a tool called the tile turbo. It sprays our Zr Water out while simultaneously sucking it back up. Giving the tile and grout a much-needed rinsing. No Soaps, No Harsh Chemicals. All We Leave Is Clean®! 


Professional Tile Cleaning and Sealing

We, the lovers of all things residue-free®, never recommend mopping your tile and grout with soaps or other detergents. Not only will they soak into your grout, but they will also settle there, attracting dirt and actually making your tile dirtier over time.

Mopping your tile regularly helps maintain the look of your tile between regular professional cleanings, but just like carpet, your tile experiences wear and traffic lanes… spills, dirt, and just overall life. This is where Zerorez® comes in. We can restore the look of your tile and grout, plus we do it without leaving any dirt-attracting residue behind. 

Once we’ve zerorezified® your tile we can also reapply sealant to the grout! Our penetrating sealant does not change the color of your grout and does not require being stripped off before the next cleaning. 

Cut out the intense labor and time-consuming work. Having professionally cleaned tile is the way to go! Call us today at 480-507-2419 or go online to to schedule your tile cleaning. 

At Zerorez we are Obsessed with Clean™.