Summer in Buckeye, Az can be stuffy… We are all crammed inside during the day with nothing better to do than dirty the house up and order things on Amazon. We understand that living a healthy lifestyle also means your mental health too! So, we have come up with a list of things to do instead of sitting around at home just going crazy! 


Let’s Get Extreme in Buckeye, AZ 

Rent an ATV around Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant is about an hour north of Buckeye, Az and it is worth the drive! Renting ATVs and riding them on the trails around the lake is not just fun…it’s well…Pleasant! On the especially hot Arizona summer days you can rent jet ski’s instead! 


You may think we are joking but Buckeye actually has a ton of options for skydiving! So if you want to get your adrenaline going, don’t be boring and get a cup of coffee. Instead, check out of one the many skydiving options! 

On the way down you get to enjoy views of the Estrella Mountains. What a way to feel alive!  

Have Zerorez clean your carpet or tile while you’re out!

Now that you’re getting everyone out of the house for the day to do something extreme, hire Zerorez® to come clean! What’s better than coming home to nice clean flooring and upholstery? Well, we can tell you one thing… Zerorezified® flooring and upholstery! 

Your carpets will be dry within 4 to 8 hours and everything else will be dry by the time you get home! 


Maybe a Little More Laid Back

Maybe motors, jets skis, and jumping out of airplanes isn’t your thing…we get it… 

Here are some more laid-back options that Buckeye, Az has to offer. 


Buckeye has a couple of museums you can retreat to, to get out of the heat! Aviation is a big deal in this town! Being so close to the airforce base and all… 


Since we have such amazing weather here in Arizona, it is not hard to find a decent golf course. Buckeye itself has at least 5 major courses and the Phoenix area has countless!  

Wildlife World Zoo

Housing Arizona’s largest exotic animal collection! Including a safari park, an aquarium, and DRAGON WORLD which is a display for giant reptiles. If you love animals this is the place to go to enjoy them.

Buckeye Aquatic Center

Beat the heat at the aquatic center! This is a perfect place to bring the kiddos when they are getting restless. The entry fee is affordable and they have a lot of fun features like high dives, low dives, and water slides! 

Outdoors Stuff in Buckeye

Enjoying the parks is more of a spring or fall adventure, but we add it here because it is still an option in the morning or the evening. 

Skyline Regional Park

A little north of Interstate 10 on Watson. Beautiful desert views, more than 16 miles of trails to explore, and 7 campsites are why this place is so popular among the people of Buckeye. 

Robbins Butte Wildlife Area

Popular for day hiking and birdwatching this is a nice place to spend a Saturday morning. You can often spot mule deer and big horn sheep in the area. 

White Tank Mountain Regional Park

A little further away than Skyline Reginal Park but worth the drive. This is the largest regional park in the county with 29,271 acres and 26 miles of hiking trails. Star gazing is a popular activity out here and for good reason! 

Horseback Riding

Not JUST riding horses but also you can get the full experience of the west at the cowboy cookouts. Where you can experience the desert setting and enjoy the western entertainment and smores by the fire. 

Fun Things To Do At Home In Buckeye, AZ

Some people don’t like to go out a lot and that’s fine too! Everyone is different, here are some ways to stay home and still have a good time! 

Science Experiments

We love science, so naturally, this is the most fun thing (besides cleaning) that we can think of! 

Some experiments you can do with items you have around the house:

The Rising Water Experiment is an easy experiment for preschoolers through kindergarten children. All you need is water, food coloring, a glass, and a candle. You can teach the kiddos about Charles Law.

Newtons Balloon Car is geared more towards older kids wanting to learn about engineering. It requires a few more items and steps but can be a very fun way to spend an afternoon. You would be surprised at all of the different designs your kids will come up with! 

Building a Solar Oven can teach you and your kids about the sun! Since we don’t get enough of that here is Arizona… Plus on this one, you get yummy treats afterward! 

Egg Drop is a fun way to learn about gravity. Building boats for uncooked eggs and then dropping them off a ladder. Whoever’s eggs don’t crack or break, wins! 

The plus side of this one is if you get egg on the floor or the upholstery you know who to call… Zerorez®! 


Or even better…you could…


There is only one thing better than science in our opinion. Cleaning! This is also something you can recruit the kids into helping with. Don’t let them use any harsh chemicals, instead hand them a bottle of Zr Water®. It works like soap or detergent but is completely safe for your kids and pets®. 

Not just for carpets and tile, this water can be used everywhere! 

Kitchen cabinets

Stainless steel

Light switch plates

Washing fruit

Dog toys

It acts as a dish soap without any of the negative side effects that soap has. It doesn’t leave a chemical residue on any of your surfaces so they stay cleaner longer®.

Plan your next vacation

Vacations don’t plan themselves and if you’ve got downtime, use it! Is there a special anniversary coming up? Or some family you have been meaning to visit? Well, take some time to explore the different activities around your destination and make it even more memorable! 

Read a book

Reading is a free way to significantly advance your brain. It is stress-reducing, anxiety-fighting, and you get to expand your vocabulary! 

Go on an adventure and dive into the classics. Or stay up all night reading a thrilling horror book! Get attached to the characters and gain some motivation as they overcome challenges! 

Nowadays you don’t even need to read anymore since most books are audio recorded. 

Podcasts are also really fun to dive into while you clean! (That’s two fun things at one time!)

Getting online and reading into anything you’re interested in is a fun way to pass time too…

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