Tile floors are popular here in Arizona. Along with being durable, they help keep the house cool and they are fairly easy to maintain… Or should we say, easy to maintain if you know HOW. Here at Zerorez®, we would like to think we know a thing or two about how to easily maintain a tile floor. 


Benefits of Tile

Why are tile floors so popular here in Phoenix? There are plenty of good reasons for it! 

Like we said earlier they help keep your home cooler in the summer since they don’t hold heat. Which in return, helps you save money on your energy bill. 

They also hold up to traffic wear and tear much better than any other type of flooring. Wood and carpet tend to wear down in the highly stepped-on areas over the years. The tile is glazed and therefore much tougher. 

We really like a clean environment here at Zerorez® and a good thing about tile is that it doesn’t emit VOCs. Volatile Organic Compounds are found in floor lacquers, molded plastics, and adhesives. Since tiles are either made from natural stone or clay they do not contain any of these harmful chemicals. 

The thing we like best about tile is just how easy it is to keep it looking nice. If you know what you’re doing of course. The only major problem with tile when it comes to regular maintenance is the grout. 


Problems with Residue

We tend to have a Zero Residue® philosophy here at Zerorez®. We can ALWAYS go into the long reason behind that…but the short and sweet version is this. 

Soap attracts dirt. If you leave soap on your floors, your floors will attract dirt. Over time your floors will have attracted more dirt than they even originally had to begin with.

We see it all the time, we will ask customers what they are using to mop their floors. Their grout is completely black throughout the entire house except for one small area in the pantry where it is (believe it or not) TAN! They will tell us that they saw on Tiktok the mix laundry soap, with spot remover, dish soap, and vinegar and they smear that all over their floors! 

Sure, it breaks up the grease but now you have got 4 major chemicals to completely rinse off your floor! And grout is porous if you don’t get it sealed. That grout will soak the chemical up and only let go of it when our technician comes through with his tile wand and blasts it with 1,000 psi Zr Water®. 

If you cut out the soap and harsh chemicals your floors will Stay Cleaner Longer®. 


It’s that easy. 

But how do you expect to cut grease or get anything clean without soap? How can you easily maintain a tile floor without the use of soap? Well, that’s a great question! And for every great question, there is an even better answer! The answer is Zr Water®. 


Zr Water to easily maintain a tile floor

Our water has been through an electrolysis process that raises the pH and gives it the power of soap without the harmful side effects. No Harsh Chemicals. No Soap. Cleans Better Than Both.™

The best part is that it is safe enough to drink!  We suggest putting it in a steam mop and steam cleaning your tile floors. There is no chemical so you don’t have to worry about breathing in the fumes. 


The Process

When properly cleaning anything there are 5 steps

  1. Dry soil removal
  2. Soil suspension
  3. Agitation
  4. Extraction
  5. Dry

What this means is the first step is to completely get rid of anything that is just sitting on the surface. Dust, hair, crumbs, everything. We suggest vacuuming it to ensure the surface is completely free of dry soil but sweeping works. 

Second, would be to suspend the stuck-on soil. Grease, coffee spills, sticky spots… you know what we mean. In this case, spray it with a little Zr Water. 

The next step would be to scrub those areas with a sponge to get them unstuck from the surface. 

The extraction process would be the steam mop. Now that we have loosened up the stuck-on soils the steam mop will come through and lift it out of there. You may have noticed that the first step wasn’t mopping. A lot of people tend to think that the extraction step is the only step in cleaning. That will just leave you with a streaky floor if you try that. The actual “cleaning” comes from the first 3 steps in the process. Step 4 is just removing the soil from the clean surface. 

Last but not least drying the floor will also help prevent streaking or water pooling up around the edges or in lower areas of the floor. Ahhh then your floor is beautiful again.


Cleaning the Grout

You may be thinking to yourself “yeah that sounds good and all, but I’ve been using chemicals on my floor for years and my grout is black. How do I get rid of that?” 

Well, my friend… the quickest and easiest way to answer that would be to call Zerorez®! While Zerorez® cleans your tile and grout, you can sit back and relax knowing your flooring is in the best care. 

Our technicians can even apply a sealant to your grout to keep it looking good for longer! 



We always joke when people ask us how to prevent their floors from getting dirty. We say “Well don’t walk on them!” buh-dum-tis… yeah we are not quitting our day job… but really though, there is no way to completely prevent it. 

Ways to lower the amount of dirt in your home would be to take your shoes off at the door, or switch to house shoes. 

You could also limit food to food areas only. No eating in the living room, no drinks in the bedroom etc. 

Keeping on a cleaning schedule will help out big time. Mopping once a week will keep your tile and grout staying well maintained for much longer. We suggest having the grout professionally cleaned and sealed by Zerorez® about every 18 months to help prevent any staining.

We Hope you enjoyed reading about how to easily maintain a tile floor.