Well, now you’ve gone and done it. That beautiful red candle you just had to have is now cooling all over your carpet fibers. May seem like an impossible mess, but don’t freak out just yet. It may look terrifying, but the funny thing is that wax is actually one of the easiest spills to clean out of any type of flooring. Just follow these steps and you will be wondering why you were ever so worried. 

How To Clean Wax Out of Carpet: 

Have patience. Wait, what? Yup. Wait for the wax to harden, or if you want,  freeze it with some ice cubes. It is going to be a lot harder to clean up if you try while it is still melted, it will just smear everywhere and that’s not fun. 

Get your tools. While you’re waiting for your lovely wax mess to cool you can gather up your weapons. What you’ll need for this mess is a wet, white, cotton cloth, a clothing iron, and a butter knife. Easy enough right? 

Start Scraping. Get your trusty butter knife and start scraping off as much of the wax as you can. You can vacuum these shavings up before moving on. 

Time to Throw in the Towel… but not in a bad way! Get that wet cotton cloth and place it over what remains of your wax mess. The reason we keep saying “wet” and “white” is because it really needs to be those things. A colored cloth could cause transfer from the cloth to your carpet… aaaand we don’t want that. 

Heat Things Up!  Put that iron onto a low setting, once warm set that bad boy on top of your wet, white cloth. Let it sit for a good minute at least. This heats up the wax and transfers it to the cloth. Heating carpet fibers open up their pores helping to release whatever is filling them. Repeat this process until the wax is gone! 

Get Rid of the Residue. Now that your carpet is wax-free, you may notice some leftover oily residue. Easy fix there, just have your carpets cleaned by Zerorez®! It was getting to be about that time of the year anyway 😉 

How to Clean Wax Off Tile, Hardwood, or Laminate: 

As long as the wax is just on the tile itself and not in the grout, this one is much easier! 

Have patience. Let it harden, with wax this is always going to be the first step. It is easier to work with once it is hardened. 

Get Your Tools. All you’ll need for this job is a butter knife or plastic scraper, a cotton cloth, and a hair dryer. 

Scrape it Off.  Just like with carpet cleaning, scrape off any excess wax that you can to make it easier on yourself later. The more you get off now, the less you have to fight with later, right?

Heat it Up. Take your hairdryer, point it at the remaining wax spot and heat it up! Once it turns back into a liquid state it should be super easy to just wipe up! Be careful not to blow it in the direction of the grout, that could possibly stain it. 

Super easy right? Was that worth all of the worry? 

Sometimes there might be a greasy residue left over and that is where Zerorez® comes in. You may have read to use carpet detergents after cleaning wax to get rid of the greasy feeling. All that is going to do is attract more dirt and make that spot get darker over time. At Zerorez® our Zr Water® is a natural degreaser but it doesn’t leave behind any chemical residue so your carpets stay cleaner longer.