Second, perhaps to the bed, the couch is likely the piece of furniture we spend the most time on. But while we change our sheets and wash our blankets, our couches are often overlooked on cleaning day.

Why is this? Couches, with their movable cushions and throw pillows, often hide dirt, dust, and other debris that they harbor. Unless there’s a visible stain or spill, we often neglect to clean our upholstered furniture. This is a big mistake. Not only can it leave them looking dull and discolored, but it can also lead to odors, and even irritate your family’s allergies.

Ready to learn how to care for furniture, and how the pros at Zerorez® Phoenix can help? Keep reading to find out.

Vacuum Regularly

Your home’s upholstery, much like your carpeted floors, catches all kinds of dirt, dust, and dander throughout the day. From spores that get in from outside to pet dander to dirt from your shoes and dust in the air, soft furniture becomes a catch-all.

You might not notice or even be able to see this floating debris initially. But as it gathers on your couch, it can leave it discolored. It can even irritate you or your family’s allergies, as each time you sit you send particles flying.

Regularly vacuuming your couch, chairs, and other soft furniture can not only help to keep them looking great but can also reduce allergens and dust in your home, Vacuuming regularly makes it quick and easy to do so; wait too long to vacuum and get rid of pet dander or dirt that’s become ground into the fabric is much tougher.

Clean Up Spills Right Away

While some of this debris may be tougher to spot, other messes on your couch are far less so. Crumbs, spilled food and drinks, mud, and other messes can leave stains and odors that are tough to get rid of on your own. While professional cleaning will help (more on this in a moment), the best course of action is to clean them up to the best of your ability as soon as possible.

Cleaning up spills and messes as soon as they occur will give you a chance to stop a stain before it happens, or to lessen its spread. While some spills, like red wine or ink, are tough to get rid of no matter how quickly you tackle them, many other spills can be treated with mild soap and water, or even a dry cloth.

Keep in mind that stains may penetrate the outer fabric of your couch or chairs, and stain the padding or stuffing underneath. While you might not be able to see these stains, they may cause odors. The best way to treat every layer of your soft furniture is with help from the professionals at Zerorez® Phoenix.

Choose the Right Cleaning Products

Cleaning your upholstered furniture on your own can be a challenge. Different types of spills require different products. And using the wrong product can have a compound effect. In addition to not effectively cleaning up the spill, the wrong cleaning products can also further stain your upholstery.

Any cleaners that contain bleach, dyes, or scents can stain or discolor your fabric-covered furniture. When cleaning up spills, avoid scrubbing at them. This can cause the stain to set in and penetrate to other layers of your upholstery.

Use Coverings and Blankets to Prevent Pet Damage

One great way to prevent damage to your upholstered furniture is to use couch and chair covers or throw blankets to add a layer of protection between your pets and/or kids and any spills or messes.

Opt for versions that are machine-washable, and consider investing in two sets so that you can always keep one on your furniture while the other is in the wash.

Schedule a Professional Upholstery Cleaning From Zerorez® Phoenix

You already know the importance of scheduling regular carpet cleanings from the pros to lift dust, dander, and stains. But what many homeowners don’t realize is that their upholstered furniture can trap just as much dirt and dust like carpets, in addition to oils and dead skin when we sit. So why aren’t you scheduling regular professional cleanings for your upholstery, too?

The pros at Zerorez® Phoenix utilize a safe and effective upholstery cleaning process that brings your couches, chairs, and other soft furniture back to life, without the use of harmful chemicals or cleaning solutions. Not only does this mean cleaner furniture in the short term, but can actually extend the life of your upholstered furniture. We recommend scheduling yearly or bi-annual cleanings, though you might want to plan for more frequent visits if you have pets or experience frequent messes on your furniture.

Try to Choose Furniture That Fits Your Lifestyle

If you have pets that love to run straight to your couch after playing in the mud outside or kids who tend to take their finger paints and markers to your favorite chair the moment your back is turned, even these cleaning measures may not be enough. If you’re someone who wants a spotless couch every day, you have a couple of options; schedule frequent visits from the pros at Zerorez® Phoenix, or choose furniture that fits your lifestyle to extend the time between cleaning sessions.

Certain fabrics are better equipped to handle spills, stains, and moisture, and can even make it easier to vacuum up pet hair and other messes. For instance, fabrics designed for outdoor use that is waterproof make it a breeze to clean up muddy paw prints and spilled juice. And many high-quality outdoor upholstery fabrics are soft and comfortable, so you can still enjoy a cozy couch. Leather can also stand up to years of heavy use and will look even better as it ages. If you’re looking to invest in furniture that you can use for years to come, this is a great choice.

How To Care for Your Home’s Upholstered Furniture

From family movie nights to your morning coffee to snuggles with our four-legged friends, many of us spend a lot of time on our couches and lounge chairs. But unlike our carpets, which tend to see plenty of vacuuming, as well as professional cleanings, many homeowners overlook cleaning their upholstered furniture unless there’s a visible stain.

Regular care and cleaning, as well as a visit from the upholstery cleaning pros at Zerorez® Phoenix, can help to keep your couches, chairs, and other soft furniture looking great for years to come. Ready to see the difference a visit from the Zerorez® pros can make? Schedule an upholstery cleaning today!