Curious about how the Zerorez® process really differs from other traditional cleaning companies?

We get asked this question often. So here we are, ready to answer them the best we can, my friends!

Do we really offer chemical-free carpet cleaning? Is our cleaning safe? What products do we use to even make that possible? Does Zerorez®’s Water actually work?

It seems almost too good to be true that we can clean with water (even with our electrolyzed alkaline water) and still be effective, am I right?!

No wonder you have questions! Who knew this beautiful technology existed?

So here are some Phoenix Zerorez® FAQs and cleaning facts, so that you can make the best choice for your floors:

Q. Is Zerorez® Phoenix safe?

A. Yes! Rather than loading carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces with detergents or other harsh chemicals; we, instead, use an electrolyzed alkaline water to clean with.

We say “we are the guys that drink the water®”, and by that, we mean that the solution we clean with is so safe and pure, you could actually drink it!

It doesn’t get any safer than that!

Q. How do you make your cleaning solution?

A. Cool fact: The medical industry and certain food industries have been using this technology to clean with for decades. It’s proven science! But Zerorez® is the first carpet cleaner to bring it into your home!

We don’t need to keep it a secret – Powered Water® is patented just for Zerorez®. Our enhanced water is electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without chemicals!

First, we soften regular tap water to filter out all the hard water, minerals and impurities in our Arizona water. And this is where our water differs from any competitors… Next, we add sodium(salt) to the softened water and run it through a special generator.

This generator uses a low voltage current and platinum plates to “split” the water molecule into both acid and alkaline solutions.

Zerorez® uses the alkaline side to clean with because it breaks down dirt and oils (just like a soap would) without leaving a chemical residue… because we didn’t have to use chemicals to make it!

Q: What can you do about residue left behind from other cleaning companies?

A: Soap left behind by other cleaners, or from over the counter spot cleaners pose a different problem than normal soiling. Zerorez® never introduces new soaps or detergents when we clean so over time (as long as no more soap is added by someone else) Zerorez® will remove the soap left behind by others.

In minor cases, we are able to remove chemical residue in one cleaning.

Can someone give me a “woot woot” ?!

In more severe cases it could take two or three cleanings to remove it all. You can help by avoiding chemical spotters and home or rental shampooers.

Together we can change the world!!

Q. Do you use pretreatment products in your cleaning process?

A. Yes, we often use a soap-free product called Chem-Free® that is heavily diluted with our alkaline water to pre-treat those particular, stubborn dirty surfaces! It’s especially great for helping to break up dirt, oils, and other residues left by previous carpet cleaners.

Chem-Free® is great for emulsifying soils, all while keeping them in suspension so our alkaline water rinse can quickly and easily remove soils without the risk of soaking the carpet through.

Not to mention, this product is also absolutely safe and soap-free and is rinsed away during the cleaning and rinsing process. If there are areas of your carpet or upholstery that need special treatment such as pet stains, wine stains, etc, for example, we will use products specially designed for those problems.

Of course, they will only be used in the specific areas that require treatment, not throughout the entire house, and will also be rinsed away during the cleaning process with our alkaline water solution.

Q. Do you use a protectant product after cleaning?

A: Yes! We have a few different options, differing of course, on the type of flooring we are cleaning that day.

For example, if we are doing a carpet cleaning for your beautiful Phoenix home, we can apply either our Premium Fiber Protectant (exactly like the factory-applied when your carpet was made) or MicroSeal (a life-time protectant that does not wear off over time).

We recommend reapplying carpet protectant after your cleaning. Protectant helps protect against wear and provides more time to clean up spills.

Microseal is the ultimate in fiber protection! It is a permanent penetrating protector that never needs to be reapplied. Learn more here.

For tile and grout cleaning, and recommend sealing the grout after cleaning. We also recommend sealing stone after cleaning! And of course, we offer both, that you can learn about here!

Q. Does Zerorez® really work? Is this just a marketing ploy or the real deal?

A. Ah, the most commonly asked of the Zerorez® FAQs! And oh my friend, this is the real deal!

This, of course, is the most important question. When discussing the efficiency of a Zerorez® Tucson cleaning, we prefer to let our clients speak for us rather than try to convince you with our own opinions!

Like these customers for example:

And that’s just four opinions of our thousands of awesome customers!

If that wasn’t enough, Zerorez® has been lab-tested by PTL Labs out of Dalton Georgia. They are THE premier testing facility for all things carpet related. During testing for the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval program, Zerorez rated Platinum Space Certified!

That is the highest score possible and currently, no other carpet cleaners have ranked that high!

But wait… do you hear that sound?

It seems to be our customers… saying loud and proud that Zerorez® Phoenix truly is the “right way to clean!”

Our clients choose Zerorez® again and again, which is an honorable endorsement of this unique process!

And finally, one last thing for you to consider:

Q. Can anyone else use the same process for cleaning that Zerorez® does?

A. No, the process of cleaning carpet and upholstery using a high pH alkaline water solution is 100% patented technology! This beautiful cleaning agent my sweet friend can only be used with the Zerorez® process!

No one else can make that claim or clean the way Zerorez® Phoenix does!

Remember, our cleaning process is patented– no other cleaner around can do quite what we can do! So if another carpet cleaning company tells you they use the same process or cleans the same way, just remember that is simply impossible.

Hang up immediately and give Zerorez® Phoenix a call!