🎶 Sleighbells ring, are you listening? 🎶

Oh! Well hello there. We didn’t see you there you little sneaky turkey you!

We’re just getting into the groove of our holiday spirit is all, if you want to join us? You know, with it being that the most joyous time of the year and all.

With Halloween in passing, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah all peering around the corner, it’s time to get our holiday cleaning spirit in gear just in time for the chaos.

While vacuuming the carpets and fluffing the guest pillows in the midst of the guest invasion will land you on Santa’s “nice” list this holiday season, check that list twice!

These Helpful Holiday Cleaning Hints with Zerorez® Phoenix will have your home holly, jolly, and clean just in time for the season!

The Fresh-Eyes Walk-Through

Prepping your home for the holidays and all of those overnight guests is quite the ordeal! A deep-cleaning might be in order- because let’s be honest, the last time we did a deep clean was probably at the beginning of 2019 right?

Have a close friend or family member do a walk-through of your home- someone who hasn’t seen your house on a regular basis.

You’ll need a fresh set of eyes! They might be able to see certain areas of your home that need some extra TLC. Areas that maybe you’ve grown used to seeing or overlooked.

This will help you find the areas of your home that you might need to focus on more than others, perhaps it’s small things such as a dusty ol’ clock, or dead leaves on the plants.

Keep a Cleaning Checklist

Make your own naughty-or-nice list – a household cleaning checklist so you can keep your chores organized!

Start with all the ‘Nice’ cleaning chores that you find yourself cleaning regularly, such as:

  • laundry
  • vacuuming
  • sweeping/mopping
  • wiping down the counters
  • washing the bedsheets
  • cleaning the kitchen/dishes
  • dusting (don’t forget the ceiling fans…)

Then, in another section of your cleaning checklist, create a list of your ‘Naughty’ chores. These are the more intricate, deep-cleaning chores that you maybe overlook regularly. This can be things like:

  • wiping down walls, baseboards, door frames, and knobs
  • vacuuming out the windowsills
  • washing windows and window screens
  • washing or vacuuming curtains/blinds
  • cleaning the showers and toilets
  • deep cleaning the refrigerator, stove, cabinets
  • yard work– leaf-blowing the yard or pulling the weeds
  • cleaning out the medicine cabinets
  • washing area rugs (check this one off the list by calling Zerorez®)

Remember, more helping hands make for lighter work; you don’t have to clean alone. Make it a group effort – gather your family, go over your lists and assign some chores!

Decluttering Your Space

Nothing will make you more of a grinch this holiday season than clutter. I mean seriously, he collected all the woo’s crap and kept it all around him in a cave… no wonder the man was cranky?!

Extra clutter and mess, equals extra the holiday stress! We suggest taking a day or two out of your week, to sort through all of your clutter. This means:

  • the storage bins that collect dust in your garage or attic
  • your storage units
  • the “junk” that resides in your closets or under the bed

There’s no better time in the year than right before the holidays, to declutter and donate your undesirables. You may even wrap some good-looking hand-me-downs in some celebratory holiday paper, and donate them before the holidays!

Some great places to donate to may include a local homeless shelter, animal shelter or rescue, orphanage, Toys for Tots, Big Brother Big Sister, etc..

Also consider planning a day to take some of those wrapped gifts, such as coats, old clothes, toiletries, etc. to visit those who are on the streets right now.

There’s no greater gift than the gift of kindness during the holiday season.

You get the pleasure of donating to those in need, spreading holiday cheer to those who may not have it, while also de-stressing by decluttering your space!

Keep a Bottle of Powered Water® Handy

While cleaners and detergents seem to be the answer to everything, we suggest keeping a bottle of our Powered Water® handy during the holidays!

This joyful bottle of cheer will be your lifesaver for any accidents and messes that might appear during your onslaught of guests.

Powered Water® can be used as a regular cleaning liquid for your countertops/tables, bathroom cleaning, floor mopping, and even for stain cleaning in case, Aunt Myrtle spills another glass of wine this year!

You can avoid all the mess and stress that comes with cooking the holiday meals this year – you can clean as you go.

Normally when you make a mess during cooking, you would use a wet sponge or paper towel to clean up the mess (or you leave it until you’ve finished cooking).

Well, having Powered Water® handy as your cleaning liquid during cooking is ideal- because it’s non-toxic! You don’t have to worry about it being near food or little ones getting their hands on it because it’s completely SAFE!

Combine our Powered Water® with some paper towels and it’s practically the quickest picker-upper on the planet right now (besides your dog).

Helpful Holiday Cleaning Hints with Zerorez® Phoenix

Perhaps the thought of having to deep cleaning your tile, carpets, and even rugs, right before the holidays is simply too much to bear. You have enough to worry about and clean before the day arrives!

And what if Aunt Myrtle DOES spill that wine or the nieces and nephews drop some pumpkin on your beautiful ornate rug!?

No need to worry, you live in the Phoenix area, which means you have access to the best floor cleaning elves around! We’ll have your floors transformed from naughty, to nice, just in time for Santa to slide down the chimney with a sack full of gifts!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Helpful Holiday Cleaning Hints with Zerorez® Phoenix will have your home holly, jolly, and clean just in time for the season!

Happy Holidays, From Zerorez® Phoenix. We’ll be anxiously awaiting our sleigh-ride over to your house this holiday season!

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