Have an office holiday party coming up and you just aren’t sure what in the heck to do to make it extra “nutty” this year?

It seems that most office holiday parties turn into more of a chore, rather than jolly bonding-time with your colleagues. So why not breathe some holiday cheer into this year’s office holiday party!

Not to brag, but here at Zerorez® Phoenix, we throw some pretty awesome holiday parties, so you’ve come to the right place for some merry advice.

We’re spilling the tea on How to Have The Best Office Holiday Party, right here, right now, AND after that (*drum roll please*)…. we’ll give you our best advice on Office Tile Cleaning Phoenix tips for after the party is over.

Because you know, just as well as we do, that “party fouls” and tragic drink spills will have you losing your mind at the end of the night.

Here goes nothing…

The Best Office Holiday Party Games

First and foremost, the fate of an office holiday party can easily be determined by the quality of the holiday games. Lame game = Lame party, am I right?

The key to undoing this inevitable siege of boredom?

Spice it up a bit!

Instead of doing the usual same ‘ol, same ‘ol potluck and White Elephant game year after year, give the office holiday party a little more naughty-or-nice vibes…

Office gift exchanges and party games are an unfailing go-to holiday office party must. Who doesn’t love free gifts and a mischievous game to get you in the holiday spirit, I mean come on?

Here are some new and creative games to reveal your coworker’s naughty-or-nice nature, at your office holiday celebrations this year:

Gift Exchange Malarky

So rule number one is keeping to what works, i.e. gift exchange games with a bit of tom-foolery…

Why not spice it up for this year’s office holiday party? We’re all been there, done that with White Elephants and Secret Santas– it’s time to sprinkle in some utter malarky, my friends.

Do something exciting for once, and a little out of the ordinary!

Here are some goofy gift exchange ideas for ya:

1. Hot Gift Potato

That’s right. Everyone gets a whimsical gift valued under $20, that isn’t prone to easy-breakage, and toss those jolly little suckers around the conference table!

Toss to a Christmas song or a timer, and when the song stops, whatever gift you are holding is the one you get stuck with!

2. Numbers Game

Ah, a jolly way to get all the dirt on your coworkers muahahaha. Everyone brings a gift in, it’ll be marked with a number and you’ll be given a paper with that same number on it, to write a fun fact about yourself on.

The fact paper will go into a hat and the host will read off the facts. Whoever guesses who the fun fact belongs to, gets the gift associated with that number.

3. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Nothing like elusive clues to send your coworkers on a wild-goose chase!

This game can be played in one of two ways- in combination with Secret Santa, or as an overall office hunt. To combine with Secret Santa, you’ll have to bring a set of clues along with your gift, hide your recipient’s gift somewhere in the office, and send them on a chase to find it. This way everyone gets a gift!

But if you want to make it a little more feisty?

Before the party, hide Christmas-themed items around the office. Once everyone has arrived, hand out cards with a photo of all the items the hunters must find, and let them go wild, finding as many gifts as they can.

Oh yes…

4. Dice Exchange

The perfect combination of Christmas, free gifts, and gambling… it’s time to play the Christmas Dice Exchange game! The game ends when all the gifts have been unwrapped.

Get yourself two pairs of dice, have your dice rule sheet handy, and, of course, make sure everyone comes prepared with a wrapped gift.

Gather around the conference table with gifts in hand, give the dice to the first person in the circle to roll the holiday dice. Follow the instructions that correspond with the number they roll.

Best Office Holiday Party Ideas Zerorez Phoenix Office Tile Cleaning Phoenix

Rowdy Party Games

In addition to gift exchange games, you should also have some fun games and activities to get the crowd to go wild during the office holiday party!

There’s nothing quite like participating in embarrassing, but thoroughly enjoyable games with your coworkers.

Here are some spirited, buffoonery games to consider playing at this year’s holiday party:

1. How Many Ornaments?

Nothing like a classic guessing game to get everyone into the office holiday party spirit. Everyone who walks in guesses how many ornaments are on the office Christmas tree!

Have the office party greeter write down each person’s guesses, and at the end of the night, the person who guessed it right (or close to), wins a Christmas gift!

2. Candy Cane Relay

Yet another exciting, and alternatively embarrassing game, to play with your coworkers (and your boss muahahaha).

Grab several hefty bags of those adorable mini candy canes, a handful of stockings, chopsticks and several large bowls. Release all those candy canes into the bowls, and divide the office into teams.

The object of the game is to hook as many candy canes as you can WITH the chopsticks! Think that sounds easy? Think again my friend– each player has a pair of chopsticks in their mouth and their hands behind their back, transferring their “hooked” candy canes to their team’s stocking.

The team with the most candy canes in their stocking is the winner!

3. Wrap the Snowman

Feeling a bit frosty this season? Everyone grabs a partner- one coworker plays the role of the snowman while the other is the “wrapper”. Pass out rolls of toilet paper to each pair and whoever wraps up their snowman from head to toe the quickest WINS!

Why not top off your snowman with a hat and scarf for the perfect photo opp?

4. Christmas Bundles of Joy

This was a definite crowd-pleaser, there is simply no going wrong with this mortifying party game. Before the party date, ask employees to bring in a photo of them as a child at Christmastime. Label each photo with a number and post them on a wall in the office before the party guests arrive.

Everyone writes down their guesses, and the person with the most correct answers is the winner!

Munchies For The Best Office Holiday Party

Between the games and gifts, you are sure to have a memorable office holiday party! Now it’s time to talk about food and drink my ambitious friend.

While classic and completely delicious, potlucks and catering are outdated.

It’s time to think out of the box this year, so here are some ideas that are sure to bluster up the crowd:

Make it Yourself

Make the main entree of the party a “make it yourself bar”. Instead of everyone bringing traditional holiday dishes for a potluck, make it a theme.

You could do a Baked Potato bar or a Taco Bar, for example. Everyone has a different topping to bring- the potatoes (or the taco meat), the sour cream, the cheese, etc, etc.

It is a fun way to get everyone involved and provide a different unique spin on the typical, traditional holiday casseroles and salads!

Cookie Decorating

Combine a festive and fun activity, with your dessert portion of the night! Cookie Decorating is a great way to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak.

Again, everyone brings a topping for the cookie decorating portion of the night and basically gets to make their own little dessert, while bonding with the colleagues.

Hot Cocoa Bar

Oh yeah Santa baby! We’re talking the whole 9 of toppings! Get a couple of large insulated containers for the Hot Cocoa, and set up a table to line up those delicious toppings.

From marshmallows, peppermint, peppermint bark, mint leaves, cinnamon and cloves, sprinkles, an assortment of candies, coconut shavings, caramel, whipped cream, and maybe a little something naughty to spike the cocoa with for the adults… the list goes on and on!

Get creative with it, and assign certain toppings for the staff to bring to the party. It doesn’t get more delicious than this.

Best Office Tile Cleaning Phoenix

Now that you’ve thrown the ultimate office holiday party, it’s more than likely that you have a bit of a mess to clean up. It’s time for Office Tile Cleaning Phoenix!

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A quick clean up ensures the best clean, no excessive turkey-juice seepage into your tile grout, and no sticky stains to deal with!

It’s pertinent that you have your office tile professionally cleaned ASAP after any spills and messes that might’ve occurred at your office rager. Zerorez® Phoenix will be eagerly awaiting your call for Office Tile Cleaning Phoenix!

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You now know How to Have The Best Office Holiday Party possible, and we’ll see you for your Office Tile Cleaning Phoenix SOON! Happy Holidays readers❄️