Does Zerorez® Clean Couches?

You asked, and now we’re delivering- right to your front door (woot woot)! Because that’s where we’ll be when you book your couch cleaning after reading this article!

Does Zerorez® just clean carpets? Or does Zerorez® clean couches too?

The real question is- what doesn’t Zerorez® clean?!

From couches to carpet, to tile, and rugs, Zerorez® can clean just about anything in your home that’s got any essence of fabric! So yes, Zerorez® does in fact clean couches!

And not only do we clean the crap out of those couches, we LOVE to and we’re GOOD at it.

Like really good at it (wink wink).

Not to mention that our cleaning process is 100% different from any other cleaning process you’ve EVER heard of!


Have You Had Your Couches Cleaned Before?

Can you think of the last time you’ve had your couches professionally cleaned?

Because I can’t. And girrrlllll if you don’t know, it’s probably ripe and ready for the pickin’!

And we’re not talking vacuum cleaning or the occasional spray-and-rub from the stain cleaner when you spill some coffee onto it. We’re talking a full-on deep cleaning!

If you really think about how dirty those couches are, it’s quite literally the real-life definition of disgusting….

Here’s the thing- our couches and chairs are a straight-up disaster!

You should have your couches cleaned about every year, at least, preferably more depending on what your couches see from your family on the daily!


The Facts About Your Couch

Level with me here- what happens in an average day, week, month on that couch?

You sit on it to “netflix and chill” rain or shine, clean or dirty, sweaty or not sweaty, in spurts all throughout the day, don’t you?

And not to get nasty with you real quick but….

Zerorez® Phoenix Pro Tip (straight outta google): Did you know, even though you can’t see it happening, that every minute of the day, we humans lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells…

With that said, just in the time it took you to read this far, you’ve probably lost the first 10,000 cells of the day… That’s almost 9 pounds of cells every year!

So if you’ve had your couch for 5 years and you’ve never had it professionally cleaned… that’s 45 pounds of dead skin cells…

[insert horror movie music here]

That is absolutely terrifying… I think im going to call Zerorez® right now actually…

I know we all like to think that the vacuum job we do on our couch once every 6 months does the job, but after hearing that…

You know what else is kind of gross?

Zerorez® Phoenix Pro Tip: Most people have about 100,000 hairs on their heads and lose around 100 to 125 hairs per day.

Between dead skin, lost hairs, natural oils from your skin, and all the dirt and dust we bring with us on our clothes, or on our feet as we kick up the recliner.

And all of this is so far caked into your couch and chair fabric that vacuuming really isn’t going to help the cause.

How is Zerorez®’s Couch Cleaning Different?

The secret to our extravagant couch cleaning process?

Two words my friends: Powered Water®

Oh yeah, baby – water.

Ah, earth’s plentiful stream of entrancing elixir. What can’t water do, really?

Got a headache? Drink some more water.

Feeling tired? Drink some more water.

Are you feeling snacky, and yet you just had a meal less than 20 minutes ago?

Drink. 👏That.👏Water. 👏Girl.👏

So why wouldn’t earth’s literal key to life be able to clean anything and everything?

Of course, ours is just a bit different than that of the springs.

Powered Water® is patented Zerorez® Phoenix technology-enhanced water that is electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without harmful toxins or chemicals.

The water is applied with a low-pressure spray that not only loosens embedded dirt and cleans the material but simultaneously helps to prevent stains and soiling, by not leaving behind sticky residue!

Then of course, it is extracted with a powerful airflow wand. The zr wand™ that is used recaptures two times the amount of water than that of other cleaning company’s tools!

So what does Powered Water® mean as opposed to other cleaners and chemicals?

Zero Residue® Left on Your Couches

The largest benefit of Powered Water® is the fact that it actually cleans…. Who knew right?!

Your couch upholstery is much like your carpet fibers after a good ol’ fashioned clean with soaps and chemicals.

Have you noticed that after a traditional carpet cleaning, the carpet is kind of crunchy feeling under your feet? And then your feet feel kind of sticky afterward?

It is simply impossible to fully remove classic cleaners and chemicals from ANY fibrous surface, ergo, some are left behind in your carpet to join your feet in happily ever after!

Couch upholstery is the same exact thing homegirl! The crunchy-ness is just not quite as noticeable on a couch, but trust us- it’s definitely still there.

That soapy residue will attract dirt, dust, skin cells, stains and spills, all to join the party

But with Zerorez®’s Powered Water®, the residue is no longer a problem- because it’s just water! And water is the purest and cleanest thing ON this planet. Most of the time. But let’s not talk about the depressing topic of pollution right now…

For once, clean actually means clean! Say whaattt?!

Non-Toxic Upholstery Cleaning!

Water is such a revelation. Its so versatile and quite literally a life force! Cleaning the couches with Powered Water® creates a PURE clean that you just can’t get from anything else!

Inconceivable! (you know…)

That means safe for you, the pupper and the kiddos!

Does it get any better than that? Who doesn’t want the absolute best for their family and themselves!

Zerorez® Phoenix understands that! You can now have your couch cleaned (it needs it) and know that you and your family are getting the healthiest clean possible.

Zerorez® Phoenix Upholstery Cleaning

You know what’s even more beautiful than couch upholstery cleaning?

Zerorez® Phoenix offers MORE than just couch upholstery cleaning! We also offer…

Oh yeah babbaayy! That means ANY type of upholstery cleaning you think you need in your home, Zerorez® Phoenix can clean!

You already know your husband’s favorite arm chair needs more of a clean than your couch does…


Zerorez® Phoenix Mattress Cleaning

You wash your sheets pretty often, but when was the last time you cleaned your mattress?


Shoot you were wondering when the last time was that you cleaned your couch was but what about your mattress?!

Don’t most of us just leave mattress stains be? And then in a few years we just go ahead and buy a new one?

Girl you’ve got expensive habits…

Get more life out of your mattress with just one yearly Zerorez® cleaning! And it’s a lot less expensive than buying a whole new mattress every couple of years…

Our anti-microbial protectant helps to keep your mattress a safe sleeping environment, and adds onto your mattress’ precious life span!


Auto Upholstery Cleaning

Your car seats and floor have seen everything from coffee catastrophes, soda spills, ketchup stains, stale french fries, mud from those rare rainy days, plenty of dirt embedded in the carpets, and more.

Your car upholstery needs just as much cleaning as your couches and chairs do! You sit in your car as often as you sit on your couches and chairs- if not more.

But don’t get it twisted– we will clean the crap out of those car seats and carpet, but we won’t clean the whole car- we are not a car wash.

But nice try.

BUT we do love to clean the upholstery in your car, and WE come to YOU!

How beautiful is that?!?!

Book your car upholstery cleaning just as you would a regular cleaning! 


Book Your Upholstery Cleaning with Zerorez® Phoenix

Remember that question you asked once, something about does Zerorez® Phoenix clean couches? Now you’ve got all the facts!

Zerorez® Phoenix does offer couch cleaning, in addition to our stellar carpet, tile, and rug cleaning services! AND it’s good quality stuff! Talk about a win-win situation. Is this real life?!



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