This is the perfect time of year to enjoy all the healthy activities Phoenix has to offer. Oh, Winter, most people hate it when you come around, but us residents of Arizona love you. Spring is charming but sweaty. Summer is merciless, and Fall is…well pleasant but still toasty. Winter though, you are the Goldilocks of Arizona seasons! It’s the time we can open our windows and let the breeze waft through our homes! After keeping it shut up for the last few months it might be time to freshen up. Get the garden going, the carpets cleaned, and start going on some healthy family outings. As fellow residents of the Phoenix area, we want to help you with a list of the fun stuff we can do around the city to stay happy and healthy. 

Hiking to Stay Healthy in Phoenix

Hiking is a popular hobby in the valley; it’s free, kid-friendly, and there are paths for all skill levels. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and see all of the beautiful views Phoenix has to offer. It’s one of the easiest healthy activities in Phoenix to get in to. Along with it being fun, hiking is also a good cardio workout. Plan ahead and pack a bag with snacks and plenty of water. Here are some of the more popular hikes around Phoenix 

  • Piestewa Peak

    Located off of HWY 51 and Lincoln and offers a different few trails. A good one is the 3.7-mile loop trail called the freedom trail. It loops around the base of the mountain, but keep in mind, it is considered difficult. Fair warning dogs are not allowed on this trail. If you are looking for a trail in this area that allows dogs and is a more moderate hike, check out Dreamy Draw. 
  • Dreamy Draw

    Located off of Northern Ave and Hwy 51. There is a maze of trails on the backside that are easy to moderate in difficulty. Bike riding through here is a popular hobby too. The Phoenix Mountain Preserve is all in all a great place to go hiking. All of the trails vary in difficulty making it a great place for everyone. 
  • Camelback Mountain

    Probably the most popular hike in Phoenix. For good reason, it is charming. With that being said, get ready for some heavy foot traffic. Just finding a parking spot at this trail can be difficult but it’s worth it. Rated as “hard” on Alltrails, it lives up to that expectation. At one point you have to hold on to a metal chain to help support you during the ascent so be ready. 
  • McDowell Sonoran Preserve

    Another popular area to stretch your legs and see some beautiful views! Located off of North Valley Parkway in Northern Phoenix with over 90 paths throughout, you have lots to choose from. Some of the more heavily trafficked ones are Sunrise Trail, Tom’s Thumb, and The Gateway Loop. Most of them are ranked moderate to hard but the preserve does have 19 trails that are ranked easy. 

Bicycling to Stay Healthy in Phoenix

The Phoenix area offers over 700 miles of biking. 600 of those are urban bike lanes and the remaining 100 are paths throughout the hiking trails. Throughout the entire country, Phoenix is one of the top communities for bicycling. The sun is always shining and the roads are flat making it the ideal spot for cyclists. However, there is a difference between riding through downtown Phoenix and going to Dreamy Draw. Where you want to ride depends on the type of bike you own. 

  • Cruisers

    are made for cruising the city streets. Zooming through downtown Phoenix on your cruiser would be a very cute date night idea. Taking it down the irrigation canals is also a popular activity. The Salt River Project has more than 100 miles of canals that are fun to explore. They pass through neighborhoods, parks, and shopping districts.
  • Mountain biking

    is remarkably easy to get into here in the valley. There are trails for everyone from fit to … well … working on it.  The easy, but lengthy Charles M. Christiansen Memorial Trail winds through the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. This 10-mile trail utilizes tunnels that help keep bikers off the roads and cross under busy streets. 
  • Road Biking

    seems to be gaining in popularity as well. South Mountain Preserve sets aside one Sunday a month for cyclists. On Silent Sundays cars are not allowed to drive through the park allowing cyclists to enjoy the many viewpoints unobstructed. 

Like we stated earlier, Phoenix has over 600 miles of bike lanes to explore and enjoy, So get out there and experience them! 


Antique Shopping to Stay Healthy in Phoenix

For whatever reason, everybody loves going to antique stores and thrift stores! Whether it’s to save a buck or to find treasure, antiquing is a blast. We can learn so much history about our culture and way of life, especially if you go with Grandma. Phoenix has a broad array of fun antique shops to peruse through! 

  • The Brass Armadillo

    is located off of I-17 and Cactus and is the largest antique store in the area. It’s so big the isles have street names making this place another one of our healthy activities in Phoenix AZ. Even millennials can find some nostalgic treasure from their childhood here. If history isn’t your thing it’s also a flea market and you can find an assortment of handy odds and ends. 
  • Everything Goes

    is an enjoyable store off of Cave Creek and Thunderbird. It seems to be more geared towards refurbished furniture and home decor. You could spend a good part of a day here sifting through everything. They do a good job at giving old furniture a fun twist. 
  • Antique Gatherings

    off of 36th St and Indian School is another one of many great antique malls in Phoenix. It’s large enough to really get a cardio workout in plus they have a ton of high-end items. 

There are plenty more stores out there to highlight but we are going to keep going with our list of healthy activities in Phoenix. 



In 2013 Phoenix launched a city-wide health initiative called Fit PHX trying to improve the well-being of its people. Since its launch phoenix has become one of the healthiest cities in the nation.  

  • Free virtual programs

    you can find on YouTube or PHXTV. Yoga and fitness classes are streamed for free on these programs. 
  • WalkPHX

    walking paths are self-guided paths throughout the city. Each path has a sign detailing the route mileage to help visitors track their fitness goals. 
  • Phoenix Food Day

    is put on by the city and other health organizations to help teach healthy eating habits. Giveaway bags are handed out, filled with health and wellness resources and donated items. They also post videos of cooking demos and wellness tips online from the event. 
  • PHXPlays

    youth sports are sporting events put on by the city of Phoenix. It’s an affordable way to enroll your kids in sports leagues. With plenty of sports to choose from your kids can enroll in basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball you name it! The kids don’t have to participate in any fundraising events and they provide the equipment and uniforms. 

So, no matter what you like to do Phoenix has it all. The city has really put forth the effort to teach us how to stay fit and healthy. So take advantage of the enjoyable hiking paths, the virtual programs, or the antique shops. A healthy lifestyle promotes a happy lifestyle! 


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