As we all know the holiday season can be both fantastic and super stressful. So how to get more of the amazing and less of the stress? Even though we’re a living surfaces cleaning company we like to help our people out however we can. So here are a few tips to get ahead of the holidays, now, and save yourself some headaches in the coming months. 

Start buying gifts early. 

One of the most stressful parts of the holidays is buying gifts for everyone. How many kids, nieces and nephews do you have? Don’t forget the grandparents. Oh, what about your work friends? It all adds up and it can be overwhelming to your time and your wallet to get it all done at the end of the year. So the number one thing you can do to reduce holiday stress is to buy those gifts in advance. It is never too early to start stocking up for the holidays. A few shopping hacks to get ahead on the shopping is to check out clearance sections throughout the year and see what treasures you can find. Clearance toys are a great way to check all the littles off your Christmas list without breaking the bank. Do you shop at stores that offer rewards dollars or points? Instead of taking those rewards and spending them on more of whatever, consider taking those earned rewards and purchasing gifts with them. This costs you less in the long run and gets that holiday shopping is done long before it becomes stressful. 

How to Work out the details

Another pain point during the holiday season is figuring out all the details. Where are the parties going to be, and when? Who is coming, what are we cooking, what do I need to bring and how much time do I need to prepare that?? Although you can‘t realistically shop for any of these items now, having an idea of what you will need and how much time you will need will make things less stressful once the event is upon you. Games are another thing you can get started on right now. Does your family participate in all those goofy holiday games? I know mine does. Why not get on Pinterest now and find a new one, or start prep for the games you love playing every year? You can easily put the games away in a box and put it away till the actual day… as long as you don‘t forget where you put the box that is…

Get Organized

Keep gifts, games, and anything else for the upcoming season in one place if at all possible. If you are taking the first piece of advice and buying gifts, creating lists might be a good idea. This will allow you to keep track of everything you have purchased and who you have bought for. Good both so that you don‘t have that awkward moment where you realize you forgot your cousin Jerry, and so that you don‘t overbuy.

How to Clean ahead of the crowd

Don‘t wait till everyone till right before the holidays to get your carpets, tile, and upholstery cleaned. Take care of it now by calling Zerorez. With our process, we can leave your surfaces insanely clean™ and since we don‘t leave any residue behind getting things cleaned now doesn‘t mean you‘ll be ready for another clean come Christmas dinner, with Zerorez your surfaces will stay cleaner longer. Although we can‘t control whatever aunt Susan may spill on your floor while she‘s telling her Alaskan cruise story for the 10th time. 

How to Stay Calm

Now and during the holidays remember to stay calm. At the end of it all this is a time to be with family and friends, make memories, eat delicious food and just enjoy. Stressing over the little things, or getting everything perfect is not going to make these moments better or last any longer. So let Zerorez take care of all your home cleaning surfaces