Wool has been the rug material choice for ages! Think of those beautiful, artisanal Moroccan rugs with intricate patterns and designs.

Wool is a great natural choice for rugs in the home– it is strong, resilient, stain-resistant, flame-resistant, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and an excellent insulator.

Not to mention (if you are familiar with our other articles) rugs are a great way to protect an even more expensive investment in the home– your carpets!

Most importantly, how do you keep your wool rugs looking great and lasting a lifetime without compromising the integrity of the rug? We’ve gathered a few clean and care tips to help you keep those wool rugs pristine forever!

How To Clean A Wool Rug:


Like many surfaces in your home (carpets, tile, wood, sofa, etc.), your wool rugs will need occasional vacuuming as part of a regular cleaning and care routine.

We suggest vacuuming both the front, back, and underneath the rug. Might as well do a thorough job right?

Also like other surfaces in your home, vacuum frequency will depend on the boisterousness of your room– i.e. amount of people, pets, or traffic in the home.

The more of each, equal more vacuum time.

Zerorez® Care Tip: try not to vacuum the edges and corners of your rugs to avoid fringing and frizzing of the rug fibers. You can also turn off the beater bar when you are vacuuming a shaggier wool rug to prevent tangling and fringing the long fibers of the rug!

Shake-Out or Beat

First things first, you’ll want to shake (or beat, for larger rugs) the dirt and dust from your wool rugs at least once a year. This will help to get some of that dirt, dust, pollen, dander, etc., out of both sides of the rug and make for easier professional cleaning.

If you are vacuuming your rugs often, you won’t have to shake or beat your wool rugs out as often, but regardless, it is a good thing to do every now and then.

Spot Cleaning

The best tip we can provide you in our How To Clean A Wool Rug guide is this one– so read closely!

Spot cleaning your wool rugs as soon as accidents happen will keep your rugs looking fresh and beautiful, not to mention make them last longer.

If your wool rug sees a lot of daily wear and tear, there are bound to be some spills and accidents from time to time.

Blot up any spills or accidents with a clean hand towel. After, you’ll want to spot clean with a natural spot cleaner (not harsh chemicals, soaps, or detergents), such as Powered Water®! (Spot test with Powered Water in an inconspicuous area first)

Removing dirt, spots, spills, and stains often, will brighten the rug’s fibers and bring some life and youth back to it!

Professional Cleaning

With regular care, maintenance, and yearly rug cleaning, your wool rugs will serve your family and home for as long as you’ll have them! Zerorez® Phoenix is here to give you a yearly professional hand!

At Zerorez® Phoenix, we use an effective, patented cleaning system, with our harsh-chemical-free Zr Water® to make sure that your wool rugs will look beautiful again. While some rugs may be cleaned in the home, others may need to return to our shop for a more delicate clean!

For a cleaning that gets more out, lasts longer, and is performed by professionals that know how to handle your beloved wool rugs, Zerorez® Phoenix is the way to go!

Extra Wool Rug Care Tips:

Rug Pads

These things are truly a wonder! Rug padding has a few benefits for your wool rugs.

Rug padding helps to keep your wool rugs gripped in place and provide a squishier, cozier surface to walk on. But that’s not even the most important part!

Rug pads act as a buffer between your wool rug and the flooring beneath it, which slows the wear-through of your wool rug.

Zerorez® Care Tip: Choose a thin foam rug pad for rugs with longer fibers, and plush felt rug pads for thinner rugs.

Rotate Often

Foot traffic and sun can put extra stress on your wool rugs. Make sure to turn them once or twice a year to even out the wear on all sides of the rug.

If your room layout allows it, you can also move the furniture around on a regular basis. Your wool rug will definitely appreciate it if you can do it every six months, to prevent premature wear on high traffic areas!

Who knew?

More Tips on How To Clean A Wool Rug: